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    Don't ya'all be strangers ... remember I am one of you GD.COM knuckleheads
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    Dallas TX (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Dallas courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Dallas Cowboys, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.
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    Throw as much as you want at them, I have bills to pay. 😎
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    This was sitting outside my wife's favorite Italian Restaurant, had to sit and look at it all through dinner. She has always wanted a red convertible mustang with black interior and she didn't notice it until I gave the keys. This was her 30th anniversary gift, it was a 5 year project and she never had a clue. Our good friend that introduced us 35 years ago built the car. The look on her face as she took it all in was priceless.
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    Hey guys, Just reaching out to tell you we are now a GD.com sponsor, and look forward to helping you guys out with any questions you have. If you have any questions or need any product you can reach us here on GD.com or you can contact us through email ( Parker@gear-one.com) or call us during normal business hours @(623) 934-6913
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    Confession is good for the soul; I would have worn pink women’s panties, worn ugg boots and ran through the hospital parking lot singing a Britney Spears song at the top of my lungs if they would have told me it would relieve the pain. Apparently I was close to an rupture in my Gallbladder. I
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    I thought boys who wear Uggs could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Maybe the answer to your question lies within. Seriously, grip tape from skateboard shops or even Amazon works great! I put some on the steps to my pool diving board and it has lasted 4 years in the AZ sun so far.
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    Saw this on instagram, grabbed a screen shot. Funny chit but it’s the truth...
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    Shit, from the thread title, I thought we were finally going to get around to discussing genital warts. Oh, and Thanks Slappy!!!
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    Nope! Haven't forgotten what this weekend means. We had a memory maker dinner, remembered the fallen, and discussed how they affected our lives. My wife said this in our family text tonight. We can live and be in our Blessed Nation, Then you have those assholes (antifa) in Oregon 😡A young bunch of lazy clueless, oxygen wasting pieces of mush minds. Sorry Jesus! The parents of those kids are equally at fault. They are able to have free speech, and have hate for our way of life which affords them free speech. Go be vocal in Russia, Turkey, or middle eastern country or some other place. Its disgusting. Same as the idiots with the “Coexist “ stickers on their vehicle. Go have freedom of religion in the middle east. Ask them to coexist! 🤔 So my mother in law replies, Wow, Jacky, I have never heard you say this so strongly👍 I, especially have to thank our vets, which I often do. I, my mother and father owe our lives to the ones that fought and won in the Pacific and the pilot that had the guts to drop the A- bombs, in Japan, however terrible that was, humanly spoken, but all the women and children were scheduled to be killed, they had us dig our own grave already. The Japs told us the purpose of the digging. It took me years and a lot of reading about the history of Japan to more or less come to terms with this. To this day, when I see the freedom parents have with their children, it it difficult for me not to condemn the Japs for what they did to all of us. I also often think about the story my mother told me of the Japanese officer that asked if he could buy a doll for me at a stop at a train station on our way to the concentration camp. He told my mother that he had a daughter just like me, which he would never see again. I was all but 4 yrs. old. He knew in his heart that they could never win The war against America and as an officer had to then commit harakiri. Yes, my mother in law was in a concentration camp in Indonesia when she was a child and the United States Marines and the Indian Gurkha Soldiers saved everyone in the camp.
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    OK...we get it...AZ is so f*cking awesome....I can't wait to get there and have sweat dripping of my balls. To some of us...this is our home. I have been here 30 years. Yeah...I really do like it here. Yeah...it's plagued by bad politicians, high taxes, liberal policies, traffic, etc... But I seriously can't see living anywhere else...and yeah...I've lived all over from coast to coast. Until I reach my breaking point, and join all the ball sweaters in AZ, I choose to live here and "hope" that maybe the people here will get fed up and move to the right a little bit.
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    Really was a bummer to see a friend in pain. Coobie was just back there having some fun and Mother G bite him, happens to the best of us. If something happens to anybody and you have a signal for your google Maps to work you can use the "My Location" feature and share it to the BLM Medics, It will pin point your location and give them the coordinates. The Medics that showed up were some cool dudes that did a great job with Coob. I am glad we stuck around for plan A because plan B was to stick a flag in his butt to mark him and finish our ride!
