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    😩🤔 I went to COSTCO during this crazy corona virus time to buy a bag of food for the dogs. Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog. I stare at her....Why would I be buying dog food, right? So I told her no, I don’t have a dog, that I was starting the dog food diet again, and that I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital the last time, but I lost 15 pounds! I told her it was the perfect diet and that all you have to do is carry the kibble in your pockets and eat one or two every time you feel hungry (I have to mention that practically everyone in line was interested in my story) . Then she asks me if I ended up in the hospital because the dog food had poisoned me. I answer, of course not! I was admitted because I bent down to smell the ass of a bulldog and I was hit by a truck. I thought the man behind her was going to have a heart attack because he was laughing so hard. ...Let’s continue promoting reading! Now that you read this, I have to confess, I made this up to make you smile. It's your turn to copy it and make someone else laugh...
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    Throughout my life I have been called alot of things , had many heated discussions because of my beliefs , because of my view on the world , our country , and because of those confrontations in things I’ve sat back a bit to hide in plain sight . I Had many arguments about Chinese manufacturing, watched my machine shop lose business , my friends machine shops lose business , or priced / regulated out of business . I have watched my own product line , friends product lines copied by greedy untalented Americans using China manufacturing only for those finished products to appear on amazon as originals for a cost I can’t even buy the materials for . Have witnessed busloads of Chinese buyers on real estate tours around so cal (China hills ) formerly chino hills , Rancho Cucamonga , to buy up real estate , entire new housing tracts and new condo buildings . Heard horrible stories of working class home buyer after home buyer losing out offers on houses to all cash Chinese buyers . I have lived next door to what we discovered was a Chinese birthing house . In the past have Argued the morality of these things but Figuring to save a couple years of life expectancy I’ll just live my life with a degree of nihilism to isolate my beliefs to focus that my mindset with those that are close to me who believe similarly and not to give a sheet any longer outside of my circle to make my life easier . So a couple years later this event has made am awake to the reality that’s the wrong way . It’s what they want . They want the patriots the conservatives, the gun owners , the builders , the welders , the machinists , the mechanics and a whole lot of other tradesmen to be silent . They want us to not educate others and our youth on the constitution, our bill of rights .they don’t want us teaching our trades . They have taken this out of most high schools . It’s too dangerous ,and not vital any longer because of Chinese manufacturing. And whose buying up America??? They want us dependent on them . Their overseas bullshit and those politicians making billions from us being and increasingly becoming just a buncha consumers . They want us to give up the fights , they want us to be owned . For me This time is more than just the corona virus itself and a communist country’s malicious acts against the world and their Trojan horse tactics of defeating democracy . For me this is the time for America to get ourselves back in the game . Investing in and educate our youth to secure the American way of life for the future . Investing in producing again to secure the future success of our country . Getting back to the basics in American life . Buying American and supporting small business . Defending our constitution. Its The only way I see going forward for myself . How are you gonna move forward ! Dj
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    California is taking the coronavirus seriously. I hear new testing methods are being done without even leaving your house. All you have to do is mail a sample of your stool to: Governor Gavin Newsom 1303 10th Street, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814 Representative Nancy Pelosi 90 7th St #2800 San Francisco, CA 94103
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    now if we could only shut the media down for like 6 months.... then perhaps people wouldn't be losing that last rattling marble, where their brains used to be. Lets just use some common sense people. And those agencies of the media and their talking heads, who are whipping this situation into a frenzy, and inciting all the chaos should be brought up on charges. They are in fact enemies of the STATE, and are in large part, wholely responsible for the economic meltdown..Causing fear and panic, causing sheeple to act like idiots.
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    This is my two oldest boys and my daughter playing my grandmothers funeral last week. It was a proud moment for my wife, my mother and I.
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    I have never had a happy place in my life , until Kevin giving me my first taste of glamis I had No peace just So much anger , frustration with life with death and the hard lessons . Bad luck was my friend and all that passed by finding A true beauty that exists , beyond the sport itself , past the sights , the smells and the thrills and disappointments . It Is friendships and A common interest that bridges gaps in backgrounds and time and place on earth . It’s the sand that makes us the same and gives us the experiences , friendships that allows for us to have and to find that peace . I’m forever grateful and respectful of being given that gift of finding a taste of peace . Dj
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    The beauty of Glamis lay not with how fast you can go, or how far you can jump. The beauty of Glamis Can be seen when the sound of silence reaches out and takes hold of you.
