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  1. I forgot all about this...it is still for sale if someone needs it Thanks, Rick
  2. The number I have is 760 427-3832 We haven't been to Glamis in awhile so it could be an old number.
  3. ttt New price of $60.00 OBO If you can use it, make me an offer, I don't need it anymore. Thanks Rick
  4. HAHAHA I just re-read this...….. No pun intended ? But it does fit right in. HAHA
  5. Agreed... don't trust the "S" but look at the others on your street to see if they are close to, or at the "S". If they are, you have a better chance of yours being close also... I know, It's a crap shoot...
  6. I am guessing that your provider is Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in that area. If so, then you should be able to contact them (maps and records) and see if they can provide you with any information from the "as-built" plans when the facilities were installed. It's worth a try. Here's some information that might be helpful. When the sewer is installed prior to the houses being built, the mainline is installed in the street and the sewer lateral is installed up to the house pad. There are at least two clean outs with risers installed and brought up to "grade". The first one (closest to the street) is the one that the Municipality (E.M.W.D.) will use to clean the line if there is a blockage reported. This "first one" should be where the mark on the curb is within two feet left or right and should be approximately 3' up past the property line. It is measured from the property line, not the sidewalk because at the time that it is installed the sidewalk is not in place. The reason for this is so when EMWD runs the cleaning equipment from there (first clean out) to the mainline and it is clear, but there still is a blockage, then it is beyond EMWD's responsibility and is the responsibility of the home owner. Meaning that EMWD knows that the pipe is clear from that first sewer lateral clean out to the street and the blockage is between this first clean out and the house. The sewer lateral between the mainline in the street and this property line clean out (first clean out) is required to be a straight run with no elbows in it at all. The remaining sewer lateral from this clean out to the next clean out(s) is installed by the plumber and can have elbows as needed and acceptable to the city. I would definitely look at the other houses next to you (on the same side of the street) to see where those clean outs were placed. I hope some of this helps.
  7. Ours was just under 15' tip to tail. I think that most of the 4 seater cars fall into the 15' to 16' range depending on the wing trunk if it has one.
  8. If this is the right size and someone can use it, make me an offer. Thanks Rick

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