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    It is Checkered Vans shoe day at work today! I don't own a pair so I couldn't participate. Gotta give it up to one of our Engineer's...I think he's gonna win the contest!
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    If I can't get a fair price, I'll just keep it. Not desperate in any way. If I don't sell it this weekend, I may take it and my F-150 truck to Carmax and trade for a newer truck to tow my toys, Bobcat, etc. Just hate being jerked around. I own a construction business and don't EVER treat anybody the way I've been treated so just a bit frustrated with humanity at the moment.
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    Good folks, I'm often "neighbors" with them. -TJ
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    Yes sir, Canyon Lake crew. Someday I will make their inner circle and join them, just a few more payments to the Roadrunner Estates HOA.
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    Man, ghosts taking pictures now, WTF!?! -TJ
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    All my buddies to the left of you...…………...
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    I think some builders just started doing the looped line based off of what they saw others do. I don't know that any of them have any real scientific reasoning behind the loops. Please let us know how the rerouted vent works out after a few trips. Thanks for the feedback. Just as an FYI, every race car I've worked on, will always spit some oil out of the vent lines. It's just a fact of life. If you want to clean it up properly, add a catch can somewhere for all of the vented oil lines that you need. Take a look at Robby Gordons SST trucks, he has a 5 gallon gas can sitting where the passenger seat would be with all of the vent lines draining into it so he can run those things on the road courses.
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    Would you like a peanut butter and jealous sandwich?
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    While I can see fine to drive and operate day to day I have started to need readers earlier this year (after awhile I knew it couldn't all be the menu's fault at so many restaurants 😛 ) and after the 2 trips I have made this year I am finding that I am having a hard time reading/seeing contrasts in the dunes, its almost like its mid day ( no shadows) for me all day long. I have moved from a tinted shield to clear and sunglasses to no glasses which some times helps. Any tips from other folks on here that I might try? I am going to try using my readers this next trip and see if that helps at all, it sucks because I am generally the leader for my group and my son on his 450R is complaining that I am getting slower.
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    Time to get an eye exam if it is lasting all day. Readers won't make a difference as they are for seeing the shitty menus that the print gets blurry when we get older. LOL! I was in denial for a long time, but I finally gave in have readers. I buy them in bulk at Costco and throw them everywhere.
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    Great read of seedy 1980s valley and Hollywood underground by Possum Dixon front man and magician Rob Zabrecky
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    Thanks for the update LRS. Damn this sucks.
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    cut stock links in half and sleeve with tubing, weld ends and rosette the middles. Cheap and you will never bend one.
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    Quick delete and repost there Mellen.
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    Visegrips and a flat blade screwdriver work better than the tool.
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    Having to use readers or "extend your arms" while reading should have nothing to do with your ability to read the dunes. Thats just your eyes losing the ability to focus on near objects due to old age. Happens to most people. I haven't been able to see for crap inside arms length for a long time but my distance vision is still fine. In addition to time of day, another thing that affects your ability to read the dunes is how smooth they are. If the sand is ridged or tracked it makes it way easier to read them. When they are completely smooth, like after a big wind, you lose your depth perception when looking at them and they are real hard to read.
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    I have the Oakley airbrakes with the prizm lenses. They are awesome. The jade iridium lenses certainly add depth to your vision.
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    48 years old and just got my eyes checked for the same thing. I was trying to read a printed out email at work and noticing myself extending my arm a bit. Was talking about it with my uncles while having a martini one night and my Uncle says, "Have you done the dime test?" The what? If you can read the date on a dime, your eyes are good (Reading wise that is) Well I look and uh...um... Oh I don't know, 2011? Sure as sh*t...he hands me his readers and I was like, Oh...1984! He just said...it's time! Got checked and yeah I have a bout 3 pairs of 1.25 readers. One at home, one to keep in the truck and at work. The lady that checked them said my eyes are in really good shape and come back in a year and a half.
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    I have tried my prescription lenses and then my sunglasses prescription lenses and nothing helps... so I’m going to give one of these a shot for the hell of it !!!
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    So I ended up contacting Oakley customer service and told them what I wanted them for and how during the midday it is hard to see the definition/contrasts of the dunes. They recommend the Prizm Snow Black Iridium Lens. They said that does very well in very bright environments.
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    Veteran's annual Flag Ceremony!! for our beloved vets their families friends God Bless All Our Veterans... DC01C48D-6EFF-49BA-B1F2-2906D230A898.MP4 DC01C48D-6EFF-49BA-B1F2-2906D230A898.MP4
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    Sure. They're making a maintenance video on how to clean your air filter and nobody has the sense to use a shop vac to suck what's left of the bush they ran through out of the bed? That's who I want working on my stuff. Attention to detail, man...............What happened to it? I did notice that the tools are all hanging on the peg board nice & purdy.
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    I fly with Oakley prizm iridium glasses (blue)and ride with same lens in my goggles. Great for what they do. I also experience the no defined shapes in front of me in the dunes at midday. Also they are very delicate, You just can wipe them off or lay them on any surface, you must take some care.
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    I must have adopted his brother! GLWTS (still have my ‘05 Rhino)
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    I told him I would give him $60K but he would need to give $5K of it to the driver when he showed up to take delivery. He was rude to me too, You would think giving the guy full asking price for his vehicle plus an additional $15K for his troubles would make the guy happy..... Probably one of those guys who gets pissed off at his wife for drooling on his balls while giving him a mouth hug
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    Seems today is the perfect two wheeler day in the dunes, love riding a MC in wet dunes.
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    I really, really, really want to try those tires! -TJ
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    Where do you think they get the Hookers for Hooker point, The hooker store ?
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    1. At the time, the PBS had stronger housings compared to the Mendeola S4/5, which was the main reason we pushed them. But they still shared mostly the same shift mechanism and issues that come with that design. 2. I would not say the Weddle cases are a "huge" upgrade over the PBS main case, but the PBS gear carrier/shift housing does have a thin spot between the bearing bores that is known to crack with the newer/larger mainshaft bearing. These have been cracking pretty regularly since they redesigned the housing to use the larger bearing. 3. Entire 1st-5th gear stack, sliders, hubs are from us is about $4350. You would need to get a shift drum and forks from PBS at their cost. R&P is the same.
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    If there were a Hall of Fame for dad's, you'd be in it. Keep up the fight!
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    I ONLY have it for sale on here. I don't have time for tire kickers and riff raff. It will go to Autotrader soon if I don't sell it here. Too many toys. Plus I just picked this up. '47 Diamond T. And want to turn it into this (less the stacks). Wife says "sell before you spend".
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    If you stay up all night drinking and driving your toys it makes it very hard for them to get stolen.
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    Some stuff in closed areas of preserves where the ground is covered with bits of pottery. Another spot I've seen is a rock covered hilltop, the rocks have been made into dozens of "cubbies" and walls. Pretty cool. I've seen enough Indian things, I don't even slow down for a grinding hole less than 6" deep. Came across an old homestead complete with wine cellar, along with a nearby mine site. (not me in the pic)
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    My best friend and glamis buddy (60 years young) is in the hospital after suffering a debilitating stroke. He has lost some motor skills on the right side and short term memory is bad. POOR guy lost his dad in February and them his mom in May of this year. He has no other family other than friend's left to help out. I wasn't prepared to be a care giver but what else are friend's for. I have been spending alot of time in rehab with him and One thing he does recall and we discuss at great length is all the great time we had at glamis. All though we wont be going out to ride for along time, Mother G continues to give in the great memories we have to share. Its thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful. Take the time to make sure your loved ones know it. Be safe out there and enjoy.

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