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  1. I was anti China crap but a guy in our camp runs the smaller one and swears by it. Fingers crossed hahah
  2. Turbo install progress. 🤘 Shooting for 8 lbs of boost. Intercooler is getting mounted above motor with plans to add a mid wing next summer (piggy buggy bank is empty this year). Went with a cxracing T4 turbo. Thanks again for all the help guys! And thanks @Squatcher for the injectors! Will post more as they come.
  3. One truck, 5 rigs, lotsa chairs in 'camp', cones and tape. Can't say that I've never done it 👻👻👻👻
  4. I'll have one for sale after river season. Top and bottom end rebuild on motor last October. Will have it fully serviced. 4.8k. PM if interested.
  5. Alright. I'm a believer in all of you. We're going to try some non paddle setups. Thank you guys for the recommendations! 🤘
  6. Thanks! I think we're going to give them a try. We have the DWT wheels already so if they don't do any better it won't hurt that bad.
  7. I tried that. They don't spin fast enough to get or keep momentum with that small motor. Those crappy hard rubber paddles work a little better simply because they have the paddles for traction. That's why I'm hoping a bit taller paddle tire with less rotation weight would help a tiny bit more.
  8. My son is 6. His quad does fine in the tiny dunes at the washes but we normally camp at Gecko. He has some heavy (relative to size) China type paddles that came with the qaud. Am I unrealistic to think a 90 should be able to get through the dunes? Would some lighter skats make a difference. He is tall for his age but definitely not tall enough for a 250. Any feedback is appreciated!
  9. Keep the pics coming! Stoked you're starting that swap! Time is ticking! Season is right around the corner!
  10. That's exactly what I used/did and worked great. Rattles be gone.
  11. That sound alone will be worth 2500 when you're ripping through the dunes! 🤘
  12. They're forged but forget brand. I believe Cali or something like that if I remember correctly.
  13. It's already happening hahah we are guesstimating somewhere between 550 and 600 at the crank at 6 lbs of boost. I am hoping I'm good. I'm going to ask redline to keep me on the rich side also when they tune. My thinking also about turbo is it comes on later in the rpms and comes on smoothish. It is my understanding that those gears get eaten from the sudden torque when hitting whoops and stabbing the throttle etc. If I end up breaking the S4 it's onto a sxs for me hahahah

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