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  1. Some people always put 80 bucks (arbitrary) as purchase price. Full tax was paid on the original purchase when whatever it was was purchased new. To some that equals all taxes paid. To pay taxes every time that same item sells, some say it feels like double taxation.
  2. cwarkenton


    I have headers that were cerakoted beginning of last season available if you didn't get a package. Best photo I have is attached. Thinking $400 is fair? That's what cerakote cost.
  3. So it was factory installed? I was hoping a shop did it so I could immediately take my truck there. Hahah That is a super clean ride! Glwts!
  4. Who installed the giant screen and is it oem Dodge? Need that in my 2500!
  5. From today's sunset.
  6. Just a heads up, I installed the exact same one. Didn't know it after install but there was a short in the solenoid. Didn't find out until the next trip. Fuel pump was dead. Thought what are the odds and replaced it. Realized fuel pump would run nonstop unless fuse was pulled. Tapped solenoid just looking for anything weird and sparks came off it. Ended up frying a 410 dollar circuit board behind the switch.... Returned that one and bought oem.
  7. Why do they dress in such an aggressive, threatening manner with the masks and such? Every video I've ever seen of these idiots is them antagonizing someone to the point of violence and then screaming about invading their personal space when the protagonist attacks them. Like that guy that got beat down in the street looked shocked the guy got out and whooped his ass??? They are literally a gang of effeminate pussies.
  8. Topic related. If you guys want to go into the deepest parts of internet Google adrenochrome. If even a piece of that shit is true, we live in a far spookier world than the TV tells we do....
  9. Dude. I always get bummed when I read about people finding reliability out of a 2D / LS. Every season I had to pull my 2D that was behind a mild built LS1. 2nd and 3rd first season. 3rd again next season. Then broke pinion shaft in half the next season. I do beat the piss outta my car and can't help it. 2300lb car with 33s. A friend told me a long time ago. Drive it like a racecar, maintain it like a racecar. Even with that in my mind in the dunes, I still couldn't not mash the gas.
  10. I have a stock pw 50 with training wheels. We only go to glamis so no need for it. I don't have pink and if I remember bought it without pink. We've had it for 5 years and maybe rode it 20 minutes. Start and idel it every other month or so. Still fires on first kick. God bless yamaha. $650.

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