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  1. Ya sure it's at the very top of asking price for that car but all I need to know is it's got the upgraded transmission. Pulling out cash now!
  2. That's a bummer! BUT did you happen to see if their yamaha boats were on sale?
  3. Pretty sure that's what I have on my LS setup. 76mm t4.
  4. cwarkenton

    Sxs carnage

    Yo! That's right. Sorry we didn't get a chance to rap longer. Good putting a face to the name for sure!
  5. Just in case you want a no hassle option, carvana offered me almost that straight up and they pick the truck up. Go to website, put in Vin and accept offer. Truck gets picked up in 72 hours. Mines a 2016 that was identical, minus Carli lift (leveling kit) and mine had some chrome.
  6. Leaving Friday am. Hoping for some dry clean sand. The conditions have been rough this year for me. πŸ™
  7. Holy crap. That's a gold mine of info. Thank you sir! When I get signed up, I will definitely drop the name.
  8. I was searching rv rental companies and I saw one of those paid google ads on the page that change based on search results and it was an rvtrader ad featuring the one I bought. Pretty crazy!
  9. Always remember ; if you max out on tow capacity, it will feel like your maxed out on tow capacity every minute of every drive. I tow my enclosed 8 miles from dunes edge storage to gecko and I white knuckle every second of it and I'm about 1000 pounds under the 7700# rating.
  10. I just did some mapping today and driving 8 hours a day, we'd be to glacier in 3 days compared to 6 days with the 5ver. We are so stoked!! That is exactly why we got it! 😎 Thank you so much!
  11. I don't know the difference between the two but I'd have to say no right now (if you're serious). The old owners were so fricken sweet. The guy had tears in his eyes when he handed over the keys. Plus I have never purchased anything used with such an extensive maintenance history. That's really what got me. NADA had it at 16k so to be honest, I was worried I may have overpaid a bit.
  12. Thanks man. We'll be in the center at RR again this weekend. I knew it was a fair price but didn't know how good until I saw these posts. I'd only been half assed looking at newer models. We are stoked for sure! See you tomorrow. 🀘
  13. Hahah he actually loves road trips with the fam. I can't remember why, but he was being such a dick that day. The wife and I went up there almost hoping it end up with a pic like that hahah

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