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  1. Most people used the older models to get a plate, so you can drive it on the highway with no smog. I have seen 3 newer "beetle" out there. 1 was a Crumco other 2 are A Armed with LS
  2. Sold my car I had for many years and bought a new to me desert dynamics: Zero trips Will have our 1st child in a few weeks Sold my 5th wheel, bought a new to me pusher and 24' enclosed: Both zero trips -That being said, a lot of things might go wrong on the 1st trip next season
  3. bajabug44

    Hey LRS

    Yes very well, I buy from Jay
  4. bajabug44

    Hey LRS

    I build stations for a living, we have contracts with all the big oil company's. Yes all stations have blenders to mix 87 & 91 to make 89. Each station is a different scenario, some are privately owned (dealer branded "Joe's gas & save") He most likely almost never buys from the same refinery. Stay away never know what your getting. Then there are the common named brand stations most of these are owned buy a large Corporation and are mandated by that brand to use isolated refineries. The only "Big Name" oil company that owns there own station now is Chevron, but probably only 30% of them are actually corporate. Your comment about pricing is 100% accurate, its all about projection and inflation.
  5. I did the same shopping for awhile but I ended up going with the Ford 650. 26k GVW w/air brakes
  6. I also liked that option..... maybe we can get a setting to do both?
  7. Love the new layout with the dark theme.......Bravo
  8. Looking for leads on adding a fuel station on Enclosed trailer. Anyone have a tank they want to sell?
  9. had the same set up in my car, went LS and WILL NEVER GO BACK!
  10. bajabug44

    Trailer Issues

    My father in law fought the same issue for a couple years finally changed tires from load "D" too "E". Check tire load ratings. Fixed his issue.

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