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    Have you ever shot a JP 15? Factory 68 grain ammo from PPC produced a 5 shot .3 MOA ragged hole at 100 yards right out of the box. There are many rifles produced today that are just much more accurate. Colt, much like Smith and Wesson, rested on their laurels while other manufacturers blew right by them. I still like my older pre 2000's Smiths, but their stuff has suffered in the quality department as well. Edit to add... Just saw this on Facebook. Sums up Colts issue pretty well. Whoever that handsome devil is over at SDCGO is...he appears to know a thing or two and is worth reading. Check it out. San Diego County Gun Owners · We are all, again, victims of lazy, biased, hacky journalism. Colt is going to discontinue selling many of their models (including ARs) unless there is a government contract in place. They will concentrate on selling popular models or models that are unique to Colt like the Python revolver. If you read the headlines, you would think that has something to do with politics. It does not. Colt hired a new CEO in 2013 named Dennis Veilleux. Colt wasn't doing well and he was hired to help save them. In 2015 they restructured (bankruptcy) and part of their plan to get out of financial trouble was to concentrate on the booming civilian market. At the time, they were very concentrated on government contracts, but wanted to broaden their market in an attempt to make more money and avoid risk. As we all know, the AR market plunged when Hillary wasn't elected so Colt's plan backfired. It is easy to argue that Colt only went after the civilian market half-heatedly. Military contracts and selling to civilian end-users through distributors and retailers is VERY different. How many of you have a Colt AR or know someone who does? Companies like LaRue, Daniel Defense, Bushmaster, JP, Adams, DPMS, Spikes, Stag...even Sig and S&W ate Colt's lunch by the time they entered the AR civilian market. I think Colt's basic sales plan to sell ARs was "but we're Colt!" Didn't work. Colt is getting out of the civilian market for economic reasons (they aren't making money) and not political reasons. We would all know that if major media news distributors did their job. But they don't. So buy their products through your local shops if you are inclined. Colt is not anti-gun.
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    Koolaide never stops flowin!!!!!
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    Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. has that size paper in stock. Order NOW!
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    Must print on 8 1/2" x 14" paper and mail in! Let's get the FU**ER OUT!!!!!!!! Link tho the Form: https://ranaf.org/petition I responded on how to fill it out correctly, please read further down in thread. Seriously, LET'S Do this!!!
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    The only colts i own are 1911, one is my race gun since i was a kid. It will be my kids one day i dont give an eff what beto says. My neighbor has a colt his grandfather carried in ww2 his father carried it in vietnam and he carried it in the usmc in north Africa. No amount of money can “buyback” these treasures
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    Colt has UNION workers and can't compete with the low prices in the market....period, end of story. Anyone can buy quality components now....anyone with a drill press and a router can make a quality lower.....No need for 100k a year people to put them together.
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    No such thing as Marine proof
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    It is Legal size and it is legit BUT I would bet less than 5% of forum members have anything other than the standard 8.5X11. So, they are trying to make it difficult so people won't bother. Let's see if it's all lip service or if it really gets the certifiable amount of petitions. I'll be buying a pack of legal size tomorrow and passing it out to all I know.
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    Why would you regret that? 4 quarts equal a gallon.
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    The cops like them, they can't run from them. DON~~~
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    As long as HE is gone, who cares. We can just do it again, and again.
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    Those are roads these are trails. DON~~~
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    I wish you all the luck in the world with the recall. Problem is that if California can elect this douche bag with all his baggage, what is going to be different about his replacement? I bet very few on GD voted for this ahole in the first place. This guy is exactly like he has always been, and yet he was elected easily. What will be different next time?
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    You may want to try the Razorforums.net or Utvunderground
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    I can't stand this idiot Newsom. If he loses his job, maybe he can spend some "quality time" with those he saved from death row.
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    Thanks DB! Once I get back into town(4-5 weeks) I'll be doing this first(and have my wife as well). That guy is 100% douche bag slim ball!
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    Funnel and gravity. I service 3-4 transaxles a month and it has worked for many many years. I'll be using my tried and true method again tomorrow. I know right where my funnel is and I'm pretty sure the earth will have gravity. I use a long funnel with a piece of hose clamped to the end. The hose fits into the side fill hole an I use baling wire or a zip tie to mount the funnel up high on the chassis. 50% of the time is works 100% of the time.
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    There needs to be at least one d!ck drawn on the wall somewhere for it to be correct as well.
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    Forgot to open the door for the tank, just sets the pump on the trunk. Slides off when he opens the car door. Then a minute later the pump clicks off and falls out of the tank. Then followed him into the store and was just thankful that I wasn't born in an era that thought walking around with your pants around your knees was cool.
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    Just had the parking lot painted on one of m jobs... They aint to bright....They used the same stencil on 6 spots..
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    I'd come down so hard on this state... The suicide rate alone would look like genocide and liberal cleansing...
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    Well eff it. I ordered one.
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    Saw a Sticker in the window of a Truck the other Day. Definitely made great sense. "Don't California My Texas!" Had to sTOP and Applaud that one! Peace
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    Chicks at the beach!!!!!!

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