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  1. Can you call the office 559-740-9972 . They will help you determine what you need.
  2. That was us, and we are getting ready to release both replacement eyelets and retainers for the Pro-R and Turbo-R very soon. Production is gearing up, and prototypes have been being put through the paces with a few design changes along the way to improve both of the end products.. IMO ours will be the strongest eyelet available, which will be both user friendly, and will not limit travel.
  3. Eibach likely hasn't developed a "kit" yet. And my guess for the reason is, is that the valving and LV itself IMO, are what needs the most help on the car, (not that the OEM springs can't be dramatically improved on). So without addressing that aspect as well, the spring kit will help, but even when you get the best spring package on there, the low speed ride quality is still pretty abrasive. Which from a marketing standpoint when you are only selling springs like they are, will not have good feedback.. We have a replacement spring kit for them, and we use use Eibach springs, but tell customers, they really should consider valving as well. IMHO, The Talon "live valve" cars, weren't the best package as delivered, especially limited to 2 settings. I have the non live valve 4 seater, and after tuning, the ride in mine is far superior to the LV offering ; even after full tune.. We have also abandoned the LV on a couple cars, and installed H/L speed comp adjusters instead..
  4. These are sold.. I will probably have another set of (4) eventually , off of another display set of shocks.
  5. This^^^ The lack therof: AKA Peeps leaving piles of refuse, trash, glass,cans,burnt pallets, etc everywhere after they leave .. will be the undoing of our recreational areas..We are literally handing the enviro freeks full mags of ammo to shoot at us.. It is the fairly sad the lack of mutual respect for humanity period.
  6. Fox High Volume Nitrogen replacement reservoir endcaps. The 2.0's are $43 per cap.. 2.5's are $46 We carry both Fox and W/E ones.. GD deal for someone. I have a set of 4, Fox Gen2 2.5's of our original style caps, that several companies copied, which came off of a set of our "display" shocks.. (see pics) One has a scratch on it.. Cosmetic damage only.. $140 set of (4) ($35/cap) ..
  7. They will stop turning at either end of adjustment range.. Think of bypass adjustment, as well as most adjusters on shocks,(rebound or compression) like an outdoor hose bib on a house.. Soft represents all the adjuster way open, allowing max oil movement with the least restriction (faucet wide open). The first crank of the faucet probably doesn’t change flow that much if at all.. As you start turning it closed, the closer you get to closing, change starts happening faster/ and more incremental the closer you get to closing the faucet.. Same applies to full hard/firm adjustment on shocks.. its kind of like a bell curve. First part will be fairly flat with a gradual increase, and somewher around halfway, the increase becomes ever more vertical than lateral the further you turn them in.. effectively adjusters on shocks are controlling oil movement..either allowing it to happen freely, giving a softer compression/faster rebound.. or restricting it..firming the compression/slowing rebound.
  8. We are in Queen Creek/SanTan Valley, we moved our business out of Commifornia a little over a year ago, which is located a mile south of the Mesa airport. Love it, should have done it years ago.. My only complaint, is that the growth is so happening so fast, it seems that every road is tore up and under construction, making traffic a bear the last 6 mo.. Our house has appreciated in value approx 2-300K in one year..
  9. It's also UP travel. when landing.. And Rockwood is correct.. You do not notice the Camber.. What is an issue is Bump steer... Not any more than any other current brands, but you'd think that with all of the engineers and design software out there, that this should be a thing of the past..
  10. Words do no justice to the level of attention to detail, and craftsmanship going into this build.. Thank you for taking the time to share all the steps along the way. I have been enjoying watching this masterpiece coming together. Hopefully you are teaching your craft to a younger person to pass on your skill. It takes a special level of dedication to your craft, to tear a finished product apart and redo it because it wasn’t perfect .. I can appreciate that!
  11. Not according to the MFG'r
  12. Truer words have never been spoken.. Being a market disrupter puts a bullseye on your back.. If you are an innovator,& people are hating on you ;you are obviously doing something right.

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