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    When a customer asks if you want a break from messing with sandcars. We build gates. He wanted a castle door look for his breezeway. We built these 10ft all steel door to look like old wood doors.
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    I tried to make a coronavirus joke a while back. Nobody laughed at the time, but eventually everyone got it!
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    This is from back in August. My oldest son and his girlfriend came to me last spring about getting married. I counseled them three different times to confirm their commitment and solidarity concerning marriage. My son was raised with the value and worth of marriage instilled in him. I told them they would have my blessing if they agreed to do 10-12 sessions of premarital counseling to which they consented. I also told his girlfriend that I would not support a wedding that imposed a hardship on anyone, no credit buying of anything. If they wanted to go that route they wouldn’t have my support in the planning or paying for the wedding. I knew my son was of that mindset but I wanted to make sure that she was as well. She was on board. I told them we wound use all the things we had at our disposal. Here are some pictures of my house under normal circumstances: This is the area behind my deck where I have my pistol range. You can see the white steel man targets in some of the pictures. We have a pistol range, 50 yard, 100 yard, and 200 yard range right off my deck. I took an excavator and cut two shelves in the slope for seating. Here is my son and his girlfriend at the bluff by my house: We brought in square bales for seating and I built an arbor. Here is the wedding: We put 66 seats for eating in our living room and 36 on our deck. We took the tables out and the reception was on. Pulled out the Model A my deceased dad, who shares the same name as my son) restored 35 years ago.
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    I’m not wealthy, but I’ve known some wealthy people. Several worth tens of millions and one worth a couple hundred million. All of them either built a business or inherited a business. Even the ones that were not around when the businesses were built knew of the hard work, the many sacrifices, and the speculation that went into the business. Even if they didn’t fully appreciate what they had they had some semblance of reasoning considering respect for the money. For the most part modern day politicians by and large are either were crooks or they became crooks once in office and they learn how much power they have access to and just how easily it can be manipulated to enrich themselves, their children, all their family, friends, etc. They come to government service with relatively no net worth and become multimillionaires. Most of us common folk have no idea what power over billions of dollars is like. The temptation it must foster. To push one bill, one law or one policy to favor someone they “like” rather than consider the welfare of the country. To see millions of dollars as a “rounding error”. I believe most of them demonstrate by their actions just how delusional they become while drunk with power (money) and it can be seen in the way they justify their actions and become unable to do simple math. Never forget public office was never intended to be a career by the Founders because of the corruption that they knew would become a way of business and is now happening and really we just accept it. Our founding principle of liberty isn’t compatible with a permanent elite ruling class. Politicians were meant to be servants, commoners who go and do service for a short term and then go back to private life. Civil war between the ruling class and the citizens is inevitable. When or how who knows, but I would argue the disinformation stage of war has been underway for sometime. The progressives all know for absolute domination over the serfs they have to remove the means of defense common people possess, that is for us the Second Amendment. Surely I don’t need to illustrate that. Think about this: This country was founded with Liberty as one of the key essentials to its existence. While we as a country have had to make adjustments for mis-steps and correct some things, no other country has afforded its citizens the freedom and liberty we have. That liberty however is always under attack and we loose it most of the time little by little but sometimes we loose it in large pieces during times of panic. Keep watch at all the “fixes” for or current crisis. I had a conversation with an elderly gentleman several years ago about Obamacare. He told me Obamacare would never be repealed. He said his father had told him when the government passed social security and Medicare they used the exact same arguments and assurances. What happened? Social security, Medicare, and Obuttholecare transferred enormous amounts of power (money) out of the citizens hands and into the government’s control. Do you think they’re ever gonna give that up? Of course not. They will only use it to cause us to fight among ourselves while the elite ruling class steals more power. Think John McButtstain and his infamous “thumbs down” episode. I bet it ain’t a “dry heat” where he’s at now....... Government will never “self correct”. Name one liberty we have lost that we ever got back? One. The unpatriotic “Patriot Act” is a shining current example. Californias Unconstitutional gun laws? The list is endless. After making several attempts to destroy Trumps Presidency unsuccessfully the ruling class knows he will most likely be re-elected. This cannot stand. They know that their gravy train may be in jeopardy. The Hunter Biden debacle is just an example of what so many (probably most) “public servants” are involved in. Trump has become a threat to the ruling class that must be destroyed for them to continue unhindered. To think for a minute that the elite ruling class, most of whom have been stealing and pilfering the country wouldn’t use this for their advantage to destroy the economy and thereby hopefully destroy Trump is naive at the least. Of course this is a time to proceed with caution