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  1. Ya'll rock!!! Many thank you's!
  2. Kid Rock nails it with his new song!
  3. I saw this from Arizona, and as we got Closer to Gordon's Well (south of I-8) it got bigger, then looked like it blew again when we were well past it
  4. October is typically a bull month for crypto. If you're wondering if it's too late to get in, it's not. If you haven't dabbled in bitcoin (yet), go to coinbase.com, create an account and get started!! Hell, start with $100 and see what happens 🙂 You'll be amazed!
  5. Bitcoin has seen a recent resurgence. After dipping down to 28K, it's not poised to break 50K. As you may know, I'm very bullish on Bitcoin and crypto overall. Bitcoin is up 380% vs. other asset classes including gold, and the NASDAQ 500 (which only boasted a 47% return). There is speculation that bitcoin will hit $100K-$150K, but then dip back to $20K. I don't believe this simply due to the fact institutions are buying up bitcoin, and there is a fixed supply of only 21,000,000. What are your thoughts?
  6. So Cardano just broke a new all time high. Are there any Cardano holders out there?
  7. No. What I need to make can be seen at http://teeboxpromos.com The markers are four pieces. Base, cover, 2 end caps and internal stabilizer. It's patented, so I'm not worried about sharing this.
  8. Hi Friends, I'm in need of an injection moulder here in SoCal. Someone I can work through the process on getting my project done. Let me know. Cheers! FNG
  9. Members can now post attachments in their private messages. I apologize for taking my sweet ass time on getting this fixed, but it's fixed. FNG
  10. Sndsamplr : "When I said to cut the wheel to the left, I meant turn the wheel left!!!" FNG : "Oh!...Sorry! Maybe I'll just stick to computers!"
  11. VAERS is a joke. It looks like there are thousands of entries. However if you actually look at it and analyze the data (yes I did), you realize that if a person reports "Sore throat, Dizziness, Eye Blur, ... etc, that it's entered into VAERS as 3 or 4 separate entries (depending on how many reactions they have) for the same patient.
  12. MAC hanging out in Havasu!
  13. Make sure you read my original post HERE ! Images uploaded 01-2012 Images uploaded 02-2012
  14. fng


    LOL... It will always return to home (you should set the floating waypoint (home)) so the home location changes as your position changes.
  15. fng


    I have a DJI Mavic Pro and it can do it. Up to 35mph.
  16. "Hold my beer, and watch this!"
  17. Make sure you read my original post HERE ! Images uploaded 01-2011 Images uploaded 02-2011 Images uploaded 03-2011 Images uploaded 04-2011 Images uploaded 05-2011 Images uploaded 06-2011 Images uploaded 07-2011 Images uploaded 08-2011 Images uploaded 09-2011 Images uploaded 10-2011 Images uploaded 11-2011 Images uploaded 12-2011
  18. Cardano is on a tear! Still a great buy!. $6.00 Cardano is in the works!

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