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  1. Thanks everyone. I was looking at TNT as well. Nice to to know MWB has had good experience.
  2. Hello, I’m looking for a shop to take my daughters RZR 170 for a transmission rebuild, preferably close to Gilbert. Tranny went out last trip along with the welds on the swing arm.
  3. Curious what this car was going for?
  4. I’m off Gilbert and the 60. Heading out Friday night. Camping pad 1 area.
  5. Thanks RK. I figured this would be a a long process but from what I’ve heard it’s a good idea to seek a lawyer, especially when it’s the other parties fault.
  6. My wife just got hit by a person running a red light. They have already been cited based on the evidence at the scene and witnesses. Most important thing is my wife is “ok”. But as you would expect experiencing some neck and back pain. Went to ER already. The car is pretty banged up 2015 Altima. Question is should we seek a lawyer? I’ve never gone through this kind of stuff before.
  7. Genesis Supreme Overnighter? Different
  8. Very cool! I live in Gilbert and its been a few years since I've made this run. Heres a few pics from from a while back. We went over the top of 4 peaks all the way down to Roosevelt Lake, literally across the highway from the lake. Lots of fun! I bet its better on the body in a RZR lo.
  9. I have a reservation for the Aspen Campground in Payson that I will be cancelling. Just got back from Maui and I'm ready to take it easy for a few weeks. Let me know if you're interested so that we can coordinate the cancellation and rebooking. The campground is currently sold out. Steve 909-367-6305
  10. https://www.factoryutv.net/product/polaris-rzr-170-eleven-tooth-counter-shaft-sprocket/ I have this on my daughters.

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