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    Just a few more. Sunset Hill from Pad 3. I let Greg take some pics. One of me (White shirt) Kent (Red Shirt) Matt in car, Dan green shirt. No famous people. Greg's car. Matt's car with sand on the hood! And........VVVVV When you drop down 30ft into a hole! You can see the hole from the front of his car and the front tires just touching before the bottom above the @Air450. No rear wheel marks until the hole! Ouch! Nothing broke or bent. Lawn dart special. Phil (@dvs1) was driving thru with his Elite Offroad Performace car so I had to flag him down. LS2 Powered Razor! Mid engine with a 2D. Absolutely loving the Whipple!
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    Today have two kids birthday parties, gotta swing by the shop and pick up some bends and tubing tomorrow i finish out a 3 seat truggy exhaust i started. Tonight might pull the lt50s apart and mill the heads monday and build some pipes daughter (5) and son (4) are racing their first flat track race in april. Gotta give them an edge up on the competition
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    Great post Devin you made some good points. But really, who wrote it?
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    Alert - if you are not into HP and engine efficiency, just click away this will bore you... Every once in a while I come across a video that really makes a point way better than I can. There is a lot of crap on the Web (and especially Instagram) that has no science behind it and lots of people just Hype'ing BS (IMO) to perform extra steps in engine builds to make labor money with no benefits. This guy is not that guy. Steve Morris is master engine builder and tuner, this guys work is not cheap, but he constantly pulls great power and driveability out of EFI engines and especially LS's. This video shows some big and real numbers from a typical LS combo we put in Sand Cars all the time, and a bit how he does "switchable" tunes using a Holley EFI, but mostly shows how to really read plugs. Just about every Sand Car I pull a plug on lately after a hard run looks like his bad example,. Our tuners tend to go "Fat and Safe", but judge for yourself after watching whether what he is saying makes sense or not
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    And so the build begins. Nice clean white chassis with candy blue suspension.
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    For years and years I aligned my front end by measuring to goofy stuff clamped to my hubs like angle iron or using old crappy wheels. I saw the plates that LRS used and I decided to have a set made. I made them out of steel so my level would stick to set my camber. I also had relief cuts mad at the top and bottom of each side to hold a pair of tape measures so no more measuring back and forth with a helper. I'm very happy with how well they worked.
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    On Memorial Day weekend I went to California. On Saturday Johnson Valley, and Sunday Ocotillo Wells near Truckhaven. Even though I had a blast riding the washes at Ocotillo until the sand storm hit, I'm devoting this topic to Johnson Valley, which turned out to be everything I was dreaming of since I heard about it for the first time in February (on a KOTH topic). Johnson Valley has scenic views, all kinds of terrains and trails, and it's the kind of place I wish I could spend many days in. My goal for the future is to somehow go with a group on trails that go way out into the distance. That's the piece of Johnson Valley that is most intriguing to me. I named the topic photos and stories so that people can tell their stories or feelings about JV. It would be especially cool to hear about anyone that drove on any of the distant trails, like how far they went and what they discovered. SIDE NOTE: This trip forced me to trek up highway 62 for the first time in my life. The bonus is that I discovered Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. Wow, these are the kind of places I would love to live in!! I'm going to be doing some real estate and job research related to them. I'm splitting my photos into 2 groups. One group with my Maverick, and one group without, for photos people may want to save. But first, in this section, MY FAVORITE PHOTO!!
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    Every Battle is Won or Lost Before it is Ever Fought. from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" There is something about an idea written down on paper. The when it is agreed upon and lives committed to serve it...Nations are BORN. God Bless the Founding Fathers of this Nation and their pursuit of a better world. The had the right idea, wrote it down as a Declaration and 243 years later the Dream is still alive! Happy 4th of July from my family to yours, go out tomorrow and celebrate this great country. Crusty
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    Mr. Smith, we need to keep his menory alive, that is Justin Smith of Shock Therapy, formerly of Revenge Racing, formerly of Predator Sand Cars. (Stated for search purposes). True story: When all that with Justin was going down (stealing Wayno and Kerins car, selling customer engines, having parts for one car and telling 8-10 people they are their parts, etc.) and Revenge was locked shut, at that very moment Tim Mesic was there in person witnessing the ordeal, Justin Smith was talking to Scott ”Duninrat” who lived in Arkansas telling him that everything was fine and went on to tell Scott that he (Justin) was going to build him a car with a bunch of new “one of a kind” parts from Gear One, Fortin, etc. and the “rumors” on the board was just someone attacking him for a problem from years ago that had been resolved. I talked to Scott and Tim Mesic within an hour or two of each other. Justin is a snake bastard. I’d bolt in square tubing for shocks rather than support that eff*stick. I wonder if Ernie is still carrying Justin’s ball sweat? I’ve stated it before and I’ll state it again, that snake stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from “customers”. I personally talked to most of them. He only clipped me for a couple thousand. To my knowledge he never owned any of that. He can rot. I wouldn’t piss on his ass if his guts were on fire. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....................
