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  1. I dont understand why people have to put in their negative opinions, if they dont like the add or the car or the pics move on we know you werenā€™t going to buy anyways and seller didnt ask for feedback. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø, glwts Jasonwtc šŸ‘šŸ¼
  2. Had an 01 f250 with v10 and had 220k miles and had no issues. Always torque spark plugs to spec and you should be fine. Just remember these engine like higher revs
  3. Will do thank you šŸ‘šŸ¼
  4. The weight of my 05 F350 4x4 SRW and 08 LE3305 fiberglass siding fully loaded with sand car was 24,860lbs
  5. I have a buddy that has Gear One mid board but is set up for Extreme Fabrication U joint axles and wants to concert to CV axle setup. Can the mid board setup be converted to CV?
  6. King Bypass shocks SOLD! King coilovers still available
  7. For sale pair of King 2.5 16ā€ coilovers with reservoirs off sandcar. Coilovers have new King sliders have No leaks and nitrogen filled $600 SOLD! Pair if King 2.5 14ā€ 2 tube bypass shocks no leaks and nitrogen filled $500 SOLD!
  8. I decided to make a portable winch using a 2500lbs winch with wireless remote . I strap it like El Diablo did his and use a jumper box or jumper cables and it pulls my full size sandrail into my toy hauler no problem.
  9. I have a buddy with a car running the Extreme Drive axles and this season his frame cracked and broke at the inner tab. He fixed and reinforced that area and clesned and greased the slip joint and all has been good so far.

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