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  1. Bill Az transaxle 👍🏼
  2. No cold start issues, I did go to dual batteries though especially for hot starts when both of my electric fans are running.
  3. I have the fi-tech 600hp system on a sbc making about 400hp at the wheels. I spent around 1200 for the kit with in line fuel pump. System has been great since I installed it. I'm using it to control timing with a msd system with locked pro billet distributor. I'm not using it to control the fans. Installation was pretty easy initial tune was a little tricky but once I got it dialed in it has been great. They are very sensitive to voltage dropping below 12, I had a flakey alternator at the time and it would bog down above 3000 rpm. Once I got alternator changed zero issues. I have been real happy.
  4. I had issues with the website as well, just kept calling until I finally got a hold of someone. They are not great about answering the phone, once I did talk to a person customer service was good. Previous post is correct ayes is gear one.
  5. AZLTD

    Trans question

    Yup, sounds like rebuild time, had to pull mine after Veterans Day trip. Barely got my car ready to go for New Years. Luckily I didn't need a ring and pinion. My buddy pulled his after MLK day and didn't get his car back together until late April due to no ring and pinions being available. At least summer is a good time to get this taken care of. Don't know where you are located but I was pretty happy with Bill at AZ Transaxle. Good luck.
  6. How is the turning ability of the unshaved 33" Baja pros vs 8.50 stu's. Would like a little taller tire but don't want to go all the way to 10.75 stu. Running 15" wheels
  7. They are R2c on c010532 about 8" tall and 5.5" wide at the top. BTW looks like r2c is making their own pre-filters now, look real similar to outerwears.
  8. I have been running dual R2C filter with outerwears, NA SBC. I pull them off every trip and blow out any dust and inspect the intakes, I haven't seen any signs of sand getting past the filters. About six trips on the current filters.
  9. I have on board 5500 onan but only run it when it is hot and I want to run both ac units. I mostly use my Honda 2000 at the dunes. It wIll run the microwave and tv for kids, I can even run the 13500 ac in the bedroom if nothing else is on if I start the fan and then switch to cool once it is up and running. I do have a solar setup that came with my trailer that does a good job of keeping the batteries charged. I've gone several dune trips where I haven't run my onan, little Honda is an amazing unit: quiet efficient and almost bulletproof. Just keep the air filter clean, change the oil annually, check the valve adjustment every couple of years and it is solid. The biggest threat to the Honda is some one stealing it.
  10. I bought a 40 CR in November of 2015 and have been pretty happy with it. I haul a large sandcar and quad with plenty of room. Tow it with a newer ram 3500 Diesel, it tows great and I haven't had any issues with the trailer. Really like the ceiling fans, led lighting and solar charging system. We purchased it from Cactus RV in Tucson. Only regret is I wished I would've gotten a separate fuel tank for the sandcar, I ended up having to install a transfer tank in my truck.
  11. My 40-CR with both slides and all options possible came in at 12,180 Dry (no water or fuel, but the 2 7 gallon propane tanks were full), which is only 300#'s over the brochure's stated Dry Weight for the base model of 11,880#. I'm curious how you weighed it. Did you leave it hooked to your truck and just pull it off the scale so only the trailer was on it? You have to weigh at minimum two of the three scenarios. I weighed the truck by itself, fuel of fuel, hitch and family inside (7,960 = 4640 Steer and 3320 Drive), then I hooked up the 5th wheel and went back to the scales and weighed the truck and trailer (20,140 = 4620 Steer, 6140 Drive, 9380 Trailer Axle). Subtract the Truck only from the Truck+Trailer weight: 20140-7960 = 12180 for the trailer weight Now we know the trailer weight byitself (from math above), subtract the trailer axle from that: 12180-9380 = 2800 Pin weight of the trailer empty, this will change depending on how you load it. I will be loading the trailer up full of gear and toys and weighing it a third time because I am very close to the GVWR of my truck. Given the trailer weighs 12180 empty and has an 18000GVW, it leaves 5820 CCC for toys, water and gear/food for the trailer. just curious what you pull your 40cr with and what toys you load in it. I just picked up 40cr last weekend from cactus and I will be pulliing it with 16 ram 3500 single rear wheel long bed, I did notice some sag empty. I will be loading a xp41k and 2 quads. Btw I live in the vail area as well. Thanks

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