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    After reading this thread I feel like you need an intervention......... I’ll be the ahole and point out the elephant in the room that a couple of posters have eleuded to. You need to understand you are dumping and will be continuing to dump a PILEof money into what looks like a home built chassis. That chassis is not worthy of an LS. You still have a torsion housing from a VW in that chassis right? You’re building a lopsided car. Cut your loses, salvage the parts you can and search the for sale adds for a good quality chassis built by a reputable builder with tried and true correct chassis geometry, appropriate sized tubing with good triangulation. Of course resale value can also be a factor. I know you are hindered by your location but don’t let that stop you from haveing a property built car that will provide you and your family with as safe as possible experience that will take you out in the dunes so you can enjoy the time you have running the car rather than wishing you had done it right looking at your family sitting in lawn chairs while you work in vain trying to cobble some morphodite car back together in an attempt for at least one decent ride. Sorry, not trying to discourage you but we all want you to succeed in your quest for a good car, not become bitter and hate the predicament you get yourself into and disappoint yourself and your family. There have been many cars for sale that are in various states of disassembly for a great price on here. I don’t know what he is currently getting for a chassis but Jesse at JP Designs sells a very good car for a great price and will sell it in about any stage you want to buy it. If my post offends you I’m sorry that’s not my intent just ignore it and I won’t respond again.
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    Ok, I'll play. I have yet to meet a woman who implanted something in her chest that fixed what was wrong in her head.
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    https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2019/05/02/be-a-rooftop-korean-n2545651 Be A Rooftop Korean The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Townhall.com. Source: AP Photo/Reed Saxon We should all be ready to do our duty as American citizens and, when duty calls, each of us should embrace our inner Rooftop Korean. The year was 1992, 27 years ago right about now, and the city was Los Angeles. Several police officers who got into a videotaped brawl with a petty criminal named Rodney King were acquitted of beating him up. The city exploded. It was chaos. I was a first-year law student, back a year from the Gulf War, and I had just joined the California Army National Guard. My unit was the 3rd Battalion, 160th Infantry, and we got called up early the first night and were on the streets for three long weeks. Making it even more delightful was the fact that the unit was in Inglewood, which was pretty much on fire. They burned most everything around, except our armory – that would have gone badly for them – and the Astro Burger. My battalion commander grabbed then-First Lieutenant Schlichter, and we went all over the city in his humvee as he led his deployed and dispersed troops. Our soldiers came, in large part, from the areas most effected by the riots, and they were notably unpleasant to the thugs and criminals who quickly discovered our guys had no patience for nonsense. One dummy discovered that the hard way when he tried to run over some Guard soldiers from another battalion; he had a closed casket funeral. The city went insane. Order simply ceased to exist. It was Lord of the Flies. I remember a cop totally breaking down because everything was completely out of control. But I had a M16A1 – a real assault rifle – and I had a bunch of buddies with M16A1s. The regular folks … not so much. The decent people of LA were terrified, and with good reason. See, the dirty little secret of civilization is that it’s designed to maintain order when 99.9% of folks are orderly. But, say, if just 2% of folks stop playing by the rules…uh oh. Say LA’s population was 15 million in 1992…that’s 300,000 bad guys. There were maybe 20,000 cops in all the area agencies then, plus 20,000 National Guard soldiers and airman, plus another 10,000 active soldiers and Marines the feds brought in. Law enforcement is based on the concept that most people will behave and that the crooks will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers of officers. But in the LA riots, law enforcement was massively outnumbered. Imposing order took time. And until then, our citizens were on their own, at the mercy of the mob. Betting that the cavalry was going to come save you was a losing bet. LA’s Korean shopkeepers knew that. They operated many small businesses in some of the least fashionable areas of Los Angeles, and they were already widely hated by activists, being scapegoated for problems and pathologies that long pre-dated their immigration to Southern California. So, they became targets for the mobs. Bad decision by the mobs. See, most of these Koreans had done their mandatory service in the Republic of Korea’s Army. Those ROK soldiers are the real deal – the Norks are not a theoretical threat and the South Korean army does not spend a