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  1. bent trix

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    Ran out of talent....
  2. bent trix

    930 CV info and help

    Post a picture of the CV when you get them out and cleaned up. Most of the time clicking is because they or dry or a cage is cracked, but it doesn't necessarily mean the whole set are spent.
  3. bent trix

    best radio/intercom setup for a SxS?

    My brand of choice is PCI. Whatever brand you choose be sure to add an inline Kenwood filter to it, makes the system crystal clear. Very easy to install if you buy with the connectors already installed it just plugs together. Don't take my word for it, though. Call Scott @ PCI and ask him about it. Everyone in our group has added one.
  4. bent trix

    Broken Windshield - Need new Season Pass

    Just cut the corner off the cracked windshield, and put it on your dash whenever you're down there
  5. bent trix

    Stereo Intercom

    Trax is a great system no doubt, 2 campers who we camp with have them. I've been in both of their machines. Start by getting the inline filter that Scott from PCI offers. I think they are a Kenwood brand, and PCI adds all the connectors to make it a quick install. Try it and the compfy ear muffs they offer before making the jump.... I wear a helmet and parker. Mine sounds great with my phone connected to it with the filter installed.
  6. bent trix

    Snap On Pit Wagon Toll Box

    That guy would have to give you 8k and his tool box. That's is a nice tool box. The rims look like they came off a chevy vega.
  7. bent trix

    Polaris RZR Gas Tank

    That sucks! Glad that I don't share the same experience. I dropped my XP off for a recall. While there, they showed me where crank seal was leaking. It was 4 months past the warranty. They covered the whole bill, it was almost 650. The guy said they were doing it because I've purchased 4 machines from them over the years. I was like, cool that will save me from having to fix it.
  8. bent trix

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    That's exactly what I said.
  9. bent trix

    Need the Straight Scoop on Camp Razor

    All I've ever heard about Camp Razor is that it's a bunch of idiots who either just bought a Razor or who are bringing their Razor to G for the first time and they have no idea what they are doing... This is true. It will be a shit show. If you enjoy getting little sleep and hanging out at the hill then it will fun.
  10. bent trix

    Dog doors?

    My wife trains Labrador service dogs. The puppies kept eating the store bought doors. After spending $40 countless times I made chew proof doors. Not really specific to the topic, but it reminded me of how much work it took to make them.
  11. It doesn't have speed or travel, yet it's simple, and has oddball charm...
  12. bent trix

    WTB Extreme axles

    Please proceed... :-)
  13. bent trix

    WTB Extreme axles

    Do they have the relief flanges.... How long will they try?
  14. bent trix

    Razor 1000 turbo exhaust

    One option for more flow is to simply remove the cat from the stock. If you are looking for a little more noise you can drill a couple holes larger in the baffle after removing the cat. Personally I'm not fond of a loud SXS. Kind of annoying to listen to with the CVT not having any shift points to listen for, but that's just my opinion.
  15. bent trix

    SOLD SOLD SOLD2014 Polaris Razor 1060 xp4

    Hours and Miles

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