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  1. Will G

    Tacoma Truck Fatality at Sand Drags

    Saw the same thing in FB, 2 airlifted 1 DOA
  2. Weekend Warrior Captain Chairs Tiki Edition in excellent condition no tears. $400
  3. Will G

    Polaris RZR 1000 xp!!! SOLD!

  4. For sale is a pair of Weekend Warrior Tiki Edition captain chairs in good condition. One has a small cut in top rear but otherwise in good condition. $360
  5. Will G

    Polaris RZR 1000 xp!!! SOLD!

    Riding season ready
  6. Will G

    Shock tuning in the dunes?

    What about Tyler Scott (Suspension Tuning Services)
  7. Will G

    LS Oil Catch Can

    I have mine routed this way but the valley to intake manifold line has a sealed catch can
  8. Will G

    Best LED light bars and pods...........Go

    What about Vision X?
  9. Will G

    S4s refreshening costs?? Looking at a rail with one

    I bought a car that had the S4 refreshed by RC trans and the price was $1700 per receipt, guess it all depends on what the trans needs and who does it and if its a refresh or rebuild.
  10. High sides look good on this car
  11. Will G

    *FREE* EGT thermocoupler

    I’ll take it

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