lot of time talking about feelings. They were some solid dudes. So, when the local dirtbags showed up for some casual looting, they noticed the rooftops were lined with hardcore guys packing some serious heat, including the kind of scary rifles that the Democrats want to ban. The Rooftop Koreans. It did not take long for the bad guys to realize that the Rooftop Koreans were not playing games – they were playing for keeps. The mob went away in search of softer targets. There’s a lesson there. Our first responders are awesome, but it takes nothing away from their heroism to point out that the title “first responder” is a misnomer. The citizens on site are the first responders. And they should be ready to respond. We all should. Personally. Some duties of citizen should never be outsourced. If you are an able-bodied adult, it’s your duty to know how to stop the bleeding and give CPR until the pros who do it for a living arrive. And it’s your duty (and right) to defend yourself, your family, your community and your Constitution. With guns – effective guns, which sometimes means your concealed pistol and sometimes means the guns that those who want you defenseless call “assault weapons.” Ban them? We should insist non-felon adult, able-bodied citizens own them and become proficient with them because all that law and order you see around you can disappear in a heartbeat. I watched it happen up close and personal, in one of America’s biggest cities. And as the Rooftop Koreans recognized, groups of citizens with (preferably) semi-auto rifles with 30-rounds mag is the only thing that is going to keep a mob in check. It’s your duty to be prepared to defend our community. Your duty. Yes, being a citizen of a free country is sometimes hard. Too bad. Tighten up and be ready and able to pick up a weapon. Whether it’s a riots and disaster, or whether it’s some scumbag who decides to shoot up your house of worship or a shopping mall, it’s on you. You have a job to do when chaos comes – no shirking your responsibility and outsourcing it to the local police or the Army. Being a citizen is not a spectator sport. Now, the left does not see things that way. The mere idea of a good guy with a gun makes them wet themselves. The left hates the notion that we citizens might take personal ownership of, and responsibility for, the security of our own country – that we might act like citizens. See, citizens are unruly. Stubborn. Uppity. We’re hard to control at the best of times. Armed, 300 million of us are impossible to control, unless we consent to it. Now, the Founders, who enshrined the natural right of free men to keep and bear arms in our Bill of Rights preceded only by the rights of free speech and freedom of religion, knew this. To them, an armed citizenry that is prepared, mentally and logistically, to respond to threats to the people is a feature. To the liberal elite, it is a bug. The elite wants serfs, not citizens. It recognizes the threat in our possession of modern weaponry. But it’s not a threat of us causing evil but of us quelling it. An armed people is a free people, and a free people demands its rights and its say in its own governance. Liberals talk about “gun control,” but what the really want is total control. Of us. There are two models to which Americans can aspire. One is to be citizens, armed and sovereign. The other is to be serfs, disarmed and obedient to their liberal elite overlords. Choose wisely. Choose to be a Rooftop Korean.
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    Hey guys, Just reaching out to tell you we are now a GD.com sponsor, and look forward to helping you guys out with any questions you have. If you have any questions or need any product you can reach us here on GD.com or you can contact us through email ( Parker@gear-one.com) or call us during normal business hours @(623) 934-6913
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    You should get a new rollcage to protect your investment
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    Meet Bruce our new boxer had one for 13 years and had to put him down. Only made it 6 months before we had to have another
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    Perfect Hiding Place Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, is possibly one of the brightest people in the current administration. She also has a quick wit about her and if you doubt it then read below. It's got to be the answer of the year. During a recent press conference, a reporter with MSNBC hollered from the press corps, "Where is President Trump hiding his tax returns? Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, astutely responded, "We've found a very secure place and I'm certain they won't be found. "And just where is that?", said the reporter, sarcastically. Mrs. Sanders grinned sardonically and said, "They are underneath Obama’s college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and his Selective Service registration.
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    Jesus, I just caught up. My money is on that the cv's will be the least of your issues with this. As the old saying goes... "Dont throw good money after bad." I am having flashback to the guys that put 50k worth of upgrades into a rhino 660. Dont be the 50k rhino 660 guy.
