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  1. Before Black with little issues and Now White and blue
  2. Ok let me see if i can get out there that weekend, Do you have the center caps
  3. Would it be possible to ship these
  4. rpmsrup

    Glamis Oct 24-27

    I will be there, your more than welcome to join us, we have a small group
  5. Are you willing to sell the setup you have in the pic
  6. How did it do on the dyno, looking to do kinda the same deal
  7. Ya I was just looking to help out with someones build and not looking to make a ton of money
  8. I have a power steering setup out of my car, I converted to electric steering, nothing wrong with this works perfect, bracket was on LS1 Jonathan 951-538-2115 $250 obo
  9. Stainless heims or steel heims?
  10. I just painted mine this week Ill get some pics when they are assembled, I did notice if you warm the can up a little that it sprays better without splatter, i just ran warm water over the can in the sink first
  11. Is this what I need 30-2217 – CD-7 Plug & Play Adapter Cable for OBDII CAN bus AEM’s CD-7 OBDII CAN Plug & Play Adapter Harness makes the CD-7/CD-7L the perfect racing display for track day enthusiasts who want to be able to see engine and vehicle data but are still running a factory ECU. This is especially true when the CD-7 or CD-7L (logging) Digital Dash and OBDII CAN PNP Adapter Harness is combined with the Vehicle Dynamics Module to add GPS, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope for track mapping and lap times, and critical vehicle dynamics data including G-loads, roll, pitch and yaw. And for CD-7 owners with CAN OBD-II who are already using the dash and receiving channels from a data logger or other CAN-enabled device, you can now add additional channels through the OBD connection with no additional wiring! PN 30-2217 CD-7/CD-7L OBDII Plug & Play Adapter Harness with included CD-7 Power Cable PN 30-2217 CD-7/CD-7L OBDII Plug & Play Adapter Harness connects to OBDII port and sends available channels to CD-7 Dash PN 30-2217 CD-7/CD-7L OBDII Plug & Play Adapter Harness with included CD-7 Power Cable shown with CD-7 Dash (dash sold separately)

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