as is every flu season but this incalculable damage to the economy is not justifiable by any stretch of common sense or reasoning. We are not a third world country. The simple common hygiene we are all accustomed to is not like any other place especially China. How many pundits have outright admitted in the last couple of years that they hope the economy crashes to get rid of Trump? Occams Razor: The simplest explanation is usually correct. Many of these politicians and by extension there families (yes many related by marriage) in the media are fighting for there lives. They know what is possibly at stake if they don’t stop Trump. We common folk have no idea the kind of power (money) that is in play here. Trump of course has to go along with the status quo or he will be vilified and accused of not caring. Plus I would assume he is being extra precautious. I love the idea that several cities have already decided they won’t prosecute looters and theft but will prosecute business owners that defy their “orders” and open or serve law abiding citizens thereby once again disregarding the Constitutional Rights of one class of citizens over the other with the obvious intent to create pandemonium. Notice I didn’t refer to the left or the right to democrat or republican. There is no need to fall into the trap of one or the other. Most of the times we are all useful idiots with our so called leaders never wanting to actually solve a problem but only wrestle power and control back in forth between the ruling elites. Think the NRA, an army of lawyers wants the crystal clear Second Amendment settled once and for all??? They have a huge budget, no risk and no liability!! What a great business model!! Is Jesse Jackass or Al Simpleton ever going to concede blacks have more rights than the average American? Pfffttt... Biden and Bernie combined have 84 years in government “service” and they want you to let them fix it! Trump 3 years and he’s the one that’s the problem? I don’t think Trump is our savior. In fact the machine he is up against is not stoppable by peaceful means, sorry history teaches otherwise, but he has put them back on their collective heals. What he can get done by himself is very limited, but worth fighting for since we have been left such a great legacy by the people before us who have given there lives to defend this once Great Nation.
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    I used to cough to conceal a Fart, now im Farting to conceal a cough...…………….
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    Well, I'm pretty Fuggin Essential to my paycheck, so they can suck my cleanly shaved, alcohol swabbed, purell moisturized balls.
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    Was blessed to be able to stay in the dunes for 4 midweek days after the Funco/Golf weekend. Got hammered by wind for a day and a half, but totally worth it. Had not seen the sand this good all season.
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    Making the best of canceling my trip to Glamis.
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    I dune in sunglasses and flip flops and no bypasses
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    Our stance on the "aftermarket" version on Cryogenic treatment is that we do not consider it to be beneficial to our parts, or many other types of gears that we work with, specifically the UTV gearbox's. Regarding the wording on our website, the description of our gears does mention a cryogenic process, but this is not the same type of process that most people are now aware of. In fact, We just had a discussion here in house to remove that wording from our website and descriptions. In the early days of manufacturing our gears (back in the 90's), a form on cryogenic process was used in tandem with the heat treat process depending on how the gears reacted to the heat treat process, and would be used as needed if the gear did not respond well to the particular type of heat treatment that was being used at that time. I will also note that our version of the cryogenic process is not the same as what is now being advertised in the aftermarket world. Since then, we have really worked on fine tuning the heat treatment process so that the cryogenic process is no longer needed. The heat treatment we have used on our gears for the past 20 years has been well tuned and we feel it is as best as it can be. A short example would be that a few years ago when class 10 desert race buggy's where really starting to put a lot of stress on transaxles (specifically R&P's) with the use of water-cooled engines, our customers were complaining that the R&P sets were wearing out too fast, meaning they were pitting the hard face out of the gear, but we never really saw too many issues with cracking. So we tried the aftermarket version of cryogenic treatment on a set for a customer and let them run a few. We then started to see these same R&P sets come back cracked after the same amount of race mileage, where we never used to see them crack before. Our research and real world experience with this treatment is that is tends to make a gear too brittle. We want a gear tooth to have a slight amount of flex, so that when it takes a hard impact, it gives a little and bounces back rather than snap off. The cryogenic treatments tend to make gears a bit more brittle as it changes the heat treatment throughout the gear. I have personally seen quite a few of the cryo treated UTV gears com back broken after some very short race miles. There are certain types of parts that might work well with the cryo treatment, I have heard brake rotors, flywheels, and CV joints respond well to the treatment. I have put in a lot of effort into our Weddle Race Prep program for UTV transmissions and I feel like we have good process for these gears. Essentially the same exact process of prepping gears that have been used on factory VW gears in the off-road world for 50 years to make them live in an off-road buggy. I believe the REM micropolishing is super beneficial to helping a gear last longer , but I would not say that it adds any strength characteristics to the parts, that comes from our deburring and shot-peening process.