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    I for one am glad to see the ca state legialture step up and finally fix the real issues facing ca every day, now that they’ve solved the drug epidemic and the homelessness and mental illness it breeds. Now that they’ve solved the water storage issues and lack of grid support from shuttering the san onofre plant. Now that they’ve solved the problem of inner city gangs, and now that all the roads are fixed , i say good on them for staying focused on fixing ca
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    Did a road trip to Grass Valley, CA (almost Reno) and look what followed me back...
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    Just a reminder for everyone, All radios have over 120 frequencies in them over 4 banks. The first bank is the most popular and where most people are on. Yes, your friends all MOST LIKELY have those same frequencies. Every single radio that leaves PCI or Rugged comes with those frequencies. Banks 3 and 4 have frequencies you can go all day long on and not hear anyone. If you are unsure on how to access those frequencies, call me at PCI and I will help you find them on an Icom or Kenwood radio! If you would like a copy of the PDF with All frequencies across all zones/banks, email me at Alleigh@pciraceradios.com and I will be happy to email it back! For safety reasons, its always a good idea for a passenger to have a PTT. There has been many cases in a roll over or medical emergency, passenger needs to be able to call out if driver is unable to.
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    Yes it will be closed. Everyone should make other plans.
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    One thing to keep in mind, there was a time when this site was heavily monitored by not only government but anti-offroad special interests. I know that Neil Hamada from the BLM was aware of discussions and let’s not forget Danny Boy from the CBD whose mission was total closure of the dunes. Throwing around terms like “Shiat show” reminds me of Daniel Patterson’s article saying we were “Mad Maxes on meth.” Hyperbole, lack of understanding of the true scope / issues involved related to continued use of OUR public land and a movement to save us from ourselves hasn’t been a historic recipe for success. Blowing issues out of proportion while speaking of “how bad things are” is not only incorrect, it is ammunition for those wanting to shut us down.
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    Tomorrow is National Diarrhea Day.
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    Hey god......can you quit taking the real women the world needs, there are more then enough people in Hollywood for you to choose from. Seriously Miley Cyrus is right there and you take Jessi. SMDH!
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    I already posted once on this, but the more I think about it and the more I think about the people posting on here supporting this crap, the more it pisses me off. That sort of jump over the canal is nothing but a "dude, hold my beer" type endeavor. The only way it's not is as follows. You build yourself a takeoff ramp that you know to be firm, flat ,level, and at a certain angle of trajectory. You then have a math whiz calculate the speed you need to be at to go with that angle of trajectory that will guarantee your exact vehicle and occupant will travel sufficient distance to clear the canal. You then make sure your vehicle is traveling at that speed on takeoff. Even with all that, there are still variables beyond your control, but without it, you are just hucking it and hoping for the best. If an adult wants to do that, it's his business and I admire his balls, if not his brains. The ADULT in the trophy truck had probably jumped similar distances many times before (just not over water) and had a pretty good idea of what the truck was capable of. Plus, that truck probably has 10 times the protective capabilities for the occupant in a crash than does a razor. To compare that trophy truck jump to the kid's jump is just stupid. Any parent who would say to his 10 year old son "let me hold your beer" as the kid launches into that type of jump that , if it's unsuccessful, could easily cripple or kill him, is an effing moron and should not have children. If there are any other relatives in this kids life (mom, grandparents, etc..), I would not be surprised if they bring some sort of child endangerment charges against the dad.
