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  1. great info thanks everyone
  2. I did bust them down cleaned really well and put them back together with wet spray paint on the bead and wheel, and that seemed to help a little, but not the side wall where the lettering is
  3. no not sta-flo, but a few other industrial types
  4. I have my rear tires are leaking at the bead and sidewall in small areas, tried the sealant route but still comes out and makes a mess, just thought about putting a tube in
  5. Does anyone run a Inner tube in their paddles? do they work good?
  6. rpmsrup

    Power steering

    Its a GM model probably a good deal right?
  7. rpmsrup

    Power steering

    Isnt there a guy that sells the complete kit on here for fairly cheap. how well do these ones work
  8. thank you this is exactly what i was looking for, I will be running mine all the way to park moabi in august
  9. We arent taking any toys, just the trailer
  10. Hey has anyone ever towed they'er toyhauler with the generator running and ACs on, we are doing a summer trip and have full hookups where we are going, but on the way there i want to have the trailer cooling down before we get there, just wondering if its a problem or not
  11. Thanks again, Ill see you in the dunes or the river

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