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  1. Anybody have plans to be in the dunes this Halloween weekend?
  2. I guess everyone is going to Camp Razor???
  3. Looking to see who is skipping the Camp Razor weekend and going out November 1st? My regular crew can't make it do to broken buggy issues. Anybody from Tucson going? Would like to connect with a few local peeps!
  4. Given the terms "Justice Involved Person" or "Returning Resident" that SF has decided on that they didn't follow the same movement to not hurt anyone's feelings. Maybe something like "2nd Amendment Involved"! 🤣 I am sure someone here can come up with a better "politically correct" term!!
  5. It seems San Francisco has taken another step to preventing gun ownership by declaring the NRA is a "domestic terrorist organization" " San Francisco's Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution designating the National Rifle Association (NRA) a "domestic terrorist organization" following the shooting in Gilroy, Calif., where four people including a gunman were killed. " Story here Wow... don't even know what to say about that except maybe this goes with the sidewalk 💩
  6. The challenge (read $$$) with paving it comes from the name of the road/area--the Washes! Each wash the Wash Road crosses (10+) will need to be treated (read..very expensive) to allow for the infrequent but sometimes high volume/velocity flash flood waters (look at how the railroad dealt with it). Just paving it like Gecko Road will mean after a flood or two, the road will be nearly impassable without routine maintenance (again, read $$$). It is much easier/budget friendly to grade it once in a while. I would rather see my fees put to better use such as the bathrooms, road maintenance, etc..
  7. I was actually thinking the water trucks that you see at construction sites!! Hey, it's a community service washing all the mess off the ladies storefront!!
  8. Don't beat yourself up so much fulltrhottleguy, New York elected her, not California! And to just "pile-on" you gotta love her logic! "Unemployment is low because people are working 80 hours a week"
  9. I love the engine sounds too! Might have to put in an awesome sound system with simulated engine sounds!
  10. We need something to get us through the summer!!
  11. Socaldmax, I strongly second your statement and agree the work Slappy has put in here is underrated. Having operated a BBS in the late 90's fully understand the work, costs involved and the fact that no matter how much money and time, there are always those not happy with what they have (for free!!). I admit I don't post much, mostly because I am busy reading and learning as much as I can being new (2 yrs) to the sport. Thanks Slappy! TO SLAPPY!!
  12. Put me on the "Will Be There If I Can Find A House Sitter" list! Our usual starving student is being sent to Australia for some work-study, the nerve of these schools trying to broaden their students horizons without checking with me first!!
  13. Having the emergency kit is always a great thing, but there seems to be something even more important missing in this thread. Where was your buddy?!?!?! Just seems a bit dodgy to be alone in the deep dunes (with your kids) and no riding partner.
  14. I will be camping somewhere on Gecko. Looking forward to the clean dunes and cool temps...or is that drinks?? 😎

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