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    I am fairly confident that the gearbox will work well for it's intended application as a street/road race vehicle, but only time will tell. The dual clutch mechanisms being used in todays gearbox's are really cool and make for super fast, seamless shifts, but would probably not be very well suited to off-road use without heavy modifications, and even then it may not ever hold a candle to the power handling abilities of an S4D or Albins. They require some pretty heavy electronics to make them shift right. I don't believe they can be "manually" shifted with a basic lever like a typical gearbox. It has been our experience that production based vehicle drivetrains are not well suited for off-road use with high powered applications. Most of these production based drivetrains are designed to handle generally smooth power transfer on the street and made to be as light as possible without breakage, but once you start shock loading the parts with tall tires they will typically start having issues. I would expect the final drive gear (Ring and pinion) to be somewhat small in that gearbox, which is pretty typical for a smaller street car. This is the same reason why we can't use the Subaru trans in higher powered off-road cars, despite it's overall quality build. The other factor that has already been stated is that the gear ratios will not typically work well. Most road drivetrains have a high gear of 0.70 or taller running though a 3.## final drive gear, allowing for low RPM's on the highway for best fuel efficiency. We will typically gear a sand car trans with a 1.20ish high gear and a 4.57, 4.88, or 5.14 final drive gear with a 35" tall tire. My personal opinion on the new layout is that it is a good time for the change. Most of the world see's the current front engine design and antiquated and too much "'Murica!", I say leave that for the Camaro and Mustang. I have always felt that the Vette should be more of a supercar type design to compete with the Ford GT and other exotics.
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    I put in a new pool recently. Anyone know how long I should run the pumps each day?
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    Top-Line Industrial Supply's 7th Annual was last weekend and it was another success with 230 vehicles! Last year we donated $9100 and we were hoping to be able to break $10,000 this year for the Charity...Carol's Kitchen...our local food bank. Well...we did that and more! We are able to donate $13,260 to the charity and all that money goes to feed the hungry! Every $5 donated in 4 meals and we are pretty proud of that! If you want some info on the show just go over to our FB page. I'll post more later Here are some pictures from the show. These are the best of show winners.
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    Took my dad and brother golfing for Father's Day today. Whole family is taking my grandfather to lunch tomorrow for Father's Day and his 91st birthday.
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    Those two geese have their ducks in a row. They put my wife's brother and his wife to shame when it comes to being parents. Their TWO kids run around the place flailing their arms, screaming like their hair is on fire while both "adult" parents sit on the couch, checking their phones and tablets, oblivious to the fact that their kids are acting like untrained chimps. And that comparison, really, is an insult to all chimps.
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    We got there early so she could set it up. Her dad made the cake stands...I'll I had to do was paint them. After it was set up, we headed to a little bar down the street. Cheryl was ready for a cocktail...she was so stressed about getting everything right. It was fun at the wedding we over heard the table next to us... "This is the best cake I have ever had!" and we heard that from multiple people. Congrats to Sean and April on their wedding...it was a blast.
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    I disagree and here are the reasons why. First is a safety issue. If the disconnect switch is on the positive side and turned off (open) it gives a false sense of security. If one goes to remove the battery and accidentally touches the positive terminal or cable to the frame or a ground the arcing could cause considerable injury or death. The ground terminal should always be disconnected first and having the disconnect switch on the negative side of the battery will accomplish this. The other reason is that I see so many cars with additional wires directly to the positive terminal post of the battery. A disconnect switch on the positive side of the battery would not disconnect these wires and the associated components connected to them allowing a battery discharge through these components. As far as the problem with your car, electricley there is no difference between the positive and negative side. I think your problem was solved due to a bad connection that got resolved when you rewired.
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    Radio's are nice to have but I don't know who these people are sitting at camp listening to it, waiting to bring parts and tools. The people that don't go on the runs are usually not someone that could assemble the tools and parts needed for a fix, let alone get them to you.
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    Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it... You ride the sand car on the UAE That ain't workin' that's the way you do it... Money for nothin' and camels for free
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    It's probably all the chassis they got when they went to pick up their frames from Dave haha!
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    An ABC thread with ONE picture in it? Somebody IP check that account, its been hacked.
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    Sounds like a case of racial profiling. Stopping white ,old, fat, bald guys .... haha : Hope you guys have a great trip.
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    Personally I hope the people suggesting more laws / rules / enforcement aimed at saving us from ourselves don’t succeed.
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    Why would the fiesta music shutdown? That’s crazy talk...

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