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  1. I don't know if I have pictures anymore, but I had 2 of these that I built way back that I did a 300EX front end conversion, and then also modified a 300EX swingarm onto them, and then built custom shocks.. They were extremely fun, and actually had respectable travel as well.
  2. I have a pair of btr's (I think they are 8"). I had the rings polished, as I was going to get the rings anodized. Then we moved our business, and the sandcar build got put on the backburner. I can get you some pics if you are interested.. Really have no idea what they are worth, I bought them probably 5 years ago..
  3. Just saying, that if the extended length eye to eye is correct for 18” shocks, an you have 16” from the bottom of the shock body to the top of the alum. bushings, then they are simply just “de-stroked” 18” shocks..
  4. if you remove the alum sleeves at the bottom looks like you'll have your lost 2" Is the eye to eye correct? Looks like someone just destroked them.
  5. Anyone have an extra 10" Baja Designs OnX6+ Amber Light Bar ? If you do please Text 559-804-0818
  6. Depends on what you mean by “set” the fill tool has a schrader valve like a shock, so if you have a connection for that you are good to go
  7. Never heard back from WhiteRhino. still available
  8. We have all the above in Eibachs if you don’t get any hits..
  9. I contacted you via PM . Not sure if you got it or not. I do not come on here very often. Best to call the office during business hours (8-4:30). 559-740-9972 Still have both
  10. Thought I would post these on GD and give someone a deal on a good bargain. I have a Display, out of box, but still brand new, nitrogen regulator/shock charging kit. This is has USA made Uniweld 0-800 PSI output regulator, 8'hose, and end assembly with shutoff valve, bleedoff/purge valve, glycerin filled seconday gauge.. Was used as display model at the offroad show.. $225 shipped.. Normally $245. Had it in another persons thread, and never got a reponse. I also have one of our 0-400 shock test/fill tools which is used... Due to the wonderful world of ebay.. unethical people can use a tool, and then return it on flea-bay "claiming it was was defective". Bench tested & Works perfect. Does have a smudge on the gauge face from when they returned it with 0 packing.. Normally $72 +shipping .. $59 Shipped .. Best to call the office @ 559-740-9972. Don't always see messages on here.
  11. call me, 559-804-0818 It wasn't the kit I thought.. It is actually the 800 kit, which is a little bit more $ .. Still a great deal.
  12. I thought it was a 400, but it was actually the 800 kit. Uniweld 800 kit $225 shipped for the kit with an 8' rubber hose. (+ sales tax if you live in AZ.)
  13. I am on the fence, but the conversation was brought up last weekend between my wife and I. We relocated our Schmidty Racing Suspension business out of Cluster-eff-fornia into AZ.. So thankful to be gone. But realize we are growing so fast, I have next to zero time to devote to building this chassis out . So To be practical, if I really want a car, I really need to just buy one done. I have an untabbed Desert Dynamics ,Pre-runner chassis. It is the true prerunner chassis that is a 1-3/4" ,centermount A-arm car. I have all the ProAm hubs ,rotors, calipers, Rack, shocks and bypasses all the way around. 99% of everything is brand new. Front shock sets are custom built with some new and used parts to specifically fit this car. This is one of those rare DD gems DD. It is fully tigged frame, and one that was built when Dave was on top of his game. All the arms fit perfectly. No ratchet strapping to get things to line up. Its rolling on 17" Robby Gordon Beadlocks, and new BFGS.. I have 99.9% of the FK bolts, heims sleeves ect, centermount rack, spall fans, alum fittings for custom intake, and probably some other parts I forgetting.. It has 2" air-coilover in the front with 3.0 4 tube bypasses, and in the rear 2.5coilovers with 3.5" 5 tube bypasses, and will come with the springs for them, which should be pretty close, as I have build several DD cars in the past. ... I think there were maybe 6-7 of this chassis built. It is a tank. Asking $25K for it as it sits with parts listed. F I R M. If I don't get what I am asking I will keep it and build it at a later date.. Serious buyer can call me at 559-804-0818

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