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  1. Yes the fittings can all be used with the black braided hose. Just recently redid a bunch of lines that were steel.
  2. Just posted a Minor Jeep possibly sell minus the motor ....
  3. Everyone of us started somewhere no matter what we have now. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Sorry, only pic that I had with the lights on. That was on the old SBC. Current exhaust is downswept drag headers.
  5. Final Larry Minor Jeep Built New 605 All Aluminum BBC 1000+ HP Powerglide w/ Brake Full Floater Rearend Revolution Shocks/ Bumps Harmon Fuel Cell New Aeromotive Black Pump/ Filters/ Fuel Lines AWH Wiring Harness Jet Trim Seats/ Crow Belts Racepak Dash Lowrance HD5S Radio/ Intercom/ Carbon Headsets Center Console Cooler Padded Glovebox w/ 12v Power Carbon Fiber/ Titanium Everything New Rear Wheels/ Tires/ Batteries Asking $75,000 OBO 760-504-7010
  6. ***Numbers Matching*** 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum 3 Speed Automatic Orange with White Vinyl Top Chrome Luggage Rack Always stored indoors so no RUST!!! Engine and trans were rebuilt in 95 and I purchased it in 96. Interior is apart and ready to go back together. I have new seat covers and dash included but not necessary. Asking $40k OBO, No Trades Contact Dennis 760-815-9241 Located in Vista, CA
  7. To clarify: "Whipple Jeeps" because they are built by Scott Whipple This is his take on a sand jeep and he is putting his money where his mouth is! Larry Minor does not build jeeps anymore. Mine is the last one to roll out of that shop.
  8. As stated the Pro #2 is the same as the 33 #2 but with a slightly taller paddle. Carcass height will be the same. So basically you will have more bite when you are on the throttle and more drag while you are off the throttle.
  9. Agreed. My current car is under 2500 and only has revolution coilovers front and rear w/ bumps. Dunes just fine. Previous car was 3100 with 2.5 co/ 3.0 bypasses. That car got worked way harder and yes the reservoirs would be almost too hot to keep your hand on. I also think the external bypasses are a little easier for your diy tuner to play with because it is quick and if its the wrong adjustment it is very simple to fix and go back.
  10. Unfortunately I've never tried to compare the two so I don't have real world data to say "here is what I found and why I think this way." With a light enough car I have heard suspension guys like Tyler Scott say all you need is a coilover with proper spring and valving. I think the bypasses are more needed for high speed through whoops, heavy cars, and to justify the price tag of some of these new sand cars. I think a true duner could do it with a single shock. Just my opinion.
  11. The reason the shock has a piston with valving is because not everyone runs them in conjunction with a bypass. The carrier version is just an answer to those that want to run bypasses as the only source of dampening. If they spent the money to design, test, produce, and stock components for a "cheap" carrier shock, the numbers wouldn't pencil out. It's actually cheaper for everyone to pull the valving out if they don't want it or leave it if they do. I'm in the school of thought, use the bypass to control the motion. As others have mentioned, it all depends on your setup, and what conditions you run. I don't think there are a large number of people who run the dunes hard enough to get fade in a bypass. But also depends on bypass sizing vs. car weight. A 2500 lb car with 2.0 coil overs and 2.0 bypasses duned hard will probably get some shock fade vs. the same car with 2.5 coil overs and 3.0 bypasses.
  12. Sharing for a friend not on the boards .... Please contact him with any questions. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/ad-details.php?category=69&adid=133250

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