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    Hole E Sheet. Unbelievable. I have never been able to put my foot into it thru the woops. Now it's a breeze and handles even better. Having the ability to set air bag psi on top of this is great. More speed and confidence thru the wooped out transitions is a blessing.
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    In the 90's....this was against Impeaching Clinton, but just put Trumps name instead. Hmmmm
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    Or they turn them off to go to bed and don’t consider the camps around them getting lost ha ha Ha!!!’
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    Dang, I just discovered how messed up I am. I have a sandrail, a RZR and a quad. I guess I need to buy a 2 wheeler, so I can fit in any category for flaming!!
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    Yes, they are ALL Hypocrites! Both sides. That has to be agreed on otherwise you are the hypocrite.
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    Happy birthday to one of the nicest guys in the dunes!
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    Did a day trip to Glamis today. Had 17 vehicles go from the washes to duners diner and back. I wanted to chew some more dunes up rathher than go to the diner. But I was in Glamis so I cant complain. Chores and hanging out with the family tomorrow
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    I think with that 270hp motor...it would pull it, just not very well.
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    Weather in G is always perfect! Have fun. EsHO will keep you informed with the Triple Crown Racing this weekend. Peace
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    Nothing like the feel of a clutch lever and the twist of a throttle going thru the gears! Peace
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    Our camp is easy to find....Weekend Warrior and White Ford Super Duty 4x4 . . . It's funny how much camps really do all start looking the same...
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    I too was ready to call BS, but was pleasantly surprised with the list. My first thought was they need to reword it to President of America, not American President, because we all know he is not American !
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    That's why the commercial says to put something important in the back seat like your wallet or purse so you don't forget the kids!
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    2010 Funco Gen 5 Subi/2d -Outfront closed deck motor built by Forced Air Tech in AZ and tuned by Outfront using E80 fuel. (done 2019) (On Outfronts Dyno it made 335 to the rear wheels on (his dyno conversion ratio X1.5=502.5 engine hp) @ 17 psi. It had 3.7 psi at 2000 rpm and 10 psi at 2500 rpm. It's a very quick car that comes on the boost fast and pulls hard.) -Refreshed 2d with entire new clutch & pressure plate (done 2019) -Turbo refreshed (2018) -New Axles (2017) -Car has new gray area 930s (done 2020, not one trip on them) -New Exhaust from C&G with heat shield and brace to prevent from cracking (2019) -Mid board hubs - Car to car radio and intercom system - Buffed baja pros and paddle tires have no plugs and hold air - 6 Vision X lights and the big daddy Baja Designs light bar (this car has amazing light) -Highly desirable wing trunk (perfect for snacks, jackets, goggles etc etc (@MellenMPZ compliments it all the time) -Odyssey Gel Battery (car has a spot for a 2nd battery) -Fresh fuel filters, air filter and outerwears -LED whip -LED tail lights -Dragonfire memory foam harnesses with breast clip (extremely comfy) -Garmin GPS -very cool see thru chrome floor I can send more pics and info for interested buyers. Clean Arizona Funco Title with Funco VIN This car is very fresh, runs awesome and need nothing Located in Phoenix, Az NO TRADES, cash or wire only $42,000 DM or text/call 602-eight2six-8379
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    Going to be a close game, might even come down to who wins the coin toss. Should be one of the more exciting Super Bowls that we have seen in a long time. Would like to see the Chiefs win though
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    Always like seeing the YXZ's in your videos. Because they Rule. 🏆
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    Mr Wood does great work and his customer service is awesome. 67 closed a while ago. I heard A&B Truck owns those parts now.
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    I haven't been on this site for a long time....last night I went on here to see if there were any 2015-2016 F250's for sale and I came across this thread. Finished reading it this morning and I'm thinking I might want to keep my 7.3, what a great read with lots of good info! Bought this 2000 a couple months ago to take the place of a 2015 F150 2.7L that was just struggling to pull my 26' trailer. Wife wants to get back into the desert scene so I bought this from my brother in law who bought it from someone in El Cajon. He knows nothing about the truck minus the guy "went through everything". He only kept it for 3 months then bought a raptor. Stopped by East County Diesel and they said it had all kinds of nice new parts on it, but they didn't know the truck. So other than the fact I know it's super clean, has 200K miles, and lots of new parts, has never towed anything (I had to install all the tow relays, fuses and plug), has a bully dog programmer, AFE intake and new exhaust, I know nothing about the transmission or engine. A few of you guys are in East County, does anyone recognize this truck? Only thing my brother in law did was swap out the wheels, I think it had chrome wheels on it and he went to black. I sure would like to know if any trans or motor work has been done to this truck so I have a baseline and figure out if I need to visit John Woods prior to getting back into a toy hauler and RZR setup. Keep up the post, lots of great info!
