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  1. Make sure you read my original post HERE ! Images uploaded 01-2010 Images uploaded 02-2010 Images uploaded 03-2010 Images uploaded 04-2010 Images uploaded 05-2010 Images uploaded 06-2010 Images uploaded 07-2010 Images uploaded 08-2010 Images uploaded 09-2010 Images uploaded 10-2010 Images uploaded 11-2010 Images uploaded 12-2010
  2. Make sure you read my original post HERE ! Images uploaded 01-2009 Images uploaded 02-2009 Images uploaded 03-2009 Images uploaded 04-2009 Images uploaded 05-2009 Images uploaded 06-2009 Images uploaded 07-2009 Images uploaded 08-2009 Images uploaded 09-2009 Images uploaded 10-2009 Images uploaded 11-2009 Images uploaded 12-2009
  3. I added a back to top button to the site, so you no longer need any browswer extensions. 👍😊
  4. Members post is now set to allow edits for 60 minutes after posting. After that, you can't edit your post any more.
  5. I've started cataloging all the images from before the site crashed and am making them available for members to re-download. You can browse the different images by clicking the appropriate links below. The first gallery contains uncategorized images from posts as well as users old avatars. If you remember your old member id, you should be able to find your avatar. Images are listed as follows "post-XXXX-YYYYYYYYYYYY.jpg" where the XXXX = your old member id. For example my old member number was 1354. I can then scroll through the list until I start seeing images that begin with post-1354- to know those are images I uploaded in a post. The list is in alphabetical order not member number numerical order meaning post-10382-YYYYYYYYYY will show before post-232-YYYYYYYYYYY (I hope this makes sense). In Firefox, as you mouse over an image it shows the file name in the lower left of your screen. I just leave my mouse pointed at an image and use pgup/pgdn keys to see the file names and how close I'm getting to my post number as I <PgDn> the image list. When you click on the image thumbnail, it will show the full image with a blue "download original". Don't click the download button, instead Right mouse click on the download button and click "Save link as...", otherwise the image will just open in a now browser tab. From there you can click the "Next" button at the top of the image and repeat the "Save As" process, until you have downloaded all of your images 😊 Old Images : Uncategorized Images and Avatars <- Over 80,000 images in this one category Images uploaded 01-2008 Images uploaded 02-2008 Images uploaded 03-2008 Images uploaded 04-2008 Images uploaded 05-2008 Images uploaded 06-2008 Images uploaded 07-2008 Images uploaded 08-2008 Images uploaded 09-2008 Images uploaded 10-2008 Images uploaded 11-2008 Images uploaded 12-2008 I will update this list as I get the images archived. I have to do every month through 04-2021, so it's a lot of time and images to process, so please be patient.
  6. Just the "know how" to do something like this is amazing!!!!!
  7. Welcome to the Crypto Club!

  8. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  9. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  10. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  11. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  12. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  13. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  14. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  15. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  16. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  17. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  18. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  19. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

  20. fng


    From the album: Esco Pics

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