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  1. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    I'm hoping. They are 4" longer then the old ones and I never had an issue with them. I upped the tube size from 1" 120 to 1.25" 120 and added one more brace. We see and keep fingers crossed. What I have had fail was a weld once, so with that in mind I better minimize that by not doing too much.
  2. Richard H

    Autocraft Transaxle

    Bump for lowered price
  3. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    Getting stuff packed in. It is now loosen two things to remove something else. Also had cage fitting well, without the PBS shifter. Then found that the casting where reverse spring is hit and would not allow transaxle to lower into position. That tube is no longer an issue and will now have to build 2nd version.
  4. I'm setup with what you have in the green drawing. With both front and rear trans mounts I feel this is enough.
  5. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    Made stuff turn blue today.
  6. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    Been asked why not just move engine forward so axle line remains same as before in stead of making new trailing arms? Most sand cars, and specially mid engine cars are packed tighter then a Christmas goose, leaving no room for this. Here is what I have for forward space. If I tried to move forwards the last item I would have to move would be pedals.
  7. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    Trailing arms are done. Now get the mop bucket out and mop them and rear cage.
  8. Richard H

    Push/Pull Cables

    bump for edit.
  9. Richard H

    Labor Day Part 2 # GlamisMikey

    Just remember to stay away from sick grand kids prior to trip and it is a lot more fun.
  10. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    As required I am making new trailing arms. They need to be longer as the axle line has moved towards rear of car. I had a debate all summer about going micro stubs at this point and decided not to. I have 1500 and 1 reasons why not. 1500 as in dollars and 1 as in 7 years of my driving I have never broken a stub axle. Upped the tube size because of additional length. Went 1.25, 120 DOM.
  11. Richard H

    Neal turning brake

    Check around, people still have some of the inventory. Try Offroad Buggy in Yuma, Chirco in Tucson and also Bugs n Buggys in Tucson.
  12. Richard H

    Neal turning brake

    You can get a rebuild kit for them, but most times this will be a band aid as when they get to this point the bores will also be worn out.
  13. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    Finished up with the PBS shifter. On a type one the unit will go on without interference with the rear main bearing. On a 2d this area must be cut down as the bearing extends past the intermediate housing.
  14. Richard H

    Type 1 to 2D Upgrade

    Saturday the 8th. I got the trans in for last time with the new clutch, and rear frame cage welding complete with new trans mount. Trailing arms off and now starting jig for the new arms. I also have the PBS shifter off the old trans and now need to machine clearance for main bearing and cut the reverse rod to fit. I will say, as hondajimz said similar, if this car was a rear engine I would be throwing the rope over the rafters by now with a trans change like this. This is involved enough for me. ome
  15. Richard H

    Summer Run, One More Time Sept 28, 29,&30th

    Suicide knob and one hand?

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