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    Your project is doomed bro. You will never be happy with a V6 in any configuration and your chassis is not adequate for an S4. The cost of F911 hardware alone will push it over the top, you were planning on using F911 weren't you? I can't tell from the pics but do you have 2" hollows? 934s? It appears your seat belt anchors are not double sheared, and I think I saw some primary wire in the pic you posted. Who welded your rear arms, what filler rod was used? Those welds will never hold. You've been duning this car? I would just dump it right now for whatever you can get and buy a Rzr, Hey just things I learned. That's what friends are for.
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    Derp. Didn’t think about that: CV spins fast, bearings barely move unless it’s extreme angles, and even then, not much. Sorry for the confusion.
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    In 3 to 4 weeks day time temps are going to be in the high 90’s to low 100’s. If it were me I’d tell the family sorry you’ll have to wait until next season. And no way would I bring a bunch of non riding people or first timers to a night ride.
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    Superstition if you want all kinds of terrain.
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    Swepco is around $14/tube and BelRay is about $40/tube. 2 of Swepco and 1 of BelRay is less then $100 per season for CV grease. If that is killing your sand budget it may be time to find another hooby. I don't use those two products because they're expensive or cheap. I use them based on 10 years of racing Class 1 and thousands of miles of prerunning. There may be a better product out there but I go with what I know.
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    Silver Cake Mafia?
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    I think the paddles look badass! Reminds me of some of those crazy cuts I used to see on the Sand Jeeps and water pumpers back in the day. Are those 15X10 or 15X12? Does anyone make a 17x10? I'd like to go to a 10" wide wheel. ~jw
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    Legit you should just send Stugots your motor, harness, and fuel set up from your old car. That damn car was the quickest thing I've ever drivin in the sand! I would love to drive that set up in his mid engine car! Look the eff out!!!
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    luckly there was an opening in the rain. was able to use the bucket and lift the front wheels off the ground and get some 4x6 under it. the first time we lowered it the weight snapped them both like toothpicks. the tractor is 17000lbs. with two logs under each front tire 3 trucks hook up and my minix we pulled it out easier than I thought
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    Sure is. 2006 Forest River Sand Piper T3400 front sleeper, tag. Pretty much exactly the same as our old one. 2 years newer. Needs some love but it solved my problem. Wish i could have looked a little longer but insurance company is harassing me to come get my old one.
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    found it, I’ve looked at the GenY hitch, not long enough for my needs. Certainly heavy duty though!
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    Yore right, you cannot legislate morality, but you can hold immoral people legally responsible for immoral actions. I find this particular agrument amusing considering anything beyond raising your voice to a child is “abuse”, but you can legally dismember a child so long as its in a womans body.
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    Thanks !!.. not to many do in 4 years now days. I’m sorry to hear about your father-in-law I am praying for the best
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    "Sandrails are just a really expensive way to move my beer from one place to another." Unknown
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    Buddy and his 250R coming with me.
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    If you want to go down the rabbit hole, you can mix and match stock parts (not rods though) and make a lot of HP. 3.2a3 had great cams/heads (bigger valves). 3.7 intake is a bolt on and makes power. A 3.5a3 with pistons and rods, aem and gt35r can do 550+ whp on 100 octane. Bisimoto and webb (iirc) also make bigger cams.
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    All this about LS, but op stated it wouldn't work in his situation and why asking about Honda. Same as me, would love 900 hp Ls but can't happen in my car.
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    This lifted Super Duty has been running around like this for years. Why the stock wheels?? I have a suspicion he’s a Steelers fan, I could be wrong though...
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    Randy I think you have the title wrong it should read 5.3

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