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  1. I believe it's spoken for. The trans will be out in a week or so. If the person that has dibs backs out for any reason, I can let you know.
  2. Can't believe this is still up?? 🤔 Somebody buy that thing!
  3. Wife has an x3 that I drive sometimes. Bitchen machine!
  4. Please make build thread! Nice meeting you as well!
  5. Eek I don't know alot about those motors or any motors honestly. I just had it as a back up. I replied to pm. 👍
  6. Have an old backup j35 in my warehouse on a pallet. Sold the buggy I had it for. 400 bucks or something like that? Costa Mesa.
  7. Q Anon is a psy-op to check the actual influence of back door, unregulated, perpetuation through social media and website outlets. There is no real info ever given. Our government is monitoring the spread of the disinformation to see how influential alternative medias are. It is 100% clear the general public does NOT believe the news like they blindly did just a short decade ago and they need their propaganda outlets once again.
  8. I am in the process of upgrading my same year chassis Amplified (that I actually bought from MGM Scott) from LS1/2d to LS3/S4. Trans, pbs cable shifter, cables, racetrim 930 micro stubs, and axles for a smoking price; $6500. Hubs and axles have one season, trans has 3/4 of a season. Will have trans freshened up at Wright before anyone takes it. Pretty damn close to plug and play if you do the fab work and have the motor.
  9. Damn. Just picked an S4 for my car or I would be on this. That's a bitchen car at a great price!
  10. I had 386 to the wheels through my 2d. I had one season where all was good. Then 3 seasons in a row it came out for bearings once, second and third once, the R&P most recently. I just picked up an s4 from Wright last week. 🤞 2400 lb amplified with 33s.
  11. Bump. Picking up new S4 tomorrow. Anybody wanna make offer?
  12. For 2D or sequential? I have a PBS cable shifter for a 2D.
  13. cwarkenton


    I'll give them a call. Thanks!
  14. cwarkenton


    Who did the 4.10 swap? I've been looking for a shop without much luck.
  15. Congrats! Fellow amplified owner here. Just a heads up, RBP in Anaheim keeps stock of bushings and other amplified smaller parts and Peter (peterbuilt) was one of the amplified guys and is still around and working.

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