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    What's the cost of the anchor baby, it's support, Juanita's check, and the liberal vote that comes with all that? Drug crime? Insurance premiums on the rise for stolen trucks moving "stuff"..? >$4000 a foot. Build it. California to Texas. Connect the Pacific and the Gulf with a wall.
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    Presidents Day Weekend 2020 PW is toy factory https://vimeo.com/393218350
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    Day 9 - got the trailer back from blasting to fix, repair and update some items. Blasting turned out OK, nothing crazy besides the 2" float bar beam which we knew was rotted out. Made some inner fender liners, cut off the tongue, replaced the entire tongue and float bar with 3", added 1-1/2" down the center (just for extra supports, not really needed). Raised and modded the bunk mounts 1-1/2" up, the jet intake was hitting the support bars WTF! this will also gain some fender clearance. The trailer was four pieces (which I assume is typical for this type of trailer), well we welded it all together as one and added the center support for additional strength overall. Next is to get new parts for all the axles and figure out paint. i was going to powder coat it but thinking of just epoxy paint due to some of the issues we found and how ugly the power will look in spots since we can't smooth it out without some bondo filler. Also got new fuel tanks. Mine were 10gal 48" long, new used ones are 12gal 60" long. Had to repair some pin holes from previous rubbing.
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    I know. There is usually no repairing these things so another 1500 bucks down the tubes because the mechanics who put my new radiator in decided powder coating under the ground strap was good enough! Pissed off my radiator is leaking on my car after 1 1/2 years! Just noticed the when it was put in by the company they changed the location of my radiator ground strap from the engine to the frame! And it was bolted to the frame with the powder coating as a wonderful insulator! The location was a hole in a tab fully powder coated with a nut and bolt used. If you ever want anything done right? DO IT YOURSELF!
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    I know the bad eggs get all the attention, but we actually had a decent contact with Law Enforcement in Wash 16 Saturday night. Some of the kids in camp were shooting off small fireworks behind our camp for a while after dark. Bottle rockets and whistlers. After a while some of the other washes were setting off mortars, so our resident pyro decided to set off a few to answer. He went to the small dunes behind camp and set off two. The kids convinced him to set off one or two more and within 5 minutes of returning to the fire we saw the officer approaching from out of the shadows. He basically said if he got called out again for the fireworks he would issue a citation. He followed up with if we really needed to set off the mortars we should go deeper into the dunes where it would not bother anyone. He managed to get all the nearby washes to stop with the mortars for about 30 minutes. After that someone set off a display that lasted quite a while. Edit to add, it might have helped that our camp attorney did all the talking and was very respectful. We also did not film the interaction with our phones, LOL. Fortunately he did not hit us up for billable hours.
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    Thanks John... So, John pulls up to my house to buy the fridge. He shows up right when he said he would and with a Funco on a trailer. I Told him I didn't realize we were doing a straight trade, but it's cool with me! Glad it went to a member here and I didn't have to deal with Craigslist or Offer-up. I hate selling stuff.
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    I feel like fireworks are kinda' played out (and my dog freaks out). With that said, I respect other people's rights to light them off and I know the kids like them. WHAT I REALLY F'N HATE IS A-HOLES SHOOTING TANNERITE OR LIGHTING PIPE BOMBS..... Over President's day, we were camped outside of CA city near Randsburg and some A-holes were lighting off homemade pipe bombs. No light show or anything, just felt like Baghdad. After the first couple; I gave their camp a little dust show with lots of doughnuts in the SxS just up-wind of their camp. Looked like they were gonna' come over and 'have a chat' with me, but thought better of it. I was pissed (as were all the other camps in the area after talking with them the next day). Rant over.
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    Some great memories here...
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    First go around when we go the block it was cracked so we put a sleeve in the block second go around the typical sleeve would not work, so this is a blank sleeve, this was a custom sleeve from Darton referd to as a boosted flange sleeve,
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    Ended up working on my possibly never ending kitchen remodel. Got the pantry door installed, floor finished last week, kick panel and lower trim installed. Pushed the dishwasher into place but still need to wire it and plumb it. Also cleaned up the yard a little bit.
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    Kids wanted to do their first fab project. My daughter found a bunch of stainless drop cuts from dipstick tubes i make (1/2” x .035 stainless). They wanted to make their initials, so we bent, notched and welded them from scrap. Glad my kids are showing interest. My daughter is amazingly creative. I cant believe the things she draws and the things she makes from legos. I told her she needs to be an engineer and she told me she wants to make clothes not cars
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    Really? There is no such thing as bias news, tv print and radio.
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    Fontana radiator does all the bikes....might give them a call.
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    You are very naive πŸ˜„ - this is 2020... unfortunately
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    Not close to you but I use Steve at Burbank Radiator. He's board member #2 here @fasthijumper. Actually going there Tues to drop off a radiator for him to check.
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    I am going to check it out. DON~~~
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    I was sick of 'toyhaulers' that won't fit any of my toys so I ordered a custom one from Dunesport. They will build it ANY way you want. Starting with size of frame rails, number and type of axles, size of generator, etc. Mine is 30' and I can put a full size sandrail AND a 2 seat RZR (27' cargo space). I didn't want a slide, but did add a side patio at the front with 6' sliding glass door - really opens up the kitchen area. Build quality seems good, interior fit and finish is fair IMO. All of the other ones look flashy IMO and don't work very well. Just my .02.....