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    These pictures should have been in this order.
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    I have had the Bakflip MX4 on 2014 Chevy 1500, 2018 Chevy 1500, 2018 Raptor & 2019 F350 Super Duty Dually 8' bed. Never had any issues always function great, can still use all of the bed if needed. Or can partly open cover also. just my .02
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    I’ve never had a problem with just one battery. I only have a 27’ tag though. I assume bigger trailers take a lot of juice to heat up. Maybe running the Honda 2000 through out the day keeps a fresh back feed charge on my battery.
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    I'm guessing Lawrence was getting arm pump or something. He was close to losing it several times the last couple laps. Felt bad for him but he gave it everything he had. Exciting finish. I hope Ferrandis gets docked points or a position. I know they said tonight there won't be anything but that was some BS.
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    There is a place on Craigslist you can report them and they will take there adds down. DON~~~
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    https://www.facebook.com/imperialinvasion/ Mark your Schedules for the 3 Wheeler Imperial INVASION!!!!!! This is an awesome event / 3 Wheeler action 4 sure!!!! Peeps from all over the USA / World who still live in the 80's and ride 3 wheelers will be in town!!!!! Hell Yeah! Try and Make it!!!!
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    I went to the grocery store as usual and gassed up the cars then I am headed for the celebration of life for Gil George..
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    I would call CBR radiators in lake elsinore. He always comes thru and builds the best radiators in the business.
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    Is that another Funco off to the side? Looks like a tan Funco front end? Nice car, John and his guys build great motors!!! GLWTS
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    You definitely scored! I am positive you will love the coach. I had a DP previously, and went back to a 5er for a few years. The entire time, I missed the DP. In November, we got another DP, and have been loving it!! It is noisy sometimes, going down rough roads, because you hear everything rattle (like silverware in the drawers, etc) but the comfort and ability for the family to move around, pee, get food/drinks while traveling is SOOOO worth it!! The ability to load up the night before, and not have to unload to sleep when you arrive late is an awesome feeling. I roll up, and level, get the slides out and go to bed without ever needing to even go outside. Congratulations!!!
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    You could drive for more than 4.5 hrs a day if you didn't make the kid drive. Isn't the whole purpose of driving a DP so that the wife/kids can sleep, drink, eat, play games, take a dump, etc. while you drive for 14 hrs/day? J/K! Kinda sorta. Wow! fantastic deal you got on that DP! Congrats!
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    WOW!! That seems like a great price for the year and miles of that rig! Congrats!!
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    I am well aware of the Jackson kit, as my buddy is patiently(not) waiting on one for his R. It was more tongue-in-cheek wishing for a factory turbo, as I believe they will find that many people will not buy a kit turbo no matter how nice it is, plus a factory turbo should be a wee bit more economical. I know Honda is conservative, etc., etc., etc., but I think they are taking the wrong approach. Just my $0.02, after ten years in the industry.
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    I have a 2000 7.3 with all the stuff done to it. You can run the EGT @ 1200 all day and up to 1300 for minute or two. You should never go higher that 1350. I'm going to put a gear vendor in mine. You can split every gear by 22% (under or overdrive) manually so you shouldn't need to change gears. It essentially turns the 4R100 into a 6 speed with a double over drive. The GV for the 4R100 is $3500, plus your have to shorten your rear drive shaft a little. I went by a few weeks ago. They are on Magnolia in El Cajon, CA. ~jw
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    With 35” tires I would do 4.30 if you plan on driving it on the freeway.
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    4;56 with 37'' is equal to a 4;30 gear on a dually ford my 4;56 is so low even with the 37'' cooper that it will get to 6 gear at 35 mph, it like driving a semi truck the gears are so short that the truck feels like it has less power because the ford holds at the max rpm for about 3-4 seconds before it shifts, so it feel like a kid that can not drive a stick shift, I wish I did a 4;11 on 35'' tires it does not help the rear end last, it will make the rear end work more than a day, break in has to be done,
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    Somewhat of a belittling statement. You can say that for just about anything- construction isn't rocket science, but did you build your own home? Sewing isn't rocket science but do you make your own clothes? Farming isn't rocket science... you get the idea. At some point you have to decide what your time is worth. I'm stoked to read that the OP is taking on his own repairs. Now that I've read he's a trans builder it makes more sense.
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    Not sure how Esco is cheating but I am pretty sure he is........ After the 250 main I have a new favorite up and coming rider Jett Lawrence. Hope he is good to go after that spectacular crash on the last lap. It took him 3 laps to actually complete the crash but when he did. Look out the rest of the field Tomac has woken up from his nap....

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