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  1. How fast are you going? Just my .02 but I think you need to go faster.
  2. MTS is fantastic. I’ve known them for a long time. They really know their stuff. I may be selling my rail and going with an x3 max and will be taking it to them first thing.
  3. Wow thanks for the feedback, lots of good points brought up. I have the precision handle bar vibe mounts, idk if it’s be worth switching over to the flex bars or not. I’ll keep my eye out for some new ones. Thank you for the suggestions on shock tuning. I’ll look into valving and re-springing the stock shocks I see how good I can get them. Precision stabilizer is in the list now too. now to see how big of tires I can find to help make the bumps smaller.
  4. Last time at the dunes I got the crap kicked out of me on the quad. It was way too rough. It’s a stock suspension yfz450r. I have it adjusted as soft as I can get it to go on the front end and as soft as I can without it bottoming out all the time in the rear. My question is throwing all the tricks at it, how plush of a ride can you get on a quad? I realize there is a limit, relatively small tires and small suspension travel on the quad and big bumps in the sand means a rough ride. Maybe I’m just getting too old to be out there on a quad. I still really enjoy it and I don’t want to hang it up but can’t take that harsh of a ride much longer. What’s your experience and suggestions?
  5. I have a Fields in my predator. Its a 5 seater and not a small car by any means but I really really like the auto. So easy to load on a trailer. Supposedly the torque converter is easier on the cv's as well. The dyno guy said the opposite, that it has less power loss than others. IDK if he's right or not, just what he told me.
  6. Tried burnt ends with a chuck roast, homemade sauce, turned out pretty good. Snapped a quick pic before they disappeared.
  7. We have the same problem with bottoming out on 30's. I'd go 32's if possible.
  8. I would go 32's if possible. I just saw a 33 inch scat trak hauler for the x3 on instagram. We have 30's on our X3 Max XRS and the frame hits the sand before the suspension bottoms out. Tim at extreme said this is exactly why they came out with the 32 inch tires. We are going to be selling our 30's to get 32's.
  9. Looking for input on which paddles to put on my rail. I searched and couldn’t find much on it, maybe I didn’t look hard enough. I have #1 cut blaster 33’s on it now that are pretty warn. Trying to decide between #2 cut blasters or the 14.00-15 revolutions. Any noticeable differences between the two? Car is a 5 seat predator with a crate LS3, 934’s and Jeff fields auto. The 1 cuts it has now are worn pretty bad and just don’t seem to hook up very well at all. Originally I was looking at other paddles but I have 15 inch wheels and have a hard time with the cost of jumping up to 17’s. Finding used 17’s with the correct backspacing has been next to impossible. I need 2.5 inches or less of bs on the rear.
  10. I would do the YXZ in a second in your price range. I'd never driven a sequential before driving the YXZ. It was a blast to drive. It is geared a little high but that can be addressed later or as it has been said keep the RPM's up. It also doesn't take the whoops very well, it's crazy fun to dune in though. The harder you push it the better, I tried and couldn't get it to bottom out on the g-outs. It would be very hard to beat for that price.
  11. Good to know, thanks!
  12. Anybody know where you buy one of these and what they are called?

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