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    Also hope no one is offended by our posts, this seems allot better than talking about the Dems and Reps LOL
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    Jonesin I feel like you are all kinds of lost. If you have measured your car and feel that a standard old model 2d will fit then just pick any off the options Jalper suggested and you will be fine. As for 934's, there is absolutely no need to run 934's on a 2d trans IMHO. You will want a weak link and you don't want that to be your trans. A properly set up car can run 930's no problem for a long time with the right driving style. My suggestion is to do more homework and you will save tons of money and head ache.
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    The new owner called and said the car needed a rear main seal. I picked one up from CBM and he dropped the car off the next day. 20190410_121158.mp4 As soon as I got the engine out I saw it wasn't the rear main seal, it was the input shaft seals, again. I called @SEAN@WEDDLE and asked his opinion about why this happened again. I'll let him post his thoughts, but one thing he mentioned was possibly a bad pilot bearing. I ordered two new seals, new throw out bearing and a new pilot bearing and the parts showed up the next day. The pilot bearing looked hammered. That's when I recalled having issues installing this engine the last time I worked on it. It just wouldn't go in. I never really looked at the pilot bearing the last time I had the engine out but now that I was checking it out something wasn't right so I called @SEAN@WEDDLE again to discuss it. Sean quickly realized this engine had the wrong pilot bearing and shipped me the correct one. In the meantime, I had to get this one out. I bought a pilot bearing puller from O'Rilieys but it was too big. I modified it a little to fit but the pilot bearing wasn't coming out easily. I put a torch on it and it finally broke loose but broke apart. The correct one on the right, similar to the one @travelah has. The clutch and pressure plate were wasted so I ordered up a new set from @CBM Lots of built up material from the leak. Took a while to get it cleaned up. Correct pilot bearing installed. New seals and throw out bearing Engine is back in the car. Fired it up, adjusted the clutch pedal free play and it was ready to go. I say it all the time in threads similar to this one- make a phone call. What engine oil should I use- call the engine builder. What differential fluid should I use- call the trans builder. I've been doing this a long time and I still pick up the phone to ask what may be a stupid question, but I ask regardless. I'm really flad I called @SEAN@WEDDLE when I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Sean can attest that he and I have spent a lot of time on the phone and through email about not only about clients cars but my personal car as well.
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    Maybe Yarder should do some "research" at a few of the "Gentlemans" clubs. Find the best ones in all the local clubs and see who she had as a doctor. It might take a while to do thorough research...
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    Man you have taken a beating in this thread and kept on going, good for you. Everyone of us who have made mistakes on our own projects hate to see what we think is the same thing happening to someone else. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that every single person that has posted wants you to have a good experience so you will enjoy your time in the sand rather than have a bad taste in your mouth from your build and end up like many who finally throw in the towel and walk away.
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    Yeah so I have huge garden i'm making for my wife 64 X64' fenced, chicken coop, etc. Its now secured by fencing all around and its time to clean it up from weeds etc so I decided to borrow a few goats from my neighbor. She has 4 of them. she has one that I heard is antagonistic towards human males. he's big. so I go into the corral to get two of them but not the big white one, but I keep an eye on him. I'm not liking the movements of him and he seems to protect the others. I really don't care to get close to him as i'm not really a farm boy and have no idea of what they can do, like chew my hands off HAHA. but the owner says no problem there they only have 1/2 a set of teeth. OKaaaaay. I have nothing with me in the corral. all of a sudden this thing charged me from 15 feet away (I wasn't looking at him for just a moment) and knocked me so hard in the hip that I flew against the fence. it hit me broadside in the left hip. I get up and stagger for balance and he backs up to do it