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  1. Don't beat yourself up so much fulltrhottleguy, New York elected her, not California! And to just "pile-on" you gotta love her logic! "Unemployment is low because people are working 80 hours a week"
  2. I love the engine sounds too! Might have to put in an awesome sound system with simulated engine sounds!
  3. So anybody running an electric buggy yet?
  4. We need something to get us through the summer!!
  5. Socaldmax, I strongly second your statement and agree the work Slappy has put in here is underrated. Having operated a BBS in the late 90's fully understand the work, costs involved and the fact that no matter how much money and time, there are always those not happy with what they have (for free!!). I admit I don't post much, mostly because I am busy reading and learning as much as I can being new (2 yrs) to the sport. Thanks Slappy! TO SLAPPY!!
  6. Put me on the "Will Be There If I Can Find A House Sitter" list! Our usual starving student is being sent to Australia for some work-study, the nerve of these schools trying to broaden their students horizons without checking with me first!!
  7. Having the emergency kit is always a great thing, but there seems to be something even more important missing in this thread. Where was your buddy?!?!?! Just seems a bit dodgy to be alone in the deep dunes (with your kids) and no riding partner.
  8. I will be camping somewhere on Gecko. Looking forward to the clean dunes and cool temps...or is that drinks?? 😎
  9. I have a Sand Limo Cruiser (4 seater) with a Lexus 4.0L motor
  10. I I saw the video & pics, pretty cool upgrade!
  11. My group had to bail on me for a trip planned for March 22nd and I still want to get at least one more run before the end of the season! Looking for groups going that we could meet up with. Anyone from Tucson going? We have usually camped on Gecko, but open to other areas.
  12. That's Great! I know we are planning to do a bit of cleanup somewhere in the sand, we may even find our way over to Wash 19! Hope to see you there! 2019 Sandy Golf Tournament
  13. Congrats to the new Daddy! That 2-seater looks pretty capable as well. Hope to see you tomorrow!
  14. Dodging the "Big Weekend" chaos! What kind of car Ace? Where do you camp?

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