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  1. Edit added, interested in possible trade. Read first paragraph of ad for info. Thanks
  2. 15’4” long and 6’5” wide with loading tires on
  3. I have that one in my car. Really like it
  4. Back at you! If this car sells i'll build another one soon for sure. DD's are great cars
  5. UPDATE 4/18: Had some genuine interest in the car but haven’t made a deal yet. Thought I’d throw in a possible trade deal. I’d be interested to trade for a 2 seat car with $12k on your end. If you’re looking to trade up, let me know. Cars I would be interested in. 2 SEAT ONLY: funco, SCU, sand limo squirt plus, or other name brand. Let me know what you have. NO beam cars, NO SxS’s, nothing but sand cars. Decided to post this to see if there is any interest. This is not motivated by the current state of the economy or due to a work situation, solely because I have a unique business opportunity and it would be nice having some free funds to give it a shot, but I am not a motivated seller. If it doesn't get the right interest, i'd be more that happy to keep it. I recently built this car frame up, for those who didn't see the thread it can be seen here. It details everything that was done to the car: Specifications: Desert Dynamics Sand Car chassis with Dual Sport Arms 4 seat Bone stock LS1 (purchased used for this project) with a couple changes: New fuel rails, CBM filter, new pulleys, spark plugs, wires, etc. MEFI 4a All new wiring Mendeola 2D - Fresh service from Rancho beginning of last season, I have receipts King Coilovers and bypasses all 4 corners Custom headers and exhaust by Hot Head 4 new Corbeau suspension seats All new PRP 5 point harnesses Car has all new grade 8 hardware Microstubs Combo spindles 930s Car is coated in steel-it PCI communications (comes with 4 headsets) Car 2 Car PIAA front lights, Upper light bar, Rear wing light bar with storage 33" Baja Pros up front, 33" Blaster #1 rears More info upon request I have nearly all receipts from this build. Car dunes extremely well. Things it needs: Nothing Things it could use: A tune, the computer is tuned for a mild cam which was the plan for this motor, but it has plenty of power to get you excited as is. It runs great from 1500 revs and up, but at idle it tends to be jumpy trying to find the correct timing. Can be driven as is, but could use a tune for sure. I bought a matching Tachometer to match the other gauges in the cluster but haven't wired it in yet. Wheels were coated in a 2-part paint at the beginning of last season and it didn't hold up as well as i'd hope. They don't look terrible, but could use some powder if you feel it's necessary. Tires are fine and hold air for the most part, but have seen their days and could probably use a new set of shoes. Any questions at all feel free to reach out. NO TIRE KICKERS. The car lives in the trailer and I have to pull the trailer out of it's spot, and the car out of the trailer to show it, so if you just want to look and don't have cash in hand, don't bother. That being said, if you are genuinely interested and want to take a look before going to the bank, i'm more than happy to show it. This car won't be posted on CL or facebook or any other waste of time websites. It'll only be up for people who actually go duning. Price: $31,900
  6. Here's the routing I have, and the part number for the belt i bought from O'reillys
  7. First of all did you make sure your u-joints are tight? Could be something simple like that, but Charlynns are known for slop. I pulled the Charlynn out of my 4 seat DD and went with the Kartek 400 unit. It's great! But I had the @hndarcr kit on my car before that and liked it a bit better.
  8. It's gonna be good out there this weekend gents. Have fun. Here's a photo when it was blowing HARD while I was leaving Monday morning. Not a track in site.
  9. I'm doing a rebuild on an 18' aluminum center console at the moment and have been lagging. This thread will get me more motivated to get to work!
  10. I wanna see this thing in person
  11. Can’t promise anything. But @John@Outfront Mtrsprtsmight be someone to worry more about

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