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    18’ mega 2500 Carli Back country with fox kings were on back order. 20” wheels and 37” toyo RT’s 10 ply’s. Wife wanted bigger, I wanted Carli she was told bigger effects the handling of the truck. With minimal trimming it cycles pretty good dont think I would beat like I did with my 08 full Carli on 35’s
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    I’ve never paid for a haircut in my life. I’ve only had two people cut my hair, my mom and my wife. Wife trims my beard. Mom owned a salon since 1969 and my wife worked in one before my children were born. Had a high and tight from grade school till 30 and a buzz cut since then. I couldn’t imagine hair longer than 1/2 to 3/4 on my head.
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    Y'all must all be uppity and shit. Can't believe nobody has broke out their Flowbee. Hell, it was invented in San Diego. Figured some of you just by proximity would have one, or at least heard of it. I betcha Roman's probably has one set up out in the barn!😂
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    we did the same for Steve car, he has a car and his wife has a car custom made aluminum ramps that lock into the floor over the tires and the from tires strap down to the box/ramp setup, if it was doing it I would have a 2 upright that bolts to the floor on each side, and aluminum cross beams from one side of the trailer to the other, the uprights would be about 20'' apart, when the cross beam go across the trailer you can have ramps that lead up the cross beams so the front tires sit on them, the beams would lock in the side with pins, then you can use tire straps to strap down the tires to the cross beams, this way it is part of the trailer and is not moving, a true baller would make a 2 post lift so you can make the cross beams raise up to the ceiling so you do not have to assemble anything, if you can picture a harbor freight press with the cross beams and the gap in the center is what I have pictured in my head
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    I run at least one pair of lights during the day also, especially in ocatillo. Makes you a little less of a target imo.
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    If you want REAL lights ... as in I actually DUNE at night = Baja Design and as many as you can afford.. KC and LazerStar for honorable mention If you want "GET BACK" lights ...as in I need to get back to camp from Sunset or the Sand Drags = Amazon We have been using some Sector Seven by ProMoto Billet stuff and the guys that DUNE at Night are liking them Funny thing is in the day or two I have been at this game I have not found a light that shines up and over or around the next ridge 😲
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    Looks like a properly mixed Tito's and Cranberry to me
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    Mount one small light like a ( s2 pro ) on each shock tower, low enough to be protected In A roll over, but as high as possible without lighting the backside of the front bumper. Here is my old beam setups one all led xl80 pair and a 10 " stealth bar, and the old hid lights 4-4" kragen specials. It got better each time with more distance a a more natural look at night. Nowadays I run 5 LEDs all BD on the front bumper, four of them with Amber covers. Don't hardly ever use the one on the roof, and removed the a pillars also. I usually lead the rides so I don't worry about blinding anyone and i have zero rear visibility out the car so don't mind bright lights following.
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    I've had 5 rails now (honDUH V6 Buggyworks, high-compression 427 LS7 SCU Pro Bro, twin turbo LS1 Extreme Double Throwdown, high-compression sometimes 427/sometimes 440/sometimes 454 LS7 Potter PX2, supercharged Ecotec BFD Revo) and 5 RZRs (big-bore XP900, Z1-swapped/HCR long tavel/40psi of boost on E85 XP4 1000, '15 XP 1000, '16 XPT, '18 XPT Fox Edition) so I feel like I can speak from a reasonably informed position about both. Will a SxS every "replace" a rail 100%? No. Even my little Revo handled and rode better than any of the RZRs in the dunes, including the HCR long-travel RZR despite having lower travel numbers on paper and less power. And nothing will be like a well-setup V8 rail. It's just facts. Does that mean SxSs suck and you can't have fun in them? Also no. SxSs are great if you don't have time/space/money for multiple offroad toys but want to "do it all", and do it year-round. And yes, they're great for somebody that needs to finance. I know lots of people will say "you shouldn't be financing toys" but there are responsible ways to finance and get to enjoy this hobby without having $30k+ cash to spend. I might argue taking on a reasonable SxS payment to get into the sand makes more sense than doing a HELOC or refi and taking money out against your damn house just to play along with the big dawgs. And yes, SxSs CAN hang with real rails. No, the thrill isn't the same and occasionally you have to cut a corner, but here's just one group I ran with in our '18 XPT: The Funco is a TT LS3 and the Tatum and Alumicraft are Whippled 425 LS3s. I would have easily preferred to drive any of the rails, but I still had a blast in the RZR and it was better than sitting at home with my thumb u... There just seem to be folks that HAVE to jump on the SxS beat-down EVERY chance they get. I see the same folks doing it here that do endlessly on IG too. I'm not sure what they have to prove, but it certainly seems like they have some SXS-PTSD or something. I know I've posted something like this before too, but SxSs are just the current "whipping boy" for those folks that always have to make sure everyone knows they're "better." At one point it was the 2-wheeler guys who knocked on 3/4 wheelers as "not true duners." Then even the 2-stroke quad guys would knock the 4-stroke guys. Then the 4-stroke 450 guys knocked the Raptor and other "barge" quad guys. It was the same thing, whatever the newest thing you could walk into a dealer and finance was the "bad guy."
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    A normal person I would assume they are holding that drink for there wife, but you well you seem like a Boones Farm Strawberry hill on ice no less, I remember girls in High School who use to drink that crap.
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    This is what we did for my father in law. Easiest is if you build a reasonably beefy rack into the walls of the trailer with a crossbar above the front of the first buggy to mount the winch, then pin/bolt small supports for under the tires (with a kicker to help support them) to the side posts of the rack. Back the first buggy in, lift the front, put in wheel supports, lower buggy onto them, then load the second underneath. Any ramps you make that will be long/strong enough to support in transit are gonna be heavy and tearing them down every time gets old. These shackles are pretty nice and easier on the finish: https://www.voodoooffroad.com/products/category/winch-shackle
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    Your drip can is overflowing...
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    Squadron output: You can see how the spot is the only hot spot far away, but everything in the foreground is lit up evenly. That's ONE Squadron... Two angled out a little more would make for a pretty big spread.
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    I have been into VW's for last 40 years, and have had many lowered Cal style bugs, back to the early 80's. As some have said here, lowered spindles are great. For me, the ideal look and ride, is going to be a 2-4" narrowed from beam, with adjusters, and lowered spindles. You can get the car REAL low, and will still ride well. With narrowing the beam, you'll get the room to steer the car, and have the fender clearance. in my opinion the wheels look a better with a narrowed beam too. For the rear, you can just reset the torsion bars/spring plates, it's free. You can buy a complete narrowed, lowered beam with spindles all complete, and just bolt it in. For tires, I'd run 135's up front, and a 205 in the rear. This is my last car, I recently sold it to mom, who is 69 years old, she had one of the first lowered bugs in I would 1979, which happened to be a 66'. She loved this car, and told me I could not sell unless I offered it to her first. It sat very very low, and rode great, I did raise it up a little for her though, as the front apron hit almost everything and took a little "lowered car" skill when driving. This car has the above set up I mentioned above.
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    My Dad is home tonight, 4 hour Surgery took 3 hours and recovery was really good. He is very happy, now to make sure it doesn't pop back up over time elsewhere. Eff Cancer! He still thinks it's from Vietnam. Has plenty other health issues from there. Thanks everyone who sent a pm, well wishes, etc. I appreciate it.
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    Hey Crusty, hope all went well with your Dads surgery today.
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    WTF u don't always cut ur own nails ? ... just take a striate blade and trim ur face with it GhAY ---------->

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