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  1. 35’ http://attitudetoyhaulers.com/attitude/attitude-widelite-5w/
  2. Intro2Rhino


    $3500 I have cash in hand
  3. Was planning the same. My 2 cents go with the conversion over the full traction kit. The tighter turn radius and better braking will be worth the effort. Neither is cheap so I’m the meantime spend time finding a cheap donor than go through the re gearing, and ball joints ect before installing it. Really digging this thread sad ill be selling my ‘02 shortly as I replaced it with a ‘15 6.7L
  4. I’m in the mist (within the next couple days) of seeing how true fair market value vs kbb they honor on my totaled 2003 4Runner 4wd with a total chaos front end. I had my 2002 F250 7.3 broken into a few years back and they stole my entire dash / radio bezel along with the stereo and overhead DVD player. They started with a $700 repair check (minus my $250 deductible) and tried to replace my $1200 in equipment with a stock used bezel a factory CD player. That included their recommended shop (caliber collision) doing the labor as well which needed a couple pig tails repaired that had been damaged. I painfully took the $500 check and repaired and did the labor myself. I had a gut feeling caliber under quoted the estimate in favor for AAA to later ask for more funds after getting the job. Left a bad taste in my mouth but I’ve been loyal to AAA for 10 years and have used the piss out of their tow services.
  5. Not mine. May have sold. I buy them all the time. And from what I remember this one fit all you’re criteria
  6. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/snw/d/burbank-2008-yamaha-rhino-700-fi/6977358677.html
  7. He’s looking for 2008+ 700’s with fuel injection. The elevation in the sierras will keep his wife from strangling him trying to cold start the carb models. Also to the original post. A stock travel with good aftermarket king or fox shocks will be even more reliable for your wife so she doesn’t bust a rear long travel axle (very common) you can always drive back to camp in front wheel drive with tales of how you mguyver’d your rhino just a thought
  8. Carb models fetch $3-3500 stock. Aim for $4500-5000 each
  9. I’ve seen 2 separate kits that cracked rear lower a arms. It’s much harder to find a solution to fix the billet arms vs steel. When it comes time to part the machine out, buyers like name brands
  10. I buy roughly 10-20 rhinos a year. The most I would pay here is $3500 reason being is the billet suspension is a deal breaker as is the canvas top. The rest of the rhino is fair. The mileage is on par for a California sxs (street legal units are the worst). If you can fetch $5-5500 run with it. Rhinos have there place still and for the most part, consumers want stock units for their farms as a sporty utility sxs. Again I’m just being brutally honest. I buy plenty of these sight unseen and know what I pay and what I plan to sell them for.
  11. Sold. Will spend the rest of its life on a 10 acre fruit farm in Temecula
  12. So cherry. Spread the word. This is a unicorn of a rhino. I also ditched the obscene cage
  13. What is the depth measurement? Everything works pic of the griddle please
  14. 🤣 yes it’s definitely the tallest cage I’ve ever seen.
  15. Posting this unicorn up here before I feed it to the wolves Will include a stock cage lowest mileage I’ve ever come across. Been in storage the last 5 years. Fires right up. California pinkslip in hand. All stock aside from the dukes of hazard fixed doors cage 714-936-9418 johnny im located in SoCal (Woodcrest)
  16. $500 with antenna but no mount
  17. Thank you John. Pleasure meeting you. Already setting it up. Pardon the mess in the room. It never ends 😂
  18. Intro2Rhino

    Sand jack

    Thank you for meeting up couldn’t have picked a better place. At least I can’t afford anything their which saved me money 😂.
  19. Please pm me your contact or shoot me a text to arrange pickup 714-936-9418 johnny
  20. Getting rid of the office furniture in the pic?
  21. Intro2Rhino

    Sand jack

    I’ll take it off your hands next time your at kartek I’ll meetup with you
  22. Post up what car max offers. I would definitely consider stepping into a 6.7 from my 7.3 if it’s under 30k

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