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    I'm told wine cooler bottles work well. Pretty sure you guys have pilles of them laying around...
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    Cast stock pistons, too tight a gap on a boosted car lifted the Ring Land off - pretty typical. Detonation will usually "round" the area from the burn, but yeah detonation is Violent. Another reason to keep valve train noise down with the right parts and Not to disable Knock sensors on ECU's that support them. Here is an example of slight detonation and a lifted Ring Land - the little puck marks on the piston are denotation - I forgot I had this laying around This is from a TT LS3 stroker I redid a couple years ago It was running over 20Lbs boost on c12 with methanol injection and the Methanol injector failed pump Luckily that Wiseco piston is tough, it lifted the lands on 4 pistons this was the worst I should mention this is why we run good pistons - car smoked and ran rough after this happened but did not even make noise or hurt the bore.
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    That was a different one lol. This one replaces that one.
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    I remember seeing a hole in the side of your block...……….
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    Compression/leakdown test will tell you if it’s super hurt, but if anything you just opened the ring gap a little, might as well run a bunch of boost through it now.
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    Top cast is a pretty bitchen finish.....
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    I made this one for mine. Just waiting for my heim. I can make you one for $25 if you want.
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    A well organized one with hopes of moving up to middle management.
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    Ever been in an emergency situation? There are people who act, and there are people who freeze. Some switch in your brain that we have or don't, or get trained for. Me, I think it's a funny joke. The Internet shouldn't be taken seriously enough to think that everyone is honestly calling every SxS burning a case of insurance fraud. Obviously many are just Polaris RZR manufacturing defects.
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    I do think they enforce some rules differently depending on where you camp. Park on Gecko or wash 1-3, this behavior is not acceptable and will get you a ticket. Park deeper in the washes or off gecko, Rangers seem much nicer and don't jack you up on these things in most cases.
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    Ah Hermes. Such a dick. We have had multiple run ins with him. Multiple people from our group have called the El Centro office and complained to the officer "in charge" at that time. One of the times, it was Hermes. The person that called still filed a complaint. LOL
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    We were in 16 as well, all the LEO's were cool with a wave, adjoining camp got a ticket for dumping grey water but thats a chance they took.
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    I was in 14 and had a similar interaction with the same LEO. Only reason I say it had to be the same one is because when I first saw him walk into camp I was expecting a ticket, and rightfully so when u get caught. Then turned out to be a really cool guy. He said no mortors, only sparklers and stuff that stays on the ground. Needless to say fireworks stopped immediately. I wonder if there were more like him would they get more respect? Or maybe there are more like him I just dont interact with them.
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    Or just use the glow from the Sobe bomb to see a few dunes out. You just have to be quick. The officer did say that he got a call about our fireworks. Closest camp had 3 kids doing hot laps around the camp all day long. People in glass houses I guess.
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    Our boy Hemi, that we lost about 2 years ago now was like that. It got so bad towards the end of his life that he'd start shaking and acting weird whenever the sun set in Glamis. NOTHING we did made it better. Melissa stopped coming on big holidays, or would go get a room in Yuma for a few nights to keep him out of it. Of our current two, Allison gets a little shook up but kind of barks and bounces around and looks like she's just super excited (she has the same reaction to be scared as excited) and that gets the other one MACK all riled up. It's not as bad as Hemi, but Melissa still leaves with the dogs on nights like New Years Eve. It's tough, because I don't really know what to do about it. I like fireworks, and have been known to light off some with friends down by the canal. But it seems like year by year it's more and more EVERY night and almost NOBODY rides a dune out or goes down to the canal to light them anymore. You have people lighting fireworks off RIGHT next to your trailer (and hot embers landing on your stuff). Personally, I never like suggesting MORE restrictions or MORE policing, so that's not the solution IMHO. However, like all things it seems when given an inch, there's an element that will take it a mile. At some point it'll get bad enough that BLM will decide to enforce the fireworks laws, and we all know when they do it it won't be fun. IMHO it's really up to us, the duners to self-regulate and show some restraint to keep the BLM Geheime Staatspolizei from using fireworks as an excuse to toss all of our camps and ruin all of our fun. Do we really need fireworks EVERY damn night of EVERY damn week and weekend? It'd be great for people with dogs if they knew just avoiding the actual holiday nights (especially NYE) would help them avoid fireworks. It's going to happen now and again but stressing our pets out that much EVERY night of EVERY trip isn't something most of us want to do. I'm totally happy to adjust my schedule and avoid the big fireworks nights (or weekends) because they are my dogs and therefore my problem. But it's not like I can even say "okay, we're going on a random Monday through Thursday so I shouldn't have anybody lighting fireworks 10 feet from my trailer" anymore. Cliff Notes: doggos no likey fireworks, I wish there were SOME nights left w/o fireworks anymore. -TJ
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    My dog stands next to me while I’m lighting off mortars. I think the beer my buddies give him helps.
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    Usually they will reject your application unless you have a stacker with at least 1 backup car. Thought they upped the requirements to also needing a camp "Host". Does not count if you refuel your own car or run the BBQ. You are permitted to pour your own drinks, but you cant operate a blender for any group drinks.
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    i agree.... someone is being lied too.. unless its not a LS1?? my stroked LS3 416 was only 535 to the ground and that was a very generous number from what i thought... but hey what do i know everyone has a stock turnkey/CBM/Redline 500HP LS1 these days.

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