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  1. Seems to have been installed at one point. Do you know who made the pistons and the C/R?
  2. I have extended arms works shocks front and rear. I could entertain letting them go for $600 with trade for your stock. They are setup for a 60lbs kid and I spend more time on our lt80 than they do
  3. Ever make your way to SoCal?
  4. Stupid question but it does run? How healthy would you rate your 800?
  5. John woods trans 3k redhead steering box $500 garett gt38r $1250 terminator t500 hpop $1000 (with associated parts) oem fleet rotors and pads (still horrible braking) deaver soft ride rear springs only drawback that gets me is the 4 speed trans and the poor braking horrible turn radius I planned on doing a Coilover suspension swap and ssbc oversized rotors but that would be pumping thousands more into it that I won’t be able to get a return on Its a love and hate relationship with my 7.3 getting up grades and towing power is great but the going down grades and 10 point turns that drive me insane
  6. Thank you. I did not know any of this. Def doesn’t scare me. Unforeseen repair costs do. I’m completely fine with stock if it has the towing power I want out of the box. My 7.3 although not having a car payment is nice, $500 here $1000 there is never fun given its age I get it but for as little as I drive my truck, I want it working when I need it.
  7. Friend of mine has a 12 and did the dirty dmax said he was ok with the risk cuz of how poor his mpg was prior to. Cops in my area have known smog traps and California is a diesel hating state. But good to know that late 07-11 were def free
  8. I have roughly 30-35k to spend to replace my 7.3 with something more modern. I tow roughly 10k and am young enough at heart to still like lifted trucks. That said I’m leaning towards 2008 Gm (no def) or 2011-2015 superduty. Obviously my budgets limit me ive been advised at late 2007-08 Gm for no def needed. For the ford im told 2015 is the year to have for the nice updated turbo and boost in power. My buget limits me unfortunately and I’m not opposed to def and have no plan to delete it being a SoCal resident where they do random inspections on the roadside any advise and input will be greatly appreciated
  9. Ditto as they have said. Issue is rzr’s are a dime a dozen and most buyer like to finance vs saving a few thousand. They’re also drawn to the factory warranty and no headaches on transferring the warranty if at all possible. If if you want to recoups some money, sell your cage and paddles and go back to stock to sell. You’ll make more that way
  10. Still available? Current mileage?
  11. It goes about as far as paying taxes on a cash transaction or stating the true purchase price on vehicle transfers
  12. I’m kicking around the idea of selling my daily “dad car” 2009 Camry 4 banger silver with grey cloth Le model 60k miles clean title. Apple CarPlay nice stereo setup with a back up cam to keep from trampling my kids I’m in riverside as well. $7000
  13. Update - payment has been received. My booster seat has sold
  14. I’ve got a black with blue accent triple x used twice. $240 I’m in riverside. Offered it to a friend. He’s lagging on payment.
  15. I’ve got a 26’ front bathroom in this for sale section I can make a sweet deal on it
  16. 1 or 4 axles? 660 or 700 and with cvs attached or bare shafts?
  17. Just got off the phone with you. Can’t wait to check it out johnny
  18. Brand new decided to step up to the stage 5 so selling this one first $1650 takes it 714-936-9418 johnny
  19. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/browse-ads.php?page=4&categoryid=73&category=UTV
  20. I’m in need of getting a few slabs poured at my house. Simple and straight forward. Would love to give the job to a forum member or friend of a forum member that does it as a profession Want it it done within the next couple of weeks. Planned on on doing it myself but you know how that goes and 6 months later it’s still on my to do anyhow total of 760 square feet two pads measure 14x20 each 3rd is 12x16 please forward to anyone that works the riverside area and is licensed and does concrete work for a living Johnny 714-936-9418 i own a bobcat and small tractor. And have plenty of dg for leveling the areas. I’d advise the use of a pumper for the side of my house and the container area has a rear entrance that a semi can squeeze through quotes have come in a $4-4.50 a foot with wire mess pics added to simplify the work needed
  21. I have 700 complete axles. Seats are prp black cloth and I know you aren’t fond of those ?

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