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  1. Last years was so epic. Looking forward to this years
  2. You're gonna get a slew of opinions on this topic. Most saying to get a bigger trans if you wanna go fast. Just be cognizant of it. Check you fluid every season, if there's chunks of metal, send it in. Less angle on your axles will help tremendously too. Everything has a breaking point, the trick is not finding it.
  3. What are you repowering too Matt? Going 4 stroke? That's a good deal for that motor.
  4. I have an 08 with an LS1/2D with 4 corner bypasses and the car is absolute blast. I was apprehensive prior to the build that it wouldn't drive the way i'd hope it would in the sand and that it was built more for straight line desert stuff but I was presently surprised. I would put a turning brake in it, it helps quite a bit. But from what i've heard from Funco owners, nothing compares to them in terms of handling so I wouldn't necessarily compare the two haha.
  5. Here's a thread of a build from 2010 This one was up for sale on RD not too long ago
  6. As you can see I'm getting a great head start on prepping for our trip to Idaho in August, and the rest of the season... The new project I brought home last night, which my buddies have named "Glamath" (mike tyson voice) But to actually focus on the season, I'm going to do a full prep to the car and run it for another season. My pops and I spent so much time last summer building this car and I had a ton of plans of cosmetic things I wanted to do this summer, but I think i'm just going to go drive it and have a good time with it!
  7. Definitely worth going and chatting with him. Super knowledgable drag race guy. He's got a ton of ANs in stock in various sizes and colors and if he doesn't have it he can order it. He had every AN I needed for my car in stock and he cut all the hoses for me as well. Super helpful
  8. Depending on where you live there is place in Costa Mesa called Mesa hose and that guy has everything. I got all the ANs for my car there
  9. acefuture

    CV Grease

    It never goes away, it just moves from one surface to another, ie. tools, clothes, your dog, etc.
  10. acefuture

    CV Grease

    Must be the off season cuz it's CV grease argument time again. I'll jump in and play. For what it's worth: My experience with Mantek this season, CVs were toast, replacing all 4 (stock LS1, 930s, 2D). Last trip I had cracked stars, pitted bodies and balls. The cages were somewhat saveable. Mind you I do believe my limit straps are too long even though I measured the axles at 21 degrees at full droop. I'm going to strap them up a bit more and see if it helps. Going back to Belray/Swepco, will chime back in 12 months and let you know how it went.
  11. 4 x 15" Centerline wheels wrapped in 33" Yokohama Super Digger IIIs. Rims are all in good shape with 3.25" back spacing. All tires have life left on them and all look like the photo attached. $800 - make me an offer
  12. For what it's worth I say: DO IT. Oh, and start a build thread.
  13. My empi is the most finicky shifter ever. I've made adjustments probably 5 times this season. Scariest was in the middle of a ride the reverse lockout was popping out and when shifting into 2nd it wanted to go into reverse. Put it in 3rd and got it back to camp. I'll be upgrading to a Pro Am or Jamar in the off season
  14. Here's mine. Just a rectangular aluminum box cut to size with cutouts for the radio and intercom and some simple bar clamp mounts.
  15. For conversation's sake. Here are my CVs out on my last trip. Heard a clicking on the first ride of a 4 day trip and decided to tear them down. 300m Fortin 930s, stock LS1, using Mantek Elite. They were completely wasted. Cracked one of the stars, pitted the bodies, stars, and balls. I drive the piss out of this car, jump it, wheelie it, and absolutely abuse the turning brake so my driving style does not help CVs at all. This was my 8th trip of the season, all trips minimum 3 days of hard riding. That being said, I'm going to continue to run 930s for this exact reason. I'd rather start to lose a CV and pay another $200 for a CV than a transmission. There are countless numbers of people who run 930s with a 2D and stock LS that have great success with them. It's all in driving style and most importantly PROPER MAINTENANCE. If you do a good job cleaning, greasing, and maintaining your car it'll continue to run great. I don't want this to deter you from 930s, because like I said i'm going to continue to run them. My dad on the other hand is running a 3.5/2D/930s and has had 4 long seasons out of them and they still look brand new.

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