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  1. Thanks all for the replies. With all the input I decided to pass and will continue to look. Thanks again.
  2. A good friend of mine is considering selling his Dunn tech car the Sean built. Was thinking of possibly grabbing from him but figured I would ask the masses on their opinions. LS2 /2D mid engine. Two inch hollows up front, bypasses all the way around. Thought I remembered reading comments on geometry issues or something in the past. Thanks for any info.
  3. Have you checked into this one? Suspensions Unlimited Pro-2 Sand Railhttps://orangecounty.craigslist.org/snw/d/suspensions-unlimited-pro-2/6510911398.html
  4. RIP. Prayers for all the family and loved ones
  5. I also did the switch from TH to DP. Wouldn’t even consider going back. The only disadvantage for us has been being able to air down and park wherever you want. Has not been an issue yet. As far as maintenance goes if you look at yearly you will probably spend the same amount on one service for the Moho as you would for 2 or 3 services on your tow vehicle depending on how many miles you put on that tow vehicle. Yes there are the expensive items (tires) but that is a 7-9 year stretch (or more for some). All of the pros above are true like getting an extra garage to store your stuff all the time, no stopping unless it’s for fuel or to sleep, comfort is definitely a plus as well. If you look for a used coach just make sure you get all service records from the previous owner. It will tell you a lot about how they cared for the coach. I searched for about 4 months and found the one I bought out of state. Insurance is less than what my truck and fithwheel were combined. I would suggest that you maybe rent a DP a few times and see if it’s something you really like before getting rid of what you already have. Good luck on whatever route you choose.
  6. Spoke with the owner via text. Trying to set up a time to look at the car preferably in Glamis. Thank you for the heads up though
  7. ericmccalister

    WTB 2 seater

    Looking for a 2seat sandrail in the mid to upper 20’s range. LS and 2D preferred or better, but unlikely at the moment. Doesn’t seem to be many out there. Not in a huge rush and might just build my own over the summer if nothing comes up. Would even consider just a bare frame or partially built car to finish. Thanks in advance.
  8. WD 40 should take it off with no damage to gel or decal.
  9. Thank you all for passing on your knowledge. I appreciate it.
  10. Might try checking PPL as well. They go through a ton of inventory and may have a line on what you’re looking for. Have known a few people that have dealt with them and had nothing but good things to say.

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