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    Saychz13 R.I.P........... google street map pic. 😂
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    Been a while but Randy has been steadily working on it. He actually wanted to surprise me but we started talking and he sent me pics!! Poule had seen them 1st and was sworn to secrecy. Great stuff!!!! Attention to detail is tops. Things I could never think of much less do. He did change the color of the tank. In his words "I could see the disappointment in your eyes when you saw the color" which I must say was true! No offense Randy. He wanted the color to be black and when the sun hit you could see burgundy, what it ended up being was an episode of Barney. I was going to run it but he decided to change it! Metallic charcoal grey it is! and I have to say I do like it much better - Thank you!!! As most of you notice and probably turn your head to be sure you are seeing it correctly, new wheels and tires are being ordered! I brought these wheels and tires to Randy and as much as I'd like to use them they just don't look right and more so will just dig in and my fat ass will be sitting in camp going no where as the 160 screams for me to get off the bike! Ill be running 8'' wheels (instead of the stock size 7'') and a set of Duros that Ill have shaved down a bit with a smoothie up front (most likely) - If you think the ones in the pics will work for you maybe we can work something out and Ill sell them. Gordys foot pegs and shifter look and fit great. Randy had to get a custom throttle and brake cable made. The light switch, kill switch and hand brake all work well both in function and looks. He found a trick kick starter that fits behind the carbon fiber fenders so they don't have to be cut down. He even bead blasted the gas cap and shot it with matte clear finish as it was the only thing chrome on the bike. An after market billet sprocket adapter has been ordered so I can run a 40-42 rear sprocket - got 2 actually so we can put one on the other A+ too. Enough blah blah by me, check out the pics - its almost done!
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    hell I cannot remember last month and trying to figure where I camped in 2015 is unpossible in my pea brain.
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    Definitely better than letting "the mullet" put some hammered dogshit repair on it. He gets people back out but does some rough repairs. I probably would have ended up with a piece of angle iron welded on the outside.

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