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  1. Papas63

    Power Ball Players 1/13/16

    Good luck to us all!
  2. Papas63

    Mansion For Sale, Comes With Caretaker

    LOL, how do you guys come up with this stuff?
  3. Papas63

    Powerball Players 1/9/16

    Would be great if Indianjoe would retake the photo. The last powerball numbers didn't make it in the picture.
  4. Papas63

    Powerball Players 1/9/16

    I'm in. Good luck to us
  5. Papas63

    Aliens In The Sky?

    So what the hell is this?
  6. Scroll up to the top of this thread. On right side you will see "options" click, and check subscribe.
  7. Papas63

    Wench Install?

    Picture was taken of backside. If you turn it around and mount it with motor on left side facing you, it would wind/unwind correctly from underside of drum.
  8. Papas63

    Republicans...what's Next?

    This guy might have what it takes to connect with the younger and minority crowds...can't win without them. Little Bush
  9. Papas63

    Intro And My 1973 Atc70 Resto-mod.....

    Looking good ...how many times have you fried your ass on the pipe since the rebuild?
  10. I'm pretty sure its gonna cost you more than just $50.00. You got late charges plus past years fees to current date.
  11. Papas63

    Fuel Station Pump Wont Turn

    Try calling the pump manufacturer. I remember reading elsewhere that they've sent out new gears at no cost to customers.
  12. Papas63

    Fuel Station Pump Wont Turn

    You are correct, its an easy fix. Just need to order the gear kit. I was told they had quite a few pumps with bad gears. WW sent me a free set.
  13. Yes, 2" spacers. I picked them up locally at his shop and saved a few bucks. WheelAdapter.com
  14. Papas63

    My Wife Needs Surgery

    Done. Best wishes to your family.
  15. Toyo Open Country MT's 285/75R17 Load Range E on stock wheels. Not as noisy as some are claiming.

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