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    After tofu guy barked off I would've just tossed the phone in the air and walked away.
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    Seems like they wanted a dick pic. No problem!
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    You can legally go down the road with passengers in a 5th wheel as long as they can signal the driver. A cellphone would satisfy this old old requierment. That being said, I wouldn't let anyone I care about ride in one. No seatbelts, no airbags, no crash standards and every trailer I've ever seen crash looked like toothpicks and insulation. I had a friend back in the 90's that rode in a 5th wheel to Glamis. He said it was frightening to see how much the roof and walls moved.
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    Where would you move? Getting my things in order for retirement. Sold a rental we had to pay off our cabin so now I have a place to live with no payment. Yea
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    I would of said look in the sky it's a bird it's a plane ... No its your phone and tossed it their direction
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    I will try my best
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    Robert has Volunteered to run this forum starting in July so lets see some big participation, I would like to nominate him for July DOTM once the topic fires up
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    That wagon is badass!
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    Sad but funny example of what our world is coming to. I would have simply dropped the phone and rode away .... na i would have punched the screen out and folded that phone in half
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    Shipnex...... I ship EVERYTHING though Shipnex. Just today wife stopped by UPS to ship a box to our daughter in Waco. They quoted $96.00 Shipnex was $46.00. Exact same service. You drop off at Fedex or UPS with shippeing label ready to go.
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    This might help, go here https://www.ebay.com/shp/Calculator?_trkparms=clkid=2521745375397262459 and it will tell you how much the freight is before you list it. Also ship thru ebay and they will give you a discount on your shipping. On your my ebay page just chick ship on the right side and it will take you to the shipping page and will take the shipping out of your pay pal acount. You don't even have to go to the post office, just print the label and put it in your out going mail. It also sends the buyer a tracking number. DON~~~
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    Comet wagon with a full roll cage and huge slicks out back!! Sweet 40 year old prerunner! And a sweet blueberry Baja rocking the old school buggy whip around Escondido!!
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    Hell i dont know near exact but gotta be over a million. Current work truck 240k previous one 330k one before that 125k before that 120k others before 100k combined personal truck 192k currently and other personal stuff before prob another 250k then add the motorcycles my guess another 80k These are just ones i know of milage for sure
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    That guy should be careful. He is trying to outrun the police, and he does not have a whip flag. Asking for trouble.
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    I caught a couple trout in that creek and cooked them for breakfast! so fun! We love the new boat!!! We got our first yellow tail our first trip out to the muscle farm! Have not got ballsy enough to go to Catalina in our little boat but maybe soon! hahah
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    Just hit this last week on my 2006 Duramax, original owner, had 32 miles on it when I drove it off the lot in Oct, 2005. Aside from those miles I was in some form of the trucking industry between 1991 to 2003. Never did "long haul" trucking so I wasn't racking up those kinds of miles but I did drive a lot. I'd figure 500k miles professionally which is 12 years driving averaging ~41k miles per year. Got my license at 15 1/2 in 1987, figure 25k average a year on my personal vehicles up to 2006 when I got my Dmax is another 457k miles. And I've put 10k on my RV in the past 3 years, and put 35k on the previous RV.
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    I used to have one of these and the drivers, passenger and rear windows would not roll up. We use to leave it at the Needles airport with key in the ignition and a note that said, please fill with gas and park it back here. I was a airport slut car for when we arrived at the river and any other airport people who needed to get to town.
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    Just to clear the air.. I was at the UHaul for a hitch install. We need it to carry an electric scooter. (It does need paddles though) We are not fleeing California. Should that change, Arizona has better weather a bit higher up toward Flagstaff. Havasu has many of the inlaws already, so that would be the "B" option. And I do like BJ's Bar there in LHC.
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    Sorry I couldn't help myself.
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    I'm sure it's a lot, but now I'm old and have CRS so no point in trying to figure it out. But I am somewhere between 1.5 and 2 Million flight miles on American Airlines. They keep track of it, that's how I know that one.
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    Same here, my wife wants to leave so bad, her friend moved to tn and says its great (wonder how she feels now in summer). Why should i leave for sister kissin country with giant bugs, make the assholes leave
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    Pontoon boat ? What r you gonna do with that retake Omaha beach 🤣
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    I’m not leaving so I’m not smart, but I was raised here.
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    Everybody always bad mouths Hondas, but they run & run & run & run. While my campmates are tuning & torqueing their Banshees our Hondas are still running strong.

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