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    If you can’t find your path, then let the ripples lead the way.
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    Funco just finished my new car. Super stoked on how it turned out. Just gotta show it off since I can’t use it for a few months. KATG did a custom body that turned out amazing.
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    the coronavirus is trying to turn me into a Democrat Its got me staying at home not working its got me complaining about everything and waiting for my stimulus check
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    I was trading messages about loading ammo with Matt about what I use and how much I had in it so I thought I would put it here if any else is interested In my opinion there are 3 reasons to load ammo; The cost for some ammo such as the 300 Wiin. Mag. Is cheaper to load than to buy even using all new components, The .380, 9MM and .40 cal are cheaper to buy loaded than you can load them for even if you have the cases, at least if you use high quality components which are the only kind I will use. Often time you can buy brass .223 FMJ for $.29-.30 per round which is cheaper than you can load it for. I do load .223 but I do it for a certain load I have worked up for accuracy and to use ballistic tip for hunting. You can custom load for your rifles to gain more accuracy if you are willing to work at it. I would not however exceed the barrel pressures/powder charges in the reputable loading manual such as the Hodgdon guide. I personally enjoy sitting at my bench and loading ammo at night and shooting it the next day. There are many options for loading equipment. Progressive presses perform multiple functions with each pull. Single stage presses perform one function for each pull. There are also Turret style presses that are single stage but have multiple tool stations. I believe it is best to learn on a single stage press. I have a progressive press but I’ve never set it up. I sometimes enjoy the tranquility of loading 5-600 rounds on a single stage. Here is my stuff; This is my bench. It is square tube with adjustable feet. and the right heights to sit at on a stool. Very important to be comfortable and use a solid bench when loading. This is a Redding Big Boss press and the one I use for tapered rifle cases. It is solid mounted. You need to have a solid bench so you can easily feel the resistance while using your press. This is my small press. I only use it for straight wall pistol cartridges. Powder Measurer. I highly recommend this 3BR Redding powder measurer. This is not a place to cut corners. This model comes with the barrels for pistol and rifle cartridges and is easily fine adjusted and repeatable with the micrometer style adjustment markings. Scales for measuring powder to adjust the powder measurer. Tumbler for case prep. This is only needed with dirty range brass. I do not tumble ammo for my “precision” bolt guns that I use only in one rifle chamber. You need a good set of calipers . Don’t cheap out here. This is a three die set. For bolt guns with cases specifically marked out for one chamber you do not need nor do you want to full length size you only need to neck size. For auto loading rifles how ever you need to full length size every time. If you find used brass you are going to use for the first time in a bolt gun I would full length size before the first use. I prefer Redding Deluxe die sets. Must die sets are interchangeable between manufacturers. This deburring tool is for the case mouth both i.d. and o.d. Use it by hand Neck Lube for neck sizing. You just dip the case in it. Primer pocket brush. Neck brush. Shell trays. I prefer white so I can easily see if any powder gets shaken our knocked out of a cartridge. If I see any I start all over. Hand Primer. Most presses have provisions for priming but I prefer a hand primer because it is easier to feel how well your primers seat. The tray will hold 200 primers. Powder. Primers. I have around $750 in my stuff without dies. Each die set is around $65-85 per caliber. There are several other things you might want if you are trying to trim cases, remove primer swags in military cases, I didn’t show a case lube pad which is used for full length sizing to prevent sticking a case in your sizing die. Any questions just ask. The guy that taught me was a three time world silhouette shooting champion and a walking ballistics encyclopedia. There are tons of videos on YouTube that I have seem that aren’t very accurate or are given enough attention to detail. I load 300 win mag, .243, .223, .308, 30-30, .357, .44,..45 ACP, .45 long Colt,
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    I’m going to quarantine myself in Glamis until this blows over.
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    well that worked out well.. 23 cars, dominated the main event..
