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  1. Bump for price drop $1200
  2. Love the paddles. They allow me to slide with control vs overly hooking up and pushing me straight. I do bottom out though but that’s more on my suspension (I’ve had the car re sprung but still need to shell out the cash to have them revalved )
  3. Possibly willing to spilt up $700 for the wheels $700 for the tires
  4. Ditch the bronco clutch. They’re great but impossible to find parts for when it wears out. Sell it and get a hunterworks and you should break out about even
  5. 3 trips on these. Wheels are 14x8 front 4+4 offset and rears are 14x10 5+5 offset method 406 true beadlocks 28” Stu full paddle #2 cut sand blasters and 28” smoothies $1300 for GD members have them posted for $1400 on Craigslist. Using the cash to get a wrap on my canam. Could work out a deal to trade if that’s your trade johnny 714-936-9418
  6. Only drawback to not buying the new turbo is the factory or extended warranty. That said. The turbo models have been plagued with recalls and complete stop rides. For the riding you described you’d be doing, the turbo would be overkill and the xp1000 will be perfect for you. With the money saved you can get some great add ons to make it safer and personalized for your riding
  7. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/2007-yamaha-rhino-special/6459298053.html
  8. Looking to replace my 2006 26’ Fleetwood Gearbox with something newer. Must fit my 2 seat maverick with long travel (73” wide) anybody know of one for sale or own have owned one? Seen 2 on Craigslist 15k and 16.5k nada has them around 11-14
  9. No worries. We all try and it’s always hopeless
  10. Smoking deal. Jumped on it the second I saw it.
  11. Right on. Mine can’t stand the pink so it’s a win win. If you’re interested in the cage I can make you a deal on that as well the pink plastics are on a 2008 Rhino 700 but the plastics themselves are the same for all years
  12. Want to trade my pink vinyl wrapped on stock blue plastics for your clean set of stock plastics before I get around to peeling them off. Perfect for your girlfriend wife daughter or weird fetish hahaha 714-936-9418 johnny local to socal please
  13. I part them out I’ve got one here in riverside $75 or $100 with the factory roof 714-936-9418
  14. Motor has sold 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 engine stick unmolested complete and includes carb first $1500 takes it. Price is firm These are getting harder to come by located in socal (riverside) 714-936-9418 johnny
  15. Depending on your definition of decent, I have 1 vision x hid it’s missing one of the two set screws on the bottom but otherwise is completely functional. $40 text for a pic if you are interested 714-936-9418 johnny
  16. I've got at least 4. $25 each all in various condition.
  17. Just a dg slip on for a 660. I'm in riverside
  18. It was for a 2004-2006 rhino but all 3 4 seater cages have sold
  19. Returning them to stock $1800 for the long travel with your suspension $300 for the 4 seater cage $500 for the front and rear suspension seats $400 for the beadlocks pm or post on this thread for pricing on anything else

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