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  1. I'm assuming you mean the 22-24 since today is the 18th? We've usually done Gordon's for that weekend and go up and hang with some friends in Glamis for the day a couple times. Is usually not too packed, but definitely more so than an off weekend.
  2. Nearly crapped myself when I say the thread title "DUNEBUGGY.COM For only $3900" Nice car, GLWTS
  3. i've seen guys do this with success before
  4. PM me. Usually only do them in quantities over 30 but may be able to do less. Edit to add: I do not do this by trade and am not trying to promote a business. Just helping board members when I can
  5. I've done several peoples flags on the boards. Doing some for @jjoseph99 now. Shoot me a text and let me know what you're looking for
  6. Under 2k with a V8 and an S4? Or under 2k with a 2D? That's an extremely light car. An S4 is not necessary in a car that light with a stock V8 IMO. Yes, much stronger, but with a car that light i'd want to keep it light. Stock V8, 2D, 930s, dune the piss out of it.
  7. Before: During: And after (3 days ago) - still plan on doing more cosmetically but it's running great:
  8. Incredible event as always. Thanks to everyone.
  9. Stuff works great. I've used it on some mild steel stuff for my boat as well that has done really well at keeping the rust out. But in hindsight, I wouldn't use it on my buggy again. After a thorough prep job for the season there was quite a few spots that were worn off and it looked pretty bad. But the nice part is, it was a super easy touch up job with the rattle can. If your car is finished and there's no welding that needs to be done, powder coat is hands down the way to go. If you need to add/weld quite a bit more, or the car comes apart and back together (like a an offroad racecar) steel-it is forsure the way to go.
  10. Our group policy (loosely) is to always keep an eye on just the one person behind you from time to time. If you lose them, stop, or radio them. Whoever is following you should never be so far back that you can't see them, they'll eventually lose the line and start creating their own. That's when lines cross and bad things can happen.
  11. This is a great deal for someone who is handy and on a budget. GLWTS
  12. Hope it helps you get it figured out. It does make sense, having the air blow over the top of the intake helps keep it a bit cooler, but sitting and idling could cause the iat to see more heatsoak and put it into limp. If you're out in the dunes this weekend my car will be at the ceremony and you can see how I mounted mine. A cheap and easy fix
  13. Yep exactly. Except my filter mounts straight to the throttle body so I didn't have the room to do this so I machined a mount that bolts to the side of the throttle body and the sensor goes on that. Hope this helps the OP solve his issue
  14. My intake sensor is actually connected to a little mount next to the air filter outside of the intake. I double checked with CBM to make sure it was satisfactory and they said yes no problem because in theory it'll be the same air temperature as it would be just past the filter into the throttle body. So if you want to do a cheap and easy test, take the intake temp sensor and zip tie it somewhere in the area of the filter and go run it. If that solves the problem you can work on a mounting system or figure out where to move it on the intake

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