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  1. Like the title says, free 18 foot garage door with garage door opener and everything you need for it to work. House is 3 years old, only lived in for 2 years so it’s in really good shape. The only catch is that it’s still installed at my house. If you will take it down for me, it’s yours. Garage is 8 feet tall. Located in chandler Arizona.
  2. I've used these guys before. We got home from vacation and they came out on a Sunday and fixed us up. Owner is a duner and has an account on GD, I don't know how often he comes on here though. https://www.ellsworthhomeservices.com/
  3. How fast are you going? Just my .02 but I think you need to go faster.
  4. MTS is fantastic. I’ve known them for a long time. They really know their stuff. I may be selling my rail and going with an x3 max and will be taking it to them first thing.
  5. Looks like it’s for sale again, maybe buyers remorse 🤷‍♂️ https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:canam-x3-rs-2-seat-149801
  6. Wow thanks for the feedback, lots of good points brought up. I have the precision handle bar vibe mounts, idk if it’s be worth switching over to the flex bars or not. I’ll keep my eye out for some new ones. Thank you for the suggestions on shock tuning. I’ll look into valving and re-springing the stock shocks I see how good I can get them. Precision stabilizer is in the list now too. now to see how big of tires I can find to help make the bumps smaller.
  7. Last time at the dunes I got the crap kicked out of me on the quad. It was way too rough. It’s a stock suspension yfz450r. I have it adjusted as soft as I can get it to go on the front end and as soft as I can without it bottoming out all the time in the rear. My question is throwing all the tricks at it, how plush of a ride can you get on a quad? I realize there is a limit, relatively small tires and small suspension travel on the quad and big bumps in the sand means a rough ride. Maybe I’m just getting too old to be out there on a quad. I still really enjoy it and I don’t want to hang it up but can’t take that harsh of a ride much longer. What’s your experience and suggestions?
  8. I have an 09 50cc Suzuki that I’m looking to sell. Let me know if you are interested. I’m in chandler.
  9. I have a Fields in my predator. Its a 5 seater and not a small car by any means but I really really like the auto. So easy to load on a trailer. Supposedly the torque converter is easier on the cv's as well. The dyno guy said the opposite, that it has less power loss than others. IDK if he's right or not, just what he told me.

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