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  1. acefuture

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    That blue one is damn good!
  2. acefuture

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    Yea I used the two photos and edited out the guy. @dbart I'll PM it to you
  3. acefuture

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    Wouldn't be taking anything away at all. I offered to do a couple for Jeff to see if anything stuck. If you whip a few and one sticks that's all that matters!
  4. acefuture

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    Well I definitely haven't stole the "go to guy" title. You still own that one hands down. But I do appreciate it!
  5. acefuture

    Garage Cleanout - Make an Offer

    PM with an offer. I’m not picky
  6. acefuture

    Garage Cleanout - Make an Offer

    Updated, only a couple things left. Help me get them out of my garage/now my truck
  7. acefuture

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

    I've tried re-gifting them 3 times now and no one took them, so I posted them for "make me an offer" and 3 people have been interested in them hahaha. If anyone needs these they are in my truck and they are yours! (minus front wheels, I had use for those)
  8. acefuture

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

    I genuinely choked on my water and and had a quick panic when I saw the name of this thread. Hahahah Dammit, guess I don't need anymore coffee today, my adrenaline is going now! Glad all you guys hate me so much
  9. acefuture

    Garage Cleanout - Make an Offer

    Edited with updated items remaining and new items
  10. acefuture

    Garage Cleanout - Make an Offer

    Edited with remaining items still available
  11. acefuture


    Over all I'm very pleased with Steel-it after a full season (8 trips, hoping for another). It held up well, not perfect, but very well. As I and others have said, the ease of touch up is bar none. Pull out a can and spray, it's too easy. I haven't experienced too much sand blasting, but there are sections that have rubbed off that are in high friction areas. You can somewhat tell on my front bumper where it rubs against my trailer door. I'll get some more photos of spots it's worn off next time I have the car out of the trailer. Here's the best I could get from screen shots off my phone camera roll. If I were to do it again i'd use the spray method vs rattle can, but I'm happy with it.
  12. acefuture

    Garage Cleanout - Make an Offer

    Garage is officially full and I need to get rid of some stuff. Make me an offer on whatever item you're interested in. LS1 stock fuel rail Front Dune Runner Razors size 22 x 8.00 - 10 (no rims) Chen Sing Dune Hopper Rear Paddles size 22 x 11.00 - 8 w/ rims off of a Banshee. All tires have a couple nicks but plenty of life left. Chen Sing dirt bike paddle tire 110/90 x 19 Used a hand full of times and has just been sitting in my backyard since New wiring harness for a light bar with on off switch and remote control New bates inner 930 boots
  13. acefuture

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    I don't have anything else to add really, but I'm a 2D owner so probably not the one to ask. But correct me if I'm wrong but won't you need to axles regardless because position, and width of the S4 will be different than the 2D? Just something to keep in mind. Still much cheaper than doing all new 934s as well
  14. acefuture

    14' Aluminum Boat Restoration

    I figured it would. My initial idea was to just do decks in between the benches, but it'll be easier to create one across the top. I saw a few other guys on tinboats.net say it didn't make their boats too awkward so I'm going to give it a go. I hoping with a battery, life jackets, and oars down low it'll help counterbalance the boat. We'll see
  15. acefuture

    14' Aluminum Boat Restoration

    Also whipped up a rendering of the framing and deck for my own reference during the process:

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