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  1. This 1000% Let's move one and live life. Most people get sick throughout the year, some get the flu shot, I don't and thankfully I stay pretty healthy. Some people get the flu shot and still get sick, some even die. That is life and sometimes it sucks. But we didn't hide and shelter ourselves from life knowing we all are pretty much gonna get the flu...maybe not this year or next, but chances are good we'll get some version of it (really bad or mild and everything in between) Move on people...masks are pointless! But...if you want to wear one, go right ahead. That is your right and I can appreciate that. Don't give me the sour face if I don't have one on...that is MY right! I don't care if you want to dress up in a Hazmat suit with a round inflatable bubble around you! That is your right, but it is my right to make fun of you and know for certain you voted for this ASSKLOWN Biden and are in love with Fauci!
  2. Love this site... Thanks for the info. Now let's see if I can actually pull this off!
  3. I have a car battery inside. Ok, So I probably just need to see what color the wires are behind the switch, see where they come out in the little battery box on the tongue, then do a bypass back to the battery I have inside or to the inverter I have??? Sounds complicated enough...I wonder how many beer job that is?
  4. I have a 16' box trailer that has (2) LED lights in the ceiling run off a switch on the wall. The thing is, they only work when my trailer is plugged into my truck. I'll tell you straight out, I am not an electrical guru...in fact I hate electrical stuff. Is there an easy way to do a bypass to where the lights work of either this batter off the tongue or to the car battery I have inside the trailer? Hopefully without digging behind the walls and re-routing it all..??? Help me Obi Wan....you're my only hope!
  5. Going through the pics...I have no idea who this is, but this is RAD!
  6. I'm having issues to on a thread I started yesterday.
  7. Well Crap...I tried saving it to open in Windows media as well. Sorry, I'm a But it would be super funny if it weren't so true! Basically says if your tired of peaceful neighborhood and sleeping well at night, Vote Democrat and watch your city burn to the ground!
  8. If you answered yes...Have no fear, Democrats are here! Oh I hope you all can see this video! 66846.3gp 66846.3gp
  9. We lost a great little buddy yesterday. The background on Luke, he technically wasn't our cat, but about 7 years ago this little guy shows up in our backyard. We didn't know where he came from, but would come over everyday in the afternoon. He then became friends with our cats, we fed him when he came over. He even came in through the cat door and would hang out in the house and play with our cat's and even their toys. Then he would come over in the morning and evening as well. We named him Luke and for the past 7 years he has been like another cat for us. Around Thanksgiving, Luke stopped coming over...for weeks he was missing and I just figured that he and his family moved away. Well 2 weeks ago he shows up and like nothing just came into the house like normal. We were so happy as my wife has been just sick about him missing. The other night he was inside playing, we fed him, pet him and had a great time with him till he scampered off like he always does. Yesterday on the way home from the carwash, I see a cat laying in the street and was like...oh no!!! I kind of didn't think anything of it, but after getting home I thought, I better go check and see. Please don't let it be Luke as the coloring was so similar. As I walked up to his lifeless little body, I knew it was him. I grabbed then end of his tail to be sure. Luke had a distinct kink at the end of his tail and when I felt that, I knew it was our furry little friend. I walked back home, tears were coming down as they are right now writing this. This isn't even our cat, but he was a part of our lives for so long. I dreaded telling my wife. I walked in and she saw tears in my eyes and was like What is it...what's wrong?? Luke is gone....he was hit by a car! WHAT!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~ Where is he, we have to take care of him??? Cheryl wrapped him up in a blanket, and we drove him to the Animal hospital by us, my wife was in tears holding him. We dropped him off and there was nothing that could be done but they thanked us for bringing him in. They would check to see if he was chipped and get back to us. He wasn't chipped, so we still have no idea who owns this cat. I'll do some inquiries with the neighbors on the streets behind us. RIP Luke...you were loved not only by your family, but ours too.

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