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    Cruisin with yer buddy is what Glamis is all about
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    Damn, do people really dune like that? Side by side, passing each other, just straight-lining stuff? Looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
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    Glamis is perfection and imperfection rolled into one. Outside of my family, it is the love of my life, I love it for all its flaws and perfections. It is like that perfect relationship, yes it takes a lot of work to make it happen but that is what makes it so great. I broke up with Glamis for a couple of years, I was sad, angry, and missing something in my heart. Making that first trip back, I enjoyed every moment from packing everything up driving there, to putting my feet in the sand. Glamis welcomed me back and now we are back to that happy place again
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    Coming to theatres this summer, Weekend at Bernies III
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    Woke up to snow unexpectedly yesterday. Took the day off and started the weekend early to play with kids. Snow was all pretty much gone by 2:30 as it ended up being a 65* day. Later in the day my oldest two wanted to go hiking to scout for turkey opener today. They did awesome, 4.8 mile hike. My boy found a deer carcass he wanted to add to his “bone yard” at grandmas. He hauled it 2 miles. Impressed
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    Wedding Pics from July in Texas. Never seen these Duners dressed up like this before. Been fighting the photographer for 8 mos regarding these pics. He was holding them hostage for money! I told him to shove the pics up his asss! Now that his business is slammed shut he contacted the wife and negotiated a deal to hand them over. Be careful who you hire to take your important event pictures. Some people are just Crooks! Peace
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    Well I finally joined the Jeep club. I've been shopping for a while looking for something to tow behind my motorhome. I was out at my place in Topock unsupervised, and ran across this ad for this jeep. I had nothing to do so I ran over to Havasu to take a look at it since the ad was very vague and really no details, but it looked clean in the 1 picture they had. Turned out to be a sort of Estate sale, as the older gentleman that owned it was in a home with Alzheimer's (pretty damn devastating disease). The sellers didn't know much about the jeep and couldn't really ask the owner. Well the jeep turned out to be an 01' Sahara with only 71K miles on it and was SUPER clean, with some actually goodies on it. It's got some sort of lift, with aftermarket rear upper and lower arms, front lower arms, and Antirock sway bar in the front, winch, skid plates, on board ARB compressor, and a whole bunch of "old man" gadgets (compass, altimeter, outside air temp thingy, CB) which I love and will be keeping in the jeep. Oh yeah, and it came with a new tow bar, and is already wired up to be towed. This stupid scoop really needs to go, but I can't find anything I like, I like the clean understated look of this thing, and don't really want to put one of those giant hood vents on it. I immediately called my buddy and told him I wanted to do my first trail, so after I got it back to Topock, we took it out to some mines and cool trails near Oatman. THEN, I called the wife to let her know we had a new jeep, She was not impressed with so called "work week" at the river house. I've already ordered an adjustable track bar to fix some steering issues, and some Fox shocks for it. It needs some tires, but the wife said I can't buy tires and wheels for it until after the COVID-19 shift since she's not working.
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    This past weekend a group of us took off from Slash X Cafe in Barstow and made our way to Stateline. It is around 120 miles and can be done on a tank of gas in a SXS depending on which SXS and speed. We stop at the Shell station in Yermo to top off for the 100 mile stretch. If you need to re-fuel again you can always pull into Baker, but this year we opt not to because the dry lake bed was a lake from the recent rains. The best part of the recent rain is there was no dust the entire ride out. The bad part is there were big puddles on parts of the ride that makes for a nice water/mud bath if you don't hit them right. I nailed a few of them just right for the water to come over the hood and roof of my X3. My kid though it was funny. I let me kid drive 100 of the 120 miles. He got to drive at night which he enjoyed. There is just something cool about pulling in to Primm, NV at night with the casino lights in the distance as you get closer. Only one mishap on the way there. A rock got wedged in the wheel and took out the rim on one of the X3s. He had 15" wheels and normally the rocks don't get wedged in there. My guess is the mud in the wheel caught a rock. Those rock blockers would of helped prevent that. Slapped on the spare and continued the ride. Only bummer is that was going to be my spare tire if I had a flat. I had no place for a spare for this ride and I have not figured out what I am going to do as far as spare tire carrier with my new cage. We spent the night at Buffalo Bills and the next day we spent the day exploring the Neveda desert in the surrounding area. We rode up to the Seven Magic Mountain monument, then back to Jean where we headed up to Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs. We ended up on part of the Mint 400 course heading into Jean. Those trophy trucks left whoops that were at least 4' deep and ruts that were super deep. The trophy trucks make everything look so easy. When we heading up to Goodsprings we took this brutal rock trail that turns out is not the good trail. Some other group in some pre-runner buggies was on the same radio channel as us and told our group there is a better trail on the