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  1. What size is the stage 2 ? 200mm?
  2. I made this one for mine. Just waiting for my heim. I can make you one for $25 if you want.
  3. John@OutfrontMtrsprts will know the most about those
  4. Maybe 270hp with stage 2. I’ve ran this combo with my 091 for years. Changing to 2d is only difference. If 6 puck is the only option that’s probably ok.
  5. BJ_buggyfab

    091 bus

    Weddle ring & pinion? Or German?
  6. Yes it’s a dirt/sand and street vehicle
  7. πŸ‘πŸ» Is there only the 6 puck option? Or do you have metal woven too?
  8. Looking for a good disc for 8” clutch that fits the G-50 spline. Anyone got one laying around?
  9. I’m looking for any good disc for G-50 spline for the Mendeola 2D. 8” diameter
  10. Ok that’s not bad. Any chance you can give me a ballpark cost to go thru the lower end on this? Thanks John.

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