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  1. Old west days, you saw horses pulling stage coaches. Bet you weren't thinkin, I want to be that darn lucky horse right there.
  2. No problem, just sell it to a painter, never notice. Not positive but the guy could of worked for me. I had some over the years.
  3. Went through in May, lots of new homes and development going on.
  4. Learn me? No knowledge of issues, but then I live under a pile of sand. Had friends that resided there for 20 plus years. (now in Yuma)
  5. Saw this and thought it fit. "We are made better when we work together"
  6. Just an example. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2379-N-Clack-Canyon-Rd-Kingman-AZ-86409/8369471_zpid/
  7. The real benefit imo is not being in the metro area of either city. Some nice smaller place that have all the services you could need. All are also easy drives to metro areas if needed.
  8. Kingman and Williams though you do get winter there.
  9. Richard H

    Honda 3.5

    Go here. https://weddleindustries.com/gear-calculator Figure what works for you.
  10. Richard H

    Honda 3.5

    Honda 3.0 1700 lbs mid engine with 30.75 tall tires 5.14 R&P 2.90 1st, 1.93 2nd, 1.67 3rd and 1.39 4th. Dune 3rd and 4th and 1st is for trailer loading only. I Like it! Add, it is a 2D
  11. Yep, metro area's and as population grows more will be included. In Pima county they run the diesel on rollers to 50 mph and hold for about 30 seconds.
  12. Exactly. besides he only needs to adjust or replace bearings, not build new spindles.
  13. New to sand rails? You mean once per season, right?
  14. Pull the wheel off so the spindle snout can be seen, easy to id. Guessing from photo of back, combo or type 1 but need to see where nut threads on.
  15. Neighbor has one of the over engine creepers. They are must have for working on that truck.

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