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  1. I don’t understand it personally, one person gets it and you don’t hear about the rest of the house hold contracting it while the “one” guy is on the 14 day quarantine. Maybe the rear of the household isn’t news worthy, but when my household gets sick, it’s a trickle effect we’re we all generally get it. doesn’t help that it’s spring and I get allergies every year as a result 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. I know this isn’t the for sale portion of the forum but I can’t help myself but to contribute with the fire sale / CV Sale: 2004 rhino 660 runs and drives but definitely not a looker $2500!!! I need cash 😂
  3. Insurance is not required in California but I blows my mind that people for go getting newer toys insured. My behaviors driving my vehicles on road and off road are complete opposites @dbart if you’re fire selling your rhino because of the virus, I’ve always got a bug for buying 🦏’s
  4. I too will load up my immediate fam and go somewhere local. Had a reservation to calico but that’s been shut down on the park side and I’m not a fan of remote camping there.
  5. Please attach the link to the $300 intercom I see them for $379 used on eBay plus taxes and shipping
  6. $300 intercom $150 radio on the split
  7. Looking to sell them both with the mount. All that’s pictured $400 714-936-9418
  8. Intro2Rhino

    Pellet Grill

    Save another $50 if you get their credit card 🤣
  9. Post a pic of your wheel if you’re hoping/ wanting a match. I have roughly a dozen randoms
  10. What’s the overall box length 16,18 20? all those add ons and no rubber coin flooring
  11. 3 hrs is the wrench time to swap an a arm on the x3. The design is different than most others out there. You don’t simply remove 4 bolts attaching it to the frame. Also the ball joints on the x3 are different top and bottom. X3 stock a arms fold up pretty easily

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