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  1. My car is still at redline. It got abandoned last Wednesday for the BITD race. I'm glad you found a loaner and got it sorted!
  2. Still waiting for dyno and tune. They were supposed to wrap it up earlier this week but said they were having a super tough time on another motor. Then everyone had to bail to A BITD race.
  3. Dunes are actually jacked from the winds. The still wet sand is sticking around and the fluffy dry sand it blowing away. Almost every wind side bowl looks like this at the top.
  4. My buggy is at redline getting tuned for the turbo I added over summer. They had to switch my 4a to a 4b for the added turbo. Last tune on it was from redline for a mild cam Ls1. Not sure what exactly I'll get back from the upgrade but it should be back this week. You can borrow whatever I get back or we can figure something out. 🤘
  5. Smoking price for someone looking! Do you have an SU @Schnitzel
  6. Going to redline tomorrow! 🤘 I'm going to do my best to get video and I'll post dyno results for sure!
  7. Dude I seriously was going to tag you. Randomly saw it 11 minutes after he posted. Next time I will hahaha
  8. I knew it! Good on you. That is a smoking deal!
  9. Holy shit.... That'll be gone quick. Nice ride!
  10. Eh just cancelled my buggywhips order after talking to Jeff. His correct number is 858-692-7211
  11. Tried this number and voicemail was a girl? Julie I think. Is that right? Anyway paid 250 bucks for a buggy whips whip with quick release at SSSS because I try to support them. Going to take 3 weeks to ship and honestly I feel like I grossly overpaid. Probably going to cancel my order 😕
  12. Maybe someone is looking? This seems like a good price even if it needs a rebuild.

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