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  1. Those quads are very hard to find. Only made I believe for two years. Fantastic bike for bigger kids before they can ride a 400. full clutch and shift. Really teaches your kids to ride. i bought one for my son and he loved that bike. Ride it until he was 14. Now he rides a raptor 660.
  2. I have two dogs I call my best friends. No way are they going into a place to eat. They are Dirty Dogs. If you have Real Needs. Different story. People that have no needs and insist. Really just a Control Freak. Just Controlling a being that can not say no.
  3. I will be out next weds until the end of the month.
  4. Welcome. Love my X3. Had a Rzr. I do not miss it at all.
  5. That’s the one. It is still in great shape and runs well.
  6. It is the ape hanger bike. I bought it from Matt a few years ago. I put new tires on and changed the bars over did a few other little upgrades. I still have the ape hangers and they will go with the trike. She is a runner. Has put me on my as$ a few times.
  7. 1974 Honda ATC 70. Motor is a Lifan 125cc. This little beast is a runner. Starts and runs great. Powder coat frame and gas tank and front forks, new tires on Blk wheels. High rise bars and Ape hanger bars if you want them. Bike is current on registration and I have a pink slip. Great little ATC for an adult. It really is too much for most kids. on Craigslist for 1500.00 obo will sell to forum member for less. David 818 207-8440
  8. Let’s do some quick math. 7:30-3:30 at school minimum sleep 8 hours a day. 16 hours a day right there. I am guessing you spend 8 hours at work. so that leaves 8 hours total for the time most people spend with the kids. minus all the driving and running around and meal prep. Were is all that extra time you spend with your kids coming from. Face it teachers spend a lot of time with our kids. Facts are what they are. Unless of coarse your a home school, keep your kids away from outside influences, kind of person.
  9. Would be nice if people took the time to instill those values rather than sending the unruly, rude kid to school and expecting the school system to take care of the problem. Face facts, that is what happens. That is the reality teachers work with. Fantastic that you take care of your kid. Problem is your kid sits in a classroom with 35-40 other kids. 10-20 are exactly what I described. That’s the fact you should understand.
  10. Off base comments. TEACHERS SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR KIDS THAN YOU DO. YES THEY DEAL WITH DANGEROUS AND DAMAGED KIDS DAILY. Support your kids teachers and stop expecting them to pick up your mess. Support the ones that help develop your kids and the future of all of us. They Need Your Help.

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