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  1. 2007 Sand Limo 5 Seat Monster Cruiser 418ci LS3 on e85 Mendeola S4 sequential Tig welded chassis Gear One 2” spindles - front Gear One mid board hubs - back STU 12.50x17 on DWT - front STU 36x17 on DWT - back Gear One 2.5” steering rack Buggy has been completely gone through and spent all summer getting the fugly knocked off. Completely prepped and ready for the season. *story time I purchased this mid last season as an upgrade from an older Amplified and had a great couple trips in it to close the season. Over the summer I had tin work and a wrap done because I just wasn’t into the original look. Now that it’s done and the season is on us, I just can’t bring myself to put the Amplified up. $53,888 Only trade I would consider is a 2 seat RZR for the wife, plus cash.
  2. cwarkenton

    Speaker enclosures

    I have 4x 6.5s in aluminum enclosure with sound deadening material inside. One 8" shallow mount sub under passenger seat in mdf box for a little bit of bass. Powered by 2 kenwood digital amps (one 4 channel and one mono) that fit in the palm of your hand. Can definitely hear music even at high rpm through the dunes. Music makes everything better!
  3. cwarkenton

    HV24 trans swap ! Best idea ever !

    Any size comparisons between 2d and hv? I bought a buggy with an s4 because the 2d to s4 swap was so costly. Decided I liked the buggy with 2d better and putting other one up for sale. Hoping for a more durable trans without a ton of fab?
  4. cwarkenton

    Where to get turbo rebuilt?

    Goodrich Fabrication in Norco did at t3/4 rebuild for me a couple seasons ago. Reasonable prices and great guy.
  5. Last chance. Gonna put it on offer up and it'll probably become a gardeners trailer...
  6. Said he wanted to be able to fit a RZR 170 and a buggy on it and didn't think it would work.
  7. Just kidding. I know you like deals like me hahah still a good price but it was 3k.
  8. Dual axles with brakes on one of them. Look like 3.5k to me but could be 5k. On board battery, winch, gas can holders, and compressor. It came as a package with a buggy I bought and I don't need it. Boxed frame. Bitchen trailer but my enclosed is better.
  9. cwarkenton

    Hello! My New Sandrail

    Congrats on the new ride! I have a technique so you can get used to owning a buggy. Sit in the car and picture yourself in the dunes. Now reach into your wallet, take all the cash out and burn it! Feels counterintuitive at first but you'll get used to it over the years.
  10. cwarkenton

    Smog required 2 year old truck ?

    Just did this for a 2016 also. Smog guy said its required every year for diesels now...

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