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  1. I have the TCB (Todds Custom Billet) and love it. Very sturdy and looks awesome too
  2. Yea, I was referring to all four wheels being in-line. Not a big deal when your riding in the dunes, but if you ride a lot of trails, its easier to avoid ruts and also makes loading with ramps a lot easier. BC - I ride more hard pack then sand, but around 4-6 psi will put you right where you want to be.
  3. Im running the same set-up as Bohica and love it. 25x10x12 489's on all four, reverse offset on all four and 1.5" spacers on rear. This will have your tires tracking correctly. Get the tires from rockymountainatv.com The steering did suffer a little bit, but I'll live with it for the extra stability the reverse offset offers. I was running regular offset with 27x9x14 tires before and it did steer a little bit tighter, but not much.
  4. DragonFireRacing in El Cajon have always had everything in stock when I needed.
  5. Yea. Im in El Cajon. Her office, Vehicle Registration Service, is located in La Mesa on EC Blvd. Her name is Iris and her # is (619) 460-4717. She's really cool and said she would have my sticker to me on Thursday. Like I mentioned above, she'll come to you for a small fee.
  6. I heard it can be a PITA without the title and bill of sale. I was just outside with one of those mobile registry places. I had the title and bill of sale, so I just filled out one form and she did a VIN verification and that was it. Her fee's were only $55 and she came to my house, definitely worth the money to not have to trailer the rhino and deal with the BS at DMV Total, including transfer, late fee, DMV off-road fee, and sales tax on $4000 (good thing I got a good deal :perry: ) came to $335.
  7. Yep. Action Turbo did mine also.
  8. Try www.3wheeler.org Click on classifieds, it'll bring you to the forum and you can usually find whatever you need from these guys.
  9. Im sure the 450 would be fine for her in stock form. However, if you're going with the full cage and back seat, you'll be much happier with the extra grunt of the 660 to help with the added weight.
  10. Here's a couple pics of the new BRP CVT Filter. It's molded for a perfect seal on the rhino. Im going to run it without oil and keep an eye on the catch tube on the bottom of the intake.
  11. Taking the cage off is not hard, but it's not something you're going to want to do 2 times every trip. I know my cage had enough flex in it to make it a PITA. I would look into having the cage cut & sleeved, with quick dis-connect clips, around 10-12" from the top. Then you just pull the clips and remove the top portion of the cage to load & unload.
  12. $625 Check this thread http://www.blackrhinoperformance.net/Forum...opic.php?t=3557 Im just waiting on a pic of the mount and will be good to go for around $125 or so.
  13. I'm definitely hitting up Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear this year. Corral Canyon is a cool place to camp, but I agree with Bansh, we always just camped in tents or drink enough to just pass out in the back of your truck The best was camping down at Morena on the Primitive side and riding up to four corners in the morning to hit the trails. I think they still have that side of the lake shut down though.
  14. Hell Yea! I wonder if they'll just show highlights or if they'll actually show the race?

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