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  1. Treager should build that exact one with the same universal stand, and a built-in cheap inverter. I'd buy one.
  2. Arizona also gets their tax when the unit is registered. I looked into it when I bought my xp1000 a couple years ago.
  3. agree, and a sheet below the shroud to keep road grime from entering
  4. The trick is getting it hot enough. Getting the plastic hot enough where surface just starts melting, it will shine like gloss.
  5. That's a lot actually. A lamp retro is almost half that.
  6. I put that same one on my little Honda generator back when it was new.
  7. Exactly. The filter suppresses the noise in your system.
  8. I just read the for sale post, yes you got a good deal for sure. Don't forget to add the Kenwood system filter to your list of stuff to get. It's worth the money.
  9. You are over thinking the whole intercom system. Yore question is easy! Call scott with PCI and he will hook you up with the system you want. Make sure you buy their Kenwood filter to add to the system..... You can thank me later.
  10. Post a picture of the CV when you get them out and cleaned up. Most of the time clicking is because they or dry or a cage is cracked, but it doesn't necessarily mean the whole set are spent.

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