left side of the highway. When we got to Pioneer Saloon was saw the pre-runner group and I thanked them for the tip on the better trail. Turns out the pre-runner group was CJ Hutchins, who is a Class 1 champion off-road racer. That was pretty cool. Pioneer Saloon is a cool place. Good food and drinks. We took the good trail back toward Jean and then made our way back to Buffalo Bills for night. Ended up cover 75 miles on Saturday. Headed home Sunday morning and everything was going good for about 6 or so miles. My friend lost an upper ball joint on his XP1000 which also took our the axle. My friend had a spare ball joint for a XP900 and I had spare ball joints for my X3. Turns out a X3 lower ball joint can work in pinch. We were able to get it into the a-arm and it survived the next 100 plus miles. We ended up covering 316 miles in the 3 days. My kid drove more than half those miles. He gets better each time and figured out how to throw my X3 sideways in the long sweeping turns. LOL! It is always a fun ride and being out in the desert never really sucks.
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    The company I own sells board level electronic components. Yup, anything you see populated on those little green circuit boards (ever crack open a calculator when you were a kid)? I started working for a large US based franchised distributor of components right out of college. Prior to China, the US manufacturing of these boards was HUGE. For example, we sold a BILLION dollars of goods to HUGE manufacturing plants in San Jose (the largest hub for this manufacturing in the U.S. at the time) in one year alone , 1999 I think. In 2001, we let China into the World Trade Organization. This was the WORST thing we could ever do. I watched almost all of the manufacturing move to China in the next few years. Our company was constantly contracting and laying people off. The vast majority of my cusotmers disappeared or they had small engineering offices and they sent their builds to China (who of course copied their products and then put them out of business). In 2004, I got the balls to start my own business. I sell the same board level components, but mostly ones that are military and obsolete. I liquidate from US companies when they have overstock or go out of business. I have over $50 million of inventory (what my customers paid for it, not the pennies on the dollar they got from me) and over 35,000 SKUs in stock. Chinese knock offs and counterfeits have DESTROYED my industry. Our military systems, planes, etc. are LOADED with counterfeit Chinese made (or refurbished and remarked) semiconductors. Recently, I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel and 2017-today has been quite good for my company, but there's a long way to go. If I had my say we'd do NO business with China.. in either direction. They are a RED STATE who's STATED goal is world domination of the communist regime. That is fact and they don't even hide it. I had NO IDEA that over 90% of our pharmaceuticals are made there. Are you effing kidding me? To HELL with the China Virus.. and to HELL with China. Give American companies 1 year and lets put either MASSIVE (500%) tariffs on their goods or kill the WTO deal and close off from China completely. Either that or surface our US subs off their coast, push the button and wipe that sh__ hole clean. abc
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    Trying to get the guys at the shop to cut back on their usage
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    Debate the Topic guys, not each others personal level of intelligence, etc. Would SUCK to be Quarantined on too.
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    Might as well post it here to.
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    Met some gd.com members, Richard h , had lunch , and one of the best dune runs back from duners diner . Smooth tight and barely wet sand .
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    Two weeks before the wonderful Golf Tourney weekend I had set a goal to finish two bikes and have them done as I was spending the entire week in the dunes and would be hanging up my 70 building. One was getting a major face lift @Sand Diva and the other was nothing special as it was just a frame and forks @Grease Monkey . We had been planning SD's for sometime and life just kept getting in the way, she had already purchased all the parts for the face lift and the rest was on me. She gave the colors she wanted and finally the time had come for the make over, my buddy Tom killed the paint on the tank, Peewee killed the decals and it was go time. She never once complained on the time it was taking to get her bike done or the money she had invested on the make over. I cant tell you how much I appreciated that! Rewind 4 weeks. We were all out in G going out on our Sunday morning ride GM was staying back to work on some relays on the G52. Half way thru the ride my fuel pump on the buggy took a sh*t. Called GM and he was a down by the store helping another in our group. He runs over to Joe Fabs shop and Harvey is locking up, luckily he was able to convince Harvey to sell him a new bosch 44. Hauls a$$ back to camp with the new pump and @HozayKwarvo meets him there and brings the new pump out to me in the dunes. Go to put it on and the fittings are different, F*&k! Hozay hauls back to camp where GM is harvesting out the G52 pulling his fuel pump to get me back to camp. Now I'm no rich guy and could never repay GM for what he has done for me but, had to think of something to show my gratitude. He had mentioned one time he wanted an all white 70 that he could run around with @Hexnutz and her baby quad we did last year, so my mind was set to give him that. He already had a frame with forks that was in my possession so away we go! Here are some pics of the builds, unfortunately I f#*kered myself up on Tuesday the 25th while on my weeks vacay for the tourney (huge thanks to @*Monkey* for taking care of me) and couldn't get as many pics once they hit the sand.
