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  1. cwarkenton

    2D and PBS Cable Shifter $6000

    @Styles162It was there when I bought the car. Get one if you can find one for sure. Smooth as butter!
  2. cwarkenton

    2D and PBS Cable Shifter $6000

    New R&P Nov 2018. 2nd and 3rd replaced last season. Bearings and synchro obviously inspected or replaced each time it was opened up. Wright gearbox has history of all service/repairs. Trans, cables, shifter included. Setup for rear engine. $6000 I will get gear ratios and pics of shifter this weekend.
  3. cwarkenton

    S4 transmission for sale

    Pm sent
  4. cwarkenton

    04 Travel Supreme diesel motor home

    I like it! PM sent.
  5. cwarkenton

    RZR vs. X3 vs. Sandrail

    I snapped my pinion shaft in half in my buggy early on in the season. Buggy was out for a couple weeks and I got a big bill to fix trans. A trip came up that I wanted to go on while the buggy was down so I bought the wife that can am she always wanted and drove that for the weekend. After that weekend, I decided eff* a buggy with all the maintenance and repair bills and the loading and bla bla bla. I left that weekend knowing I was putting my buggy up for sale as soon as it got back. Well my trans came back and buggy was all fixed. I had to do at least one more trip with it before I put it up for sale. I realized on that trip I was absolutely out of my mind. There is zero comparison between the two. The way a buggy handles and slides in the dunes is priceless to me. We've had many trips with the wife's ride and my buggy. I haven't taken the x3 once. For whatever it's worth that's my experience. I came to the conclusion that if I'm going to invest the time, money, and risk into the dunes I'm going to drive a vehicle that was designed specifically to own that places terrain.
  6. cwarkenton

    Shifter preference

    I'm running a PBS cable shifter with my 2D and have never had an issue. Shifts smooth with no adjustments for 3 seasons.
  7. cwarkenton

    32ft Country Couch with 400 Cummins

    Damn. That's a bitchen coach!
  8. Be out with a group on 2.5. Last trip even though I packed up all my shit after the last, last trip hahah
  9. cwarkenton

    U-joint axles

    Are the extreme axles any better?
  10. cwarkenton

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    Thanks for all the info guys! Put down a deposit today with Ricky. Going with 930 stubs. He confirmed minimum 4 week lead time right now but I'm not in a rush.
  11. cwarkenton

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    Music to my ears! Reuse of the more parts the better for my tired wallet hahah
  12. cwarkenton

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    I'm calling tomorrow and putting a deposit down.
  13. cwarkenton

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    The original builder of the car said we'd use the same axles. I was thinking the same thing though. I will keep updates in this thread.
  14. cwarkenton

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    Micro stubs.
  15. cwarkenton

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    Thanks John! Kinda whatbibwas originally thinking. Would I need new axles using the adapters? I'm assuming so. What do the adapters run?

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