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  1. You gonna add any topics to the club we're not supposed to talk about or what???????????? :j240z:

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    2. fng


      That's just it. We're already on the page, but he hasn't added any content...the moofer!

    3. AlpineFunco


      Can I get added back in? I lost access when the board was updated a year or two ago, thought it was gone. I did see it in a screen shot from Stugots or maybe Grease Monkey, pm'd them about it, but never heard back. Just seeing the talk about the "club we're not supposed to talk about" on the home page and thought I'd ask again.

    4. AlpineFunco


      So I'm guessing "no" would be the answer to my request of regaining access to the Scorpions Den???


  2. Nicely done!!! What platform(s) are you using?
  3. fng

    Awesome NASCAR Promo for TNT

    One of my favorite NASCAR commercials!
  4. So about 3 months ago I converted all of my Ethereum to Cardano. Anyone else in the Cardano or Ethereum game?
  5. Anyone invested in Safemoon? I did... Kind of just holding it to see where it goes. If it gets to .01 I'll be a millionaire!!!
  6. It was supposed to be backing up the MySQL database tables to the secondary drive. My guess is that one of the tables was corrupt, and caused the cron job to completely fail as it was supposed to gzip all the files into one huge .tar file.
  7. fng

    Gun porn

    Why no country would think about invading the U.S.!!!!
  8. Click the CHATBOX button in the lower right of your screen. For light theme it will be green, for dark theme it will be black (for this tutorial, I'm using the black theme) Clicking it will open up to any recent private conversations you've had. Click on the "Rooms" tab to switch from Conversations list to Rooms list Click on "Lobby", and the chatbox will open. Now click the \/ icon in the CHATBOX to minimize it Hope this helps!
  9. If your moho has a microwave, ya gotta get one of these : Click here -> Egg Cooker Instant omlet! I'm not a chef, but this thing rocks!
  10. Can we get a little help in here!
  11. Pulled from Archives. I'm short on photos for this year 😔
  12. Pulled from the Archives. Enjoy!
  13. You can change the way the forums look on the forums page with this quick how to. You may not have noticed the icons circled in red below. These change the way the forums will be laid out. The third one is very cool. This will put you the forums page into a topics page by allowing you to select which topics are displayed from which forums. From the example below, I'm selecting topics from "General Chat, ChEFFs Lounge, Whine and Cheese, and Politically Incorrect. Regardless of the view you select, another cool feature is that you just have to mouse over the topic (not click on it, wait a second, and the first and last posts will be shown to you as in the example below. I hope this helps everyone! Cheers! FNG
  14. Click your profile dropdown, and select: Account Settings->Content View Behavior Choose : Take me to the beginning. 😁

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