again. I'm like no way, im ready to jump the fence. no way could I handle a hit like that in the nuts. so i'm like 40 feet from the exit. I quickly start making my way over there and this thing is unhinged. it comes at me again and I kick it in the face as hard as I can. again and again. now its really getting mad. I barley get out of there. The owner says she'll help and goes in there. it charges at her and knocks her to the fence. first time, so she whacks him on the head. now I know why I work on cars for a living. later that day when I return the trailer is was talking to here and I said I need to bring in a 2X2. she said I could use a 2X4 i'm like really? I would prefer a metal bat the next time and I will leave no prisoners! BTW did I tell you all i'm getting my left hip replaced on may 9th! now the doctors going to be like "dude you really need this hip, its already bruising" LOL
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    This is written by a friend of mine Eddy Justice; Red Flag Laws are a Giant Red Flag By Eddy Justice I am an unabashed believer in our Constitutional rights. When the Founding Fathers enshrined gun ownership as a right of American citizens in the Constitution, they knew what they were doing. They were so adamant on the right to bear arms that they declared that this right “shall not be infringed”. Let me be clear: firearm ownership is a right afforded to every American, and that right should not be obstructed without due process. I believe it is important to recognize that a law-abiding individual has a right to own a gun free from government surveillance and interference. I understand why folks would want to make sure firearms do not fall into the hands of dangerous individuals, we all want to protect our communities and families--but we cannot do it at the cost of our freedom. Gun ownership is as important as right as the right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, and freedom of faith. Gun rights cannot and should not be forfeited without clear, strict, and narrow set of rules that respect due process and are enforced clearly and consistently. At present, there is talk floating around the Missouri capitol to implement Red Flag laws right here in Missouri. Red Flag laws do not meet the definition of fair due process of depriving someone of a firearm, it’s government run amok. Currently, a lot of coast-states have Red Flag laws. These laws allow the state government to forcefully seize a person’s firearm if they receive a complaint from someone stating that person poses behavior that implies they could be dangerous. It is a law designed for friends and family members to signal to the government that someone they know should not own a firearm because they could pose a threat, then in comes the sheriff or the police to suspend that person’s constitutional right to own a firearm, taking away their gun, and holding it until the person is no longer viewed as a threat by the government. And That’s it. No due process, no trial, no conviction. Just a tip off to the government that so-and-so should not have a gun, and then it is taken. That is not how rights work, that is not how liberty works. Our rights can only be forfeited if we committed a crime and are found guilty by a jury of our peers, not because Neighbor A does not want Neighbor B to own a gun. Red Flag laws should be a giant red flag to everyone in our state that radical liberals are trying to make it easier for the government to take away our firearms. It gives government too much power, it curtails our rights and ignores the Constitution. It creates a subjective measure of who should and should not own a gun and then strips away a person’s rights for a “future crime” they might commit. Any Missourian with even cursory knowledge of the Constitution can tell you that an American can not be punished, imprisoned, or forfeit their freedom until they commit a crime. We cannot allow these radicals to dictate who can and cannot own a firearm. I for one will join with responsible firearm owners and freedom-loving Missourians to stand our ground against Red Flag laws or any such law that would deprive Missourians of their liberty without due process. Eddy Justice is a state senate candidate for Senate District 25 comprised of Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Shannon, and Stoddard Counties.
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    Cbm tune🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Ran through it last weekend. Awesome trip with great camping along the way. Jeep’s carpet got a little soaked on the crossing, but all in good fun. Hopefully it won’t mildew too terribly.
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    Watching live PD and teaching the new dog to drink rum and coke .
