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  1. acefuture

    ABC at KOH, ..

    I watched a documentary about KOH last night and told myself I'm not missing it next year. Last weekend I went to help pit for @Reece at the SNORE 250 and it was a blast. Looking forward to getting into more dirt related off roading soon. I actually spent more time in the dirt than sand when I was younger cuz Johnson/Apple/Lucerne valleys are much closer than the dunes and I wanted to race long distance on 2 wheels. But after a big crash when I was younger that landed me in the hospital I put all my focus on Sand. Definitely not reeling back on the time I spend on sand moving forward, but would like to put some emphasis on dirt as well.
  2. acefuture

    Bolt-on Spindles

    Seen the bolt on products before. I like it less for the ease of changing out a spindle but the fact that you can carry 1 bearing carrier with you that can work on all 4 corners. Yea you could carry a new snout with you as well but this is an interesting alternative. I'd imagine having a very strong upright with the stub bearing carrier bolted to it, it would be very strong and the first thing to go would be the carrier, so having 1 carrier on your car you could effectively service any corner.
  3. acefuture

    Bolt-on Spindles

    A new upright would have to be designed for just about every buggy application. But this would be a really cool project and upgrade and like you said, would make it wayyy easier to do a quick fix in the dunes if any corner broke. Really interesting
  4. acefuture

    Rodeo Vacation In Glamis Anyone?

    Mine is the unpainted DD on the right, my dad's is the Sand Limo on the left. We'll be in wash 10 for the weekend (I believe) We'll also be with the red Ricochet in this photo, as well as 2 Can Ams
  5. acefuture

    07 weekend warrior fsw 2800

    What's the depth to first cabinet?
  6. acefuture

    Rodeo Vacation In Glamis Anyone?

    I'll be there from Thurs - Mon. If anyone sees my car anywhere out there come say whatsup!
  7. acefuture

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    Bitchin, it's a good lookin car. Congrats!
  8. Would love to check out both of your cars. Mini DD regatta maybe? hahah. I'll be out there from the 21st to the 25th. Hopefully can catch up with you guys
  9. acefuture

    Engine Stand SOLD

    I could probably use it. PM'd
  10. acefuture

    just got a car... help

    Depends on who you ask haha, that could be a several page long conversation that has happened many a time on here. But yes I agree, just offering a contact to a fellow board member if the OP decides that's what he needs
  11. acefuture

    SU Mid-Engine

    Wow, would love to see that thing dune. GLWTS
  12. acefuture

    just got a car... help

    If you’re looking to go 2” hollow @J Alper is the man to talk to. He’ll get you taken care of
  13. acefuture

    F250 Superduty 4x4 for sale V10 very clean

    Clean truck, what's the price? Edit: Missed it in between photos
  14. acefuture

    Superbowl weekend carnage and pics, & eye protection

    We thought the same thing, it was eire not seeing a single track from the fire memorial all the way to the swingset. Really fun day of riding. Saw your car at some point, can't remember where it was but you were leaving somewhere as we pulled up.
  15. acefuture

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440


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