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  1. I use a siracha bottle full in each tire. Pull valve core, with crush tire, put nozzle in valve stem, squeeze, and let crushed tire retake shape and it sucks right in. Inflate, spin and forget. You could also use a plastic tube from bottle to stem if you wanted to.
  2. You are going to absolutely love your new truck. I know I do! I replaced a 99 f350 7.3
  3. Seems to be the case for me anyways. Difference between Berrymans and Stayflo imo is about $35.00 but both work.
  4. My son asked a good question, When did news become entertainment? It suppose to be factual news.
  5. Done did the sign and drive thing. July 22 thru 26th 2020.
  6. 16oz of Sta Flo starch and mine have lasted 2 season with just minimal amounts of added air. I do run at 18psi.
  7. You must have large capacities of fuel for a run like this, or do you carry/buy fuel on your run? Kind if tossing this around, it is just fuel uses that concerns me.
  8. Take pride in not being the cheapest. Quality work cost more and customer will fine satisfaction knowing they now own a quality product, not the cheapest.
  9. Well aren't you just an accurate ray of sunshine! Yikes, and good luck with the new house. Hope they learned enough.
  10. Got to admit, these off road toys really open up Darwin's theory being tested, in many ways.
  11. Going over and picking up some "ugly steaks" you who know what they are, for dunes this week.
  12. Now I can run 87 octane but usually do 91 just for self life. But---- with a cabover camper not an easy unhook trailer and run to the station vehicle.
  13. We are tying this into other travels, as far as time there thinking of 22-26 Give 3 complete days of play, I can't carry anymore gas then this. BTW fuel mileage is diminished in altitude there. My 1st trip my car was a VW with dual Weber's. Not willing to re jet carbs for conditions I had 2 results, car wouldn't hit rev limiter ( even down hill with 2 bodies in it). 2nd it drank the gas. Hope I'm over all that now. Still just in the early planning stages though so flexible somewhat.
  14. Anyone or groups planning a summer St. Anthony's trip this year. May be looking at the 4th week in July. (22nd ish). Our 2nd trip and hope to get more driving and less wrench time in.

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