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  1. I read this as I have lunch... 2 slices of mozzarella and a tomato. God I am old
  2. That's interesting... and good to know. I don't push it hard when exercising. Now that I'm older I find that consistency is key.
  3. I used to do a lot of running until I developed Morton's Neuroma about 6 years ago. Went from wearing dress shoes to work, to walking shoes, to black "old man" sneakers with slacks to work. Finally gave in and had a cortisone shot. The tricky thing about MN is that it feels better the less active (lazier) you are. Most people that get MN layoff all activities thinking that it's getting better, until they go somewhere that requires a lot of walking. like a vacation or something. Then find themselves hobbling for a week after. After a few times of doing that, that's when we realize that it's not going away. About a week after my first injection I scheduled another appt with the doctor. I asked to schedule surgery on both feet to remove the neuromas. He said that most people don't come in and tell me to cut on them without going through the process. I said, look doc, you told me that it won't correct itself. The shot I got is temporary, and didn't do squat and I'm not going to wear inserts. So my only real resolution is to have them removed. He was like alright let's schedule and MRI. I said, do we really need to do an MRI? Without feeling around, you squeezed my foot in the exact spot that made me pretty much stick to the ceiling like a cat. So you know exactly what it is, and exactly where it's at. Do we really need an image of it? He was cool about it. He goes, umm no I guess I don't... Do you not have insurance? I said sure I do, but I don't want something that should cost me $500 out of pocket to end up costing me $2500 because of precautionary measures. Hell just give me a bottle of whiskey and a stick to bite on. He laughed, and said that I can scheduling the surgery, but he would only do one foot at a time because he wanted to make sure that I can wipe my own ass throughout the process.... I thanked him for that later. It's been about 3 years now. I'm glad that I pulled the trigger right away, rather than dealing with temporary fixes. I go to Planet Fitness 3-4 a week, and we stay pretty active around the house with different types of projects. Neither one of us are boob-tube people. As for exercise I use the oliptcal on level 10 for 1.5mi, and 15 minutes. This keeps me from slacking. I can either haul the mail when I first get on it, and drift off later, or slack when I'm warming up and then haul butt at the end. Either way I have to hit those marks every time I'm on it. Other than that I do a few pull ups, push ups, and crunches while I'm there. I still love running, so every month or so I will get on the treadmill and run a mile or 2. The surgeon said that constant running after can cause a stump nerve to form, basically the neuromas can come back. So I do avoid running for the most part. His staff took a few pictures as they were doing the surgery. The left size was first, and much larger. I can't seem to find that picture right now.
  4. X2... And if I had to ride with those 2 guys in the YouTube video, they would either have to pick up the pace, or meet up with me at Cleator where I'd be half drunk by the time they got there. OP... Keep in mind The QV Loop isn't a loop anymore since the residence added the large gate blocking Hewitt Station Road. A much better ride IMO is to start at the flagpole staging area (Entrance to Box Canyon), take Telegraph Canyon Road to Surprise for lunch.
  5. You might as well pound out just a little more stucco and stuff that RG6 line in the wall since you already have it opened up.
  6. I had the same one... $9K if you want to sell it quickly $10K if you want to sit on it for a while.
  7. Did you half a leftover door over the micro? Looks great, nicely updated.
  8. His first sentence...... I tried putting heat on it and it wouldn't budge
  9. Treager should build that exact one with the same universal stand, and a built-in cheap inverter. I'd buy one.
  10. Arizona also gets their tax when the unit is registered. I looked into it when I bought my xp1000 a couple years ago.
  11. The trick is getting it hot enough. Getting the plastic hot enough where surface just starts melting, it will shine like gloss.

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