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  1. I have one that was made for a 4 seat sandrail. I cant remember the name of it but I can dig around the garage and see if I can find it. We had a 4 seat Wuerth LT car and if fit it like a glove. It was $600.00 new (crazy huh!!). Does anyone remember seeing these, they were made just for sandrails and would cover the rear paddles perfectly. It has straps that connect under the car. It was around 2006 when we bought it. Used it twice.
  2. Let me dig them out and I'll get some pics and go from there. Sound good?
  3. I have 4 of them but I'm in Mesa AZ. We don't get to cali. anymore but maybe you have someone around here than can come take a look?
  4. I forgot all about this...it is still for sale if someone needs it Thanks, Rick
  5. The number I have is 760 427-3832 We haven't been to Glamis in awhile so it could be an old number.
  6. ttt New price of $60.00 OBO If you can use it, make me an offer, I don't need it anymore. Thanks Rick
  7. HAHAHA I just re-read this...….. No pun intended ? But it does fit right in. HAHA
  8. Agreed... don't trust the "S" but look at the others on your street to see if they are close to, or at the "S". If they are, you have a better chance of yours being close also... I know, It's a crap shoot...

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