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  1. Done! Ready for the dunes.
  2. Stuck thermostat. Everything was in such great shape I decided not to install new one (I have). Now I will as this is not allowing heated water to the switch for fans.
  3. Yes on the back of t stat housing. I can jump it and fans run, time to test the switch.
  4. Ok, it runs, and sounds good. Only one issue to chase, fans didn't start like they should have. Time to investigate and see where issue is.
  5. This is why no manifold spacer. Did the math prior and I still missed as I thought there would be a little more space. O well enough room.
  6. Cost, diesel is a 10kright on the start. I love mine! I got imo one heck of a deal to boot so easy to pull the lever.
  7. In your "towing uses" I can see the choice more difficult. If I used my truck less in rv service I would also consider gas over diesel. Your planned uses is exactly opposite of my uses and this is why I went diesel again. DEF, it's new to me and at this point I see it as a good thing. Yes more cost with added product to buy, but it's nice from the aspect of no fumes and no smoke. As far as cost, I find it much less expensive then the fuel additive I used daily in my old truck to survive on modern fuels. I drive 95% loaded/rv towing service and do not drive as daily transportation.
  8. The person who bought mine knew what he was getting and his son owns a diesel repair shop (also looked at it for his dad). Thankfully I'm done and he is happy. I bought a 2019 f350 diesel and I absolutely love it. Makes driving fun again.
  9. It looks solid. 3.5, 2d 4 seat for 20.5 I think is a good price. If looking for a car I would make the drive to see in person.
  10. What I did with mine. Kind of a tank/vent.
  11. Stock 3.5 Honda a4 motor is showing 250 hp. Going to need to have had some money spent to get 350 rwhp. Then through a Honda ecu???
  12. I did a hard copper line to a breather about 2' up and over on my 2d
  13. When I sold my truck, I had owned 20 years and it had 235k on it. My neighbor who knows nothing about cars, and absolutely nothing about diesels was leg humping me for it. No way! Nothing is going to improve, only deteriorate and I didn't need that 2 doors down. Besides as I told him, kind of like getting a divorce and having the ex move 2 doors down, nothing good is gonna happen. Sold it for less just to have it away from here.
  14. Out Sept 27th and really was questioning my thinking on this change as the 3.0 really runs great and car is light. 3.0 vs. 3.5 stock configuration hp is a 25% gain. This ought to be fun! Drive is 5:14 with a 1.39 4th and 13.5 paddles.
  15. Still neighbors will see it there, maybe if they are not interested they know someone looking.

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