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  1. Silverback

    It's Saturday 5/18/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Sat home sick on Saturday. Hate that.
  2. Sold the ATC. Thank you
  3. Silverback

    Glamis Mikey's 1st run with my new CanAm x3 Turbo

    I will be out next weds until the end of the month.
  4. Silverback

    Glamis Mikey's 1st run with my new CanAm x3 Turbo

    Welcome. Love my X3. Had a Rzr. I do not miss it at all.
  5. Silverback

    SOLD - 2012 Polaris RzR XP 900 - Only 32 hours!

    Nice little Rzr, price seems fair. GLWS
  6. Stugots that would be great. Thank you
  7. That’s the one. It is still in great shape and runs well.
  8. It is the ape hanger bike. I bought it from Matt a few years ago. I put new tires on and changed the bars over did a few other little upgrades. I still have the ape hangers and they will go with the trike. She is a runner. Has put me on my as$ a few times.
  9. 1974 Honda ATC 70. Motor is a Lifan 125cc. This little beast is a runner. Starts and runs great. Powder coat frame and gas tank and front forks, new tires on Blk wheels. High rise bars and Ape hanger bars if you want them. Bike is current on registration and I have a pink slip. Great little ATC for an adult. It really is too much for most kids. on Craigslist for 1500.00 obo will sell to forum member for less. David 818 207-8440
  10. Silverback

    Xp turbo 1000

    Electric controlled suspension on a car with questionable voltage regulator. Not a good idea
  11. Silverback

    What're You Listening to Now?

    ICP mutherfu&$"!. Juggalo for life. jk
  12. Silverback

    Road Runner this weekend 2/10

    Going to be at Roadrunner this weekend. Headed out Thursday morning. Can not wait.
  13. Silverback

    Hey There Fatty.....

    Started out at 325 at 6'2. That was June of 2016, now Iam down to 305. Looking at 275 as a goal maybe 250 so I can go zip lining in Hawaii next year. Hard work every day.
  14. Silverback

    Update Eclpise Attitude 28 Sag 5th Wheel Frame Cracking.

    Those are Goodyear G614 Grated tires. They come with the outside like that when they are new. Tire is rated for 110 psi I run about 100 and let tire heat up to that temp.

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