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    Sorry this might be long. IMO he made a mistake. Rule one is match the components - don't pick a cam until you know what heads you are gonna run. engines are air pumps.... the cam can make them pump more air, but if you can't flow it then its a waste. The Throttle body, intake manifold, cam, heads and headers should all be considered when choosing any of the those pieces by themselves. this is why good builders and companies sell kits. Trickflow has done a huge business on this. and in the sand world CBM does this as well. Any one of thos pieces is a choke point. So if the budget is a consideration, Start buying the pieces of a "combo" and as you add the other pieces it just gets better But to answer your Q: Depending on the model of the Iron 5.3 it came with a lot of different heads... You can identify them by the three digit number stamped near the valve cover. As I recall all early trucks before 2005 had 706. 852 and 862 heads all are 61cc chambers (the Ls1 heads are 64- 65cc exceptt first year are 67cc) so if thats what he has and puts an LS1 or LS2 head on the engine he will lose compression and therefore power, almost a 1/2 point compression so depending on cam and other factors maybe 25-35HP and LS engines LOVE compression for power (up to the point where you can't run pump gas that is...) the 706. 852 and 862 heads are all small valve and make awesome low end because they were built for Torque on trucks, but fall off over 4500 RPM ish... I don't think you lose more power with smaller valve heads on a mild engine than you would with bigger valve heads and less compression, so an off the shelf swap for swap does not buy you anything just to put a bigger un ported head on. For example - I have a 5.7 running 706 heads that makes more power down low than it would with LS1/LS6 243's ...for duning in the 2500-4000RPM range with the right trans gears - it is amazing, idles like a baby roars like a lion... so its a combo thing... the LS1 Heads of choice are 243's followed by 241's in most cases those two are equal on a 5.3 and 241's are generally half the price. So you can easily go to an LS1 head that is surfaced down to 64cc (safe) and run a thinner head gasket and regain the compression lost and the engine assuming the cam is right - will pick up power and everything will fit fine. All the LS1/6 heads have a limiting factor that is the shrouding on the valve due to small chamber size - the valve is too close to the side...this just cannot be worked around, so you only get so much power compared to a bigger bore head. Now here is some Good news 5.3 Iron engines 2005 and up run Great heads they will have 799 heads which are essentially 243 heads so if he has those he's great... Of course there are tons of great aftermarket heads that offer better valves and better flow and some have porting specifically good for sand car use like the CBM's and even some as-cast heads like the PRC's that can be had any combustion chamber size from 61-71cc that are huge HP makers IMO if you go with new or rebuild heads - spend money on US made Manley or Ferrea valves and good springs and valve locks. Factory valve guides last 150,000 miles, stock rockers are perfect for milder cams, and Factory valves are good, some aftermarket are Junk. Drop a valve and throw away your engine.. its not worth it Intake wise the LS6 intake is far better than any LS1 intake even with a ported 78mm TB from ebay (cost you $50-75 and they work) small TB is fine on a 5.3 especially if its ported. That combo is miles better than an LS2 intake even though the LS2 uses a 90mm TB- GM screwed that one up bad. and ypou can save money by not buying a non-china 90mm TB just to use on a bad flowing LS2 manifold - the no brand China ones are not very good or consistent - can't go wrong with Nick Williams, Fast, or Accufab/CBM but those are $400-500. (Chinese ones like G-plus are $50 and generally have all kinds of problems including sticking open and losing screws into the intake. The Holley Sniper is low quality and half the price , and they fixed some of the warts and are a little better. And believe it or not the Dorman 615-901 intake with a 90mm throttle body out performs anything shy of the $1200 FAST intake. Dorman took an LS6 lower and a Fast upper (90mm ready) and put them together - it a fantastic intake for under $400 new..
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    You said it... working hard.😂 Not really Brother. I take more time off now than ever. Strange how the love of a good woman can put things in perspective. 😉
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    Hrrmmmm.... Special fuel blend. Yep. Special refinery requirements in the state. Yep. Special transport requirements to bring fuel into the state. Yep. Special filling station fuel tank requirements. Yep. Outrageous per gallon taxes. Yep. Carbon taxes on gasoline production. Yep. Can't imagine why our gasoline is so much more expensive...
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    This guy knows why gas prices are high... he supported the gas tax increases... and will support more of them. Make no mistake, these idiots, are not really "idiots" they are educated people. The sad part is how much they believe the general population to be full of idiots. The general masses in CA, who also supported the gas tax increases, see this headline and think "wow, he is looking out for us"
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    I do believe this should be a group research project. I have the list of clubs Yarder we can start for steak lunch at one friday and I am sure we will be done by monday morning.
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    The Sand Outlawz event was held this weekend in Oklahoma. They had an organized drag race, wheelie competition, jumping competition, and a show and shine. Look them up on facebook under Sand Outlawz or Duner Dudez for more info and a ton of pics. I entered the drag race for the second year in a row and had a great time. Here's a video of my drag race. No race from a roll crap here. I'm in the near lane and lost by inches to last years winner. His BBC on nitrous to my cammed LS1. I had a huge weight advantage and a lunatic behind the wheel who isn't afraid to let the clutch go on a 2d at 6800rpm. IMG_2061.MOV Here's a pic of a friend of mine in the jumping contest. She came up short of the win, but still had some impressive jumps.

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