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  1. You must have the Joe Biden Keyboard. I just got one at Target and now I can speak Biden, EX: I hdsajht feitht asf kghr then affnh lkh ewdef for then after...Come on man!
  2. We're letting them be. Cheryl and I were just kicking back in the pool sitting there watching as momma came back with food and flew up in there to feed. Was cool!
  3. No they are these really bright yellow birds. I'll try and get a pic.
  4. So, Saturday I am trimming some palm trees and decide to trim this large Red Leaf Abyssinian Banana Tree. I cut one part and hear chirping like there's a bird on the ground., Chirp chirp chirp and it seems to be coming from the tree. This bird made a nest on the underside of the leaf....but it is hanging over the pool! You can see the stringy elements hanging down below the leaf. Quite the feat for the birds to build this nest here. We also get the breeze from the ocean every afternoon that comes up from the Santa Ana Riverbed and this thing blows around pretty good! I hope these little guys take to flying real quick when they leave the nest or it's gonna be a splash down!
  5. True.... Unless, you get a boo boo!
  6. That worked PERFECT!
  7. I drove my buddy's 24' Formula back from Catalina one night and it was complete fog...Had to go by compass alone. Was pretty eerie...and about 4' - 6' waves...took about 2 1/2-3 hours. Man when I saw the red green lights of Newport Harbor I was like
  8. Oh what a great Idea NEWSCUM!!! Prices already out of EFFING Control and you want to TAX us some more! Typical EFFING DEMONCRAT! EFF you NewSCUM! Seriously EFF YOU! #FGN!
  9. Awesome! Thank you for sharing.
  10. Yep and crooked as shi*t Double fail!
  11. You know we all thought this too though...

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