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  1. Well, my wife is headed to Oregon for a funeral tomorrow. Sad deal. So me at home with the cat's thought it would be a good night for a cigar, glass of wine, fire and watch the sun go down. Oh yeah, Empire Strike's Back is on in the living room, speakers on in the patio. Cheers
  2. Funny I read the title and thought, yep that sounds about right!!! LMAO Cool pics
  3. We did White Plaster. We wanted the smoothest finish and the brightest blue water. Absolutely love it. We didn't like the pebble finish for how rough it is...the Pebble Sheen is nice but still a little rough. Hydrazo was what I originally wanted but decided to upgrade equipment and also do the phone app to control everything. You're place looks great! Congrats.
  4. We seriously need a Super BadAss Button!
  5. Please excuse my spelling errors! I edited just now! Dumb keyboard!
  6. TJ On the spa, the way the water spills over are you going flat or are you going to do something different? We did ours as a Champagne edge or negative edge. It actually slopes back towards the inside of the pool and creates a negative edge when it spills over. It's cool. What I also like about it is that there is always water on that top portion of the tile and not just sitting in the sun baking the grout. When flat, the water will evaporate and just leave that portion dry till the pool starts up again. VID_159240904_040309_028.mp4 VID_159240904_040309_028.mp4 VID_159240904_040309_028.mp4
  7. That is horrible! What is wrong with the designers these days! Oh yeah...they haven't slaved over 100's of pages of sketches then sweat it out in the sculpting bays to see in real life that it looks like KAKA! Nope, straight to the Computer and send to the 3D printer to start making parts! Faster, just get it done.
  8. Oh and do the umbrella holder too. I love that feature too.
  9. Ok, I can address the depth of the baja shelf here: so My buddy in Vegas built his pool with at deeper baja shelf than mine. His is 18" deep, Mine is 9" deep. The way mine is you are in right at your butt in an Adirondack chair with feet in the water...his you are up over your hips in the water. Great for blistering temps you guys get, but he is actually gonna get taller chairs so he can sit just out of the water with only feet in.
  10. @tjZ06 The Baja Shelf is absolutely awesome! I'm sitting on mine all the time. Beach entry I would stay away cause birds walk right down into them then crap all over everything. Baja Shelf is great though.
  11. I just looked into this for when I get a new toy. I used to pay $30 a month with Safeco for my rhino, full coverage. For something new like an X3 Turbo blah blah blah rr-to infinity and beyond-XRS was gonna be about 100/month full coverage. I mainly want insurance for Theft but the rest of it is nice to have. I will hit up State Farm when the time comes. My thing is...I may be purchasing out of state, keep the out of state address but will keep it in CA and insured for CA. Shouldn't pose any issues I hope.
  12. dbart

    SSSS facts

    OMG...That was you! I'm sorry. Scott came up to me and was like, hey you're dbart? yeah...he said I'm scott MGM/FRP! I didn't recognize anyone...I'm

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