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  1. Wireless cameras can also cause issues with wireless internet in the house. Get alot of trouble calls for slow internet and when we unplug all the wireless cameras, internet starts working correctly again.
  2. Caught beginning of June in Playa Del Carmen
  3. I have a 2000 wj with 174,000 miles on the 6 cylinder. thinking of doing some upgrades myself too.
  4. My friend just upgraded his phone at a Costco and the rep there was able to let him keep his unlimited data plan. Took a little bit of extra time, but was worth it.
  5. The one I wish I would have never gotten rid of
  6. That would bring stalking to a whole new level
  7. There is a HD channel Paladia. Here in Phx it is 1079 on COX. Hd concerts all day long and videos late night
  8. Vanilla Stoli and Dr Pepper Blue Moon
  9. baker

    Chris Kyle

    Charlotte newspaper mocks murder of SEAL sniper Chris Kyle to take a cheap shot at second amendment supporters... Kansas City Star cartoonost Lee Judge is responsible for this, email him at ljudge@kcstar.com. His boss Miriam Pepper at mpepper@kcstar.com Feel Free To Contact The Artist Directly and share you thoughts
  10. Free cable and internet
  11. Just make sure to replace the input shaft with a billet one. It is no fun putting thousands of dollars into it and then when you are embarrassing the kid next to you in his hot rod Honda you hear a loud snap. Then you have to do it all over again.
  12. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! The next time you feel like you need to kill innocent people, shoot yourself in the head, that feeling will go away. Prayers go out to all the families.

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