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  1. This is mine. Jeff is a great guy to buy from. Do it! I have the 1000 LED version. Smaller LED's and more of them. I love the design. And these LED's go all the way to the top, unlike a lot of others.
  2. @L.R.S. made this one for my car. No welding required. I really like it. Super comfortable.
  3. I've been running Ac Delco fluid in mine for 3 seasons without any problems.
  4. Sent you a text. I'm interested in tires only if Tyler doesn't take them. Where are you located?
  5. Mild LS1/2D 5.14 R&P 3.11 1st 2.0 2nd 1.50 3rd 1.14 4th I like it, but on a rebuild I'll take 2nd down to 1.93 or even 1.86. Everything else will stay the same.
  6. Selling my 4 suspension buckets seats from my sand rail. These are made by Renegade. Good overall condition considering they were made in 2006. If I'm being honest, they are more comfortable and have better stitching/craftsmanship than my new PRP seats. But I needed a bench for my family. +2" wide model with 16"wide and 18" front to back mounting tabs. Front seats: Front goggle pocket, large rear pockets. One seat has tear on seam of bottom cushion. Rear seats: Front goggle pockets. I live near LAX/Loyola Marymount University. Dave, 310-903-7706 $300 for all.
  7. Good used condition. I removed them from my sand rail. They have a 2006 date code on them. (2) sets of 3x3 Crow Belts (only have 1 sub strap). (1) set of 2x2 Crow belts. These have the Y harness. $100 - I live in Los Angeles near LAX/LMU university Thanks, Dave 310-903-7706 call or text.
  8. Glad gear-one helped you out. @L.R.S. Showed me how to rebuild them this summer. You're correct about the bearing part #.
  9. I have one and love it. Purchased from Squatcher on here in 2016. LS1 /2d. I broke the front arms. Had @L.R.S. build me new ones. The original arms were mild steel and thin walled. Everything else has been great. It's a wide car and a great duner. And tons of leg room for bigger guys. Super comfortable ride.
  10. I had a lot of frustration with them this summer. They moved to Minnesota. I wanted to buy their Super T1's, but the sales guy and sales manager ignored me for 3 weeks. We started off with decent communication, but they went dark on me. So I went with PRP. Hudson was sales rep: hud@koronisparts.com Greg the sales mgr: greg@koronisparts.com But don't expect much. And you'd have to ship your seats to Minnesota.

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