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  1. I don’t understand it personally, one person gets it and you don’t hear about the rest of the house hold contracting it while the “one” guy is on the 14 day quarantine. Maybe the rear of the household isn’t news worthy, but when my household gets sick, it’s a trickle effect we’re we all generally get it. 

    doesn’t help that it’s spring and I get allergies every year as a result 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. 18 hours ago, spize909 said:

    thus the need for full coverage insurance and the fire rate.....

    Insurance is not required in California but I blows my mind that people for go getting newer toys insured. My behaviors driving my vehicles on road and off road are complete opposites 


    @dbart if you’re fire selling your rhino because of the virus, I’ve always got a bug for buying 🦏’s 

  3. 3 hrs is the wrench time to swap an a arm on the x3. The design is different than most others out there. You don’t simply remove 4 bolts attaching it to the frame. Also the ball joints on the x3 are different top and bottom. X3 stock a arms fold up pretty easily 

  4. 5 minutes ago, onanysunday said:

    Where is Tom Morris located? How much to rework a set of X3 shocks with new springs?

    Tom Morris is in Fullerton / Placentia (SoCal) Gary fries the other partner is in lake havesu or on vacation.  Utvshocks is their website and decades of experience. Hands down the best upgrade I done to my x3 

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  5. Poor analogy on my part but basically the  x3 is much sportier than the xp (seating position/ posture in the car)  if the canam the route he takes add a front gusset kit, taco kit or aftermarket lower a arms to the 1-5k in shock tuning and the disappointment you’ll feel in your power steering 


    I think the op wants a 4 seater replacement sxs having an xp4 previously 


    I agree that others definitely have potential talon, wildcat xx and kawi but without a factory turbo the cost to add a turbo, manufacturer sold or 3rd party factory backed/ encouraged (gyt-r Jackson racing ect) You might as well just go crazy with an off the wall custom build like tj’s old z1 car. Definitely a kick ass Rzr even with the current batch of sxs’s 

  6. 3 minutes ago, cali kid said:

    On my way home Friday from wash 14 I couldn’t believe the spots people were camping at. 

    Was it next to the dumpsters before hitting the highway from the washes with giant sema looking f350 and brand new attitude trailers  🤣😂 


    all that truck and trailer and afraid of a little sand 

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  7. Rzr velocity s less than 25k otd new 


    I have both a xrs canam and rzr velocity s. Speed and suspension are a coin toss. 

    easiest analogy is depending on the ride I’m going on, getting into the x3 is like slipping  into a corvette while the Rzr is like getting into an m5. Both are equally fast and nimble but I’d opt with the m5 to grab grocery’s (trail ride) and the corvette for a track day (aggressive dune rip) 


    if the sxs is a spare to your sand car for friends and family and as your backup, the visibility and savings found in a Rzr are hard to beat. I really enjoy my canam but it’s definitely a money pit with suspension mods as a requirement along with 15” wheels a 30k xrs easily becomes 35+. Slap a cage on the Rzr and call it a day


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  8. Great looking truck. If it pans out and you can grind him a little on the price permitting the truck checks out, the mileage and year is perfect 


    the transfer tank is a huge bonus. The short bed have crap capacity (I’m lucky to get 270-300 on a full tank on my 15 short bed) my previous 2002  7.3 long bed easily cleared 410-450 on a tank 


    I ended up buying my 2015 a little over a month ago from a local dealership for 32,900 (36,000 after all of California’s great fees)  with 78,000 miles. I spent months trying to find one under 35k and avoid the craigslist flipper that was masking a “small accident on carfax that didn’t have pics of the damage prior to repair...” 



    anyhow best of luck 🍻 

  9. 36 minutes ago, Jetjock15 said:

    Sent you a PM. Thinking of selling ours. It’s 09 FI on HCR +6 and Kings. We use it for fam cruises to vendors and such. But wife bought into the hype and since wanted and got a X3. Rhino just sitting. Fanatically maintained and it’s cherry. Will outlast every modern UTV I promise you that. 45-50 top speed but over any terrain like you on a cloud! 

    Pm me what you’re looking to get for it. I’m always up for buying rhinos at the right price point 

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