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  1. rpmsrup

    Acro Lights

    New price $100 takes all 4
  2. same here there are alot of cars out there that are worse than this
  3. I dont think he has a kit out yet this is the first car built
  4. Its Jason @ hawk engineering really nice guy, dude has brains, He built my Z1 kit in my rzr, the cars are beefed up to handle alot of people have a shit ton of money tied up into a RZR and cant sell them for for Penneys on the dollar, so might as well throw some more at them to perform the way you want. his stuff is super nice look him up they mainly build totorhomes
  5. rpmsrup

    Acro Lights

    I have 4 Acro lights for sale 2 ovals and to 3" round all halogen and driving beam, all 4 lights have covers in decent shape looking to sell in pairs or as package, $75.00 per pair plus shipping Jonathan 951-538-2115
  6. ya hondajimz wants to sell the rears
  7. He is looking to sell just the rears
  8. nothing wrong with them just the pic
  9. They are the 10.75 fronts not sure the age, I was tired of them leaking at the bead and ive tried all the different sealants They are in riverside
  10. Yes I do, was going to get pics tonight of them and post tomorrow, looking to get 1200 for all 4
  11. I have a pair of STU 33x15-pro #2 paddle and wheels combo that are in great shape, no punctures or tears, with brand new beadlock hardwear, they do have brand new tubes in them that can be removed if you want SOLD but the buyer is looking to sell the rears if anyone is interested

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