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  1. It's gonna be good out there this weekend gents. Have fun. Here's a photo when it was blowing HARD while I was leaving Monday morning. Not a track in site.
  2. I'm doing a rebuild on an 18' aluminum center console at the moment and have been lagging. This thread will get me more motivated to get to work!
  3. I wanna see this thing in person
  4. Can’t promise anything. But @John@Outfront Mtrsprtsmight be someone to worry more about
  5. Wish I had the option. Fill up when I leave, stop at Red Earth on the way, and stop at Red Earth on the way back...
  6. Yee haw, see anyone who comes out there Thursday
  7. I battled a similar issue last season and pulled the motor 5 times last season due to main seal/input shaft leakage. When you reinstalled the main motor seal did you put just a touch of RVT in the corners where the pan meets the block? I put too much RVT all the way across the pan/block meeting point and when it met with oil it didn't seal properly and caused it to leak through that contact point. It only leaked when I really ran it hard as well. When I had it back apart to do the input shaft seal that was leaking, I put another motor seal on it and just put a dab of RVT in the corners and it fixed it.
  8. Nice, that's a good idea. I just fill up a Sriracha bottle, the nozzle fits perfectly in a valve stem.
  9. Sorry sir! Needed that bad boy to get me back up and running over the weekend. Might be selling it again when I make the switch to Holley though. Thanks again and it was good meeting you!
  10. Looking for a MEFI for an LS1 (stock preferably). I’m out in Gordon’s at the moment. Let me know if you happen to have one or on your way out and can pick one up. Not looking for a new unit from CBM, just one to use for the weekend. Going with a new computer system when I get home.
  11. A bunch of great ideas shared here. Some that have been shared before but it’s always good to refresh the ideas. FWIW, I have 4 locks on my wheels, axels are locked, power to trailer killed, GPS tracker system, and now this tongue lock. And the trailer is in my neighbors driveway which my bedroom window faces, so any grinders or drills will wake my ass right up. I know some don’t have the luxury of having that same setup, but with enough difficulties it should deter a thief to go look at another trailer. And @donparscale, I saved the photos of your setup awhile back to recreate eventually. This company Proven lock systems actually sells a very similar setup for those of whom don’t have the capabilities of building one as well.

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