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    Had a great weekend. Saturday morning: I went up to see Mom and take her to the mall for her morning walk. It's a great time for her and I just to talk and hang out. Went back to her house after as her TV wasn't working so checked over everything and then just did a full reset...unplugged it all and waited a few second, plugged back in and all was good. Was weird...but oh well. Then my uncle took me out for my B-day....Top's in Pasadena for Chili-Cheese dogs. Went back home to work in the patio and get it all cleaned up...The BBQ is done and I can't wait to start grilling on it. Sunday: We headed out to San Bernardino to hang out with Cheryl's Dad for my Bday...had lunch then went to San Manuel casino for some "donating" I got a call from my Uncle that Mom's TV wasn't working again. It's about 15 years old..A Mitzubishi 65-DLP that has served my parents well. At that moment my wife and I had the same thought. Let's give Mom our TV and we'll go get a new one. Cheryl had just got a nice bonus from work and we had been eyeing a certain TV for about a year and well...now Mom is getting our 3 year old 70". I called mom and told her our plan and she started crying. I laughed...Mom it's ok...you don't need to go buy a new TV and this one is even bigger than the one you have...It's gonna be awesome! Cheryl's Dad hears what we are doing and was blown away that we were just gonna do that. He asked how much is the TV we are looking at and what was it? We told him a ballpark number and he said...Well, I want to buy your new TV for you! Um...What???? He goes in gets his checkbook out and says go get the TV you want! Happy Birthday HOLY #$%^%^*&#$@#&*^*%^$^@#^ Now this is after he had given me card with some Birthday $$ in it! My wife and I were blown away... Needless to say we feel very blessed! So here's some pics of the weekend fun and the new TV. The old TV pictured first is about the same size as the cabinet below....The new one just a tad bigger ...I'm headed to Mom's after work, gonna meet my brother over there so we can hook up her New-To-Her TV!
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    Glamis...…... Glamis is Family Glamis is Sacred Glamis is Friends Glamis is Beautiful Glamis is Expensive Glamis is Challenging Glamis is my Livelihood Glamis is Heaven on Earth Glamis is why I work so hard Glamis is my First vacation choice Glamis is "Where there were no Rules" Glamis is Why we moved our home closer to her Glamis is where I get to bring my 9 Grandchildren Glamis is a Never ending roller coaster and changes every time Glamis is Where my 6 Kids learned to be tough and outgoing and hone their skills Glamis is Where I Connect and can lend a technical hand to help others enjoy it too Glamis is Where my Kids learned to air out from the top of the trailer to the trampoline below Glamis is Synonymous with Thanksgiving (last year was the first miss in 25 years) Glamis is Where my kids would want "go to the canal" for 1-2 hours per day! Glamis is Where my kids could be Pyro's and home to huge campfires Glamis is Where my kids ask for spray bottles filled with methanol Glamis is Where we Dispose of all our neighbors Christmas Trees Glamis is Why I purchased my MoHo and is 90% of its use Glamis is Where I can see Gods hands at Work! Glamis is Alive Glamis is "To be continued...……………."
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    Berdoo is a sheethole So avoid all of it . nothing but bums and tweekers that have ruined anything that was good about sight seeing the old historical places . Go to big bear for alpine slide maybee lake arrowhead for lunch but heavily touristy at times . Oak glen is not far , apple farms and shops ect . Whatever you do don’t go anywhere on baseline between del Rosa and pepper stay away from e street period and roll the widows up a put it in low gear and wood it stop for nothing if you are anywhere near 5th & g bring a piece good luck
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