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  1. Plus dumping black first, with two together it works well to flush the hose with gray water.
  2. Making reservations at some places for our summer travels, including a stop in St. Anthony's for some sand car play time.
  3. Way, Way better than a repaint. Good deal.
  4. What my wife and I did, had 2 rv's. After some time we found one was parked as we chose the same every time . Made decision on which to keep and which to sell easy for us. Also with no regrets.
  5. I plan on being there. Summer is the best imo. Also may go the last weekend of Febuary, have to see.
  6. Driving out Wednesday get a call, pad 5 empty. Get there at noon and nowhere to park. Parked on pad 3. Managed to get to all popular attractions and to do it from pad 3 with NO sand hwy.
  7. I would say serious condition. As for where and why people use sand hwy, Glamis has something for everybody and every skill level. Still no matter where, stuff still can go wrong. Pray for riders recovery.
  8. Yep. Mine even mid engine is 67 rear and 33 front ( not with me in car) then gets closer to 60/40
  9. I like 118". Reason, what I have, but mid engine!
  10. There is some other important stuff you may enjoy inside also.
  11. Hey there I just got your info hopefully you got the seats give me a call 626-315-5843

  12. So loading up today. I put a clock to it and removing locks, putting on lug nuts, running with impact and going over with a breaker bar, 7 minutes. Not racing the clock either.
  13. Having been in the paint business, I would vote for thinner original surface vs. what most insurance companies are willing to pay for paint work. To return your truck to pre accident condition (like from factory), requires a lot of labor. Your truck had no masking tape on it when it was painted, no edges, soft or a line. High end shops that will disassemble are quite expensive and most times insurance is not will to pay for it. We got paid for it as because usually we were re-doing a fresh paint job from another shop that was unacceptable. Time wise it would take 4 to 6 weeks, lots of labor!
  14. Try some 3m 05995 Micro Foam Pad Polish on a soft cloth in a small area and see if it works. By hand, if it will a detail shop can run it off with a machine and foam pad. Nice thing with foam and 05995 is it won't cut much.
  15. Going to Gecko rd Wednesday-Saturday if you can get from there. (from Tucson)

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