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  1. Will G

    SU Mid-Engine

    Congrats Dave car looks nice!
  2. For sale are PRP door bags with knee pads in excellent condition for Can Am X3 $100
  3. Will G

    PRP booster child seats!! SOLD!!!

    SOLD to Chevy1925
  4. Will G

    PRP booster child seats!! SOLD!!!

    Replied to PMs
  5. I have 2 PRP booster child seats. Have a couple tears but still able to use. Make reasonable offer for each or both.
  6. thank you for the reply see you tomorrow
  7. Will G

    AZ requires notary on title transfers?

    Yes title needs to be notarized for transfer, seller should have taken care of this since seller's sig is he one that requires the notary.
  8. Will G

    Pistol Pete died?

  9. Will G

    Fuel pump issue

    wish I would have known this to match the spare Bosch 044 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Will G

    Fuel pump issue

    That is correct the inlet is 10an and the outlet is 6an for the AEM pump vs Bosch 12mm -1.5 outlet and 18mm-1.5 inlet
  11. Will G

    Fuel pump issue

    here are a couple pics I snapped of the AEM pump vs Bosch 044
  12. Will G

    LS dual filters

    Its a Precision Metalcraft short runner manifold
  13. Will G

    LS dual filters

    Custom one on mine
  14. Will G

    Front tire size

    This was my Eyeball car with king kong spindles 35” Baja Pro and 33” STU pro. I liked the look and also the ride. No complaints here. Wanted to shave the fronts but never got around to it.

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