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  1. Do you sign in anonymously? Shown as a guest on line, or do you use screen name? I did the anonymous thing sometime but have decided no longer. Did a check a while ago and over 75 percent were in as guest. I want members and friends to know when I'm on. What say you?
  2. Gary won it again this year in Vern's boat. GPS showed 198. radar 18?
  3. Planning for retirement needs to include things you enjoy, whatever they are. If not you will not be satisfied in your retirement. Retired 20 years now and I wasn't able to play in the sand until I retired. Best of luck.
  4. One of the best! Have September reservations. Enjoy.
  5. Seems as the price Mikey pays to make these videos is not considered by us out there playing. Sorry for your expenses Mikey.
  6. Friend who lives in Yuma claims that you never break traffic rule in this area. "Never"
  7. OCjeff posted some dates under memorial day, start of a new season. Not sure if I will make anymore at this point.
  8. That Friday afternoon run was fast and fun. Burned more gas Friday then most weekend as we had 2 runs in the morning maybe even faster, it's been a long time since I've run like that. Nice meeting new people.
  9. I repaired these on a friends car, then got the new ones sent to him. Since it hadn't broken again we just passed the new brackets to the new owner for back up. Agree replacing would be a pita.
  10. There is a nice state park about 7 miles south of Grants Pass. We have stopped there many times for over night. It is just off the 5.
  11. Bell Qualifier and a PCI helmet kit. This weekend was first uses and I like it. Great visibility. Got the helmet on line and install the kit, simple to do and fits great.

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