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  1. Richard H

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    When I did I had the Adco cover. It was heavy and a real pain to unroll of the roof. Lasted 3 years and then I did the carport cover. My neighbor did this also but not before stepping through his shower sky light putting his up one day. That was ugly!
  2. Richard H

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    Lots of fleets going back to gas. I've thought that is what I would do if I ever make a change.
  3. Richard H

    Trailer Issues

    The whole thing about WD bars is to remove weight from the front of hitch and distribute it forwards on the truck. From reading the post of the trailer empty and loaded it appears to me this is not needed. Maybe a sway control only and keep the weight that is there now. Still best to scale and see what actual weight on hitch is, loaded and empty. This is one reason when you get wheel spin in towing into the dunes camp area you can remove your bars and add weight to rear wheels for more traction.
  4. Richard H

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

    Three collisions in each one. First is mechanical pieces, second is your body that impacts restraint or object inside the vehicle, third is the organs inside your body crashing into their surroundings. Worst of all, our toys do not enjoy "crush zones" like our auto to absorb some of the impact, so full impact is delivered directly to our bodies.
  5. Richard H

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

    Seat belts save lives. They don't go without injuries though. Like stated above, "imagine if she didn't have her seat belt on". Air bags take it to a whole new level, but still they save lives. Seat belts and air bags also save huge amounts of time and money in ER's.
  6. Richard H

    Trailer Issues

    I agree with this. I feel you are dealing with light weight in the front of the trailer. Most truck scales will give you each axle weight. Weigh it loaded and unloaded to see what is really happening would be my first and least expensive move.
  7. Richard H

    Trailer Issues

    Do you dare try and unhitch with your car in the trailer? My bet would be you are light on the tongue. Using equalizer bars would only add to this issue if that is what it is. I was told years ago the way to set up equalizer hitches is by setting truck on level ground and measure front bumper to ground. Add trailer to truck and then check measurement and load bars to return front bumper back to unloaded height. The bars are transferring trailer tongue weight to the front of the truck. I've been here with this kind of issue towing and it's no fun for sure. Good luck!
  8. Start of the best dune season, IMO. Memorial Day weekend, Pad 5. So far I have a soft commitment of 4 sand cars. Looking forward to this one as I'll be trying my new shock setup. Who's in?
  9. Richard H

    Who wears a helmet?

    Plan is to start wearing one. Bought a Bell Qualifier and put a PCI helmet kit in it. I may add fresh air later and if I do it will be on top.
  10. Richard H

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    Final update. You have to look at whatever lamps you purchase. Since I blew 2, decided to go to Home Depot and just pickup a couple more. Got home and these were wire one end only. Like I did to begin with. Returned them and will wait for replacements to come as I don't want fixtures wired differently from each other.
  11. Richard H

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    You are right! Ended up making the non shunted ends that I had, shunted and wiring power to one end common to the other end and bingo! Seems they have bulbs in different configurations, some only have a "live" end and other do not. Thanks for everyone input. Now I just need two more bulbs that do not have a live one end only.
  12. Richard H

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    So I wired it up like the web page showed. Put one bulb in to test and blew the bulb.????????
  13. Richard H

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    Thanks. Here is a diagram I found on it. Https://blog 1000 bulbs.com/home/how to bypass-a-ballast.
  14. Decide to replace 4" tubes with led type tube. Anybody done this? They say to pull the ballasts out of the fixture. When I checkout that it shows that you then just wire power and common to one end of the new tube. Thought I would inquire if this sounds correct before I do it and burn the house down.
  15. Richard H

    Truck Pictures

    My first crew cab truck. A crew cab came in the shop drilled in the lf hinge pillar. I roughed it out and did a cab clip into my truck. Got a used frame at a salvage yard with drive shaft for 300.00. After this a truck came in that needed a dog house and they could not find one. Sold mine off the front and then did the 1987 style front on it.

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