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  1. Famous worst words a business owner can hear, I'm from the government and I'm here to help!
  2. Problem is the varied interpretation. Why banks want clarification. I have my thought of how this is to work, but that's all it is, my thought. What is really a question for me is if you do all they say, and after say 6 months back at work you find a loss of business and have to terminate employees are you then on the hook for entire loan?
  3. I don't believe the fed has any concrete ideas how this is going to work which is leaving the banks hung out on there own. I feel banks are going to need clarification prior to putting there assets on the line. We shall see.
  4. His chances of insanity defense are pretty good I would say. He also completed the circle when he professed his intentions, clearly off the reservation imo. One thing to attempt another to discuss with others afterwards.
  5. Bump so we may see enjoyment instead of all the gloom.
  6. You aren't suggesting that what you learned in school wasn't totally necessary are you?
  7. Dashboard. Windshields broken but I like the fresh air.
  8. This is what medical professionals are saying.
  9. The upside to having it and recovering, you will then have the antibodies and never get it again.
  10. Not yet, friends in south and say about 20 or so other campers.
  11. Actually it was your governor last night that made the most thoughtful and well stated comment on this. If everyone will do there part we will crush this disease. The numbers being forecast will be totally wrong.
  12. No I just took a measurement of the shaft and then the nut with me to a hardware store. It won't really matter on being perfect size as you are just trying to get a crush between nut and bearing. Went out and looked and found one of the ones I used. 7/8 id x 1.5 od Found 2 if you want them I will send them to you.

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