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  1. nvusone

    Duners Diner

    They've been done with the building for a while, but were still working on inspections and permit from the county last I heard. I'll be sure to chime in if I see or hear that it opened. Looks great from the outside.
  2. nvusone

    Buggy Registration Need Help

    I think you are confusing "assigning VIN" and attaching a VIN. Only CHP or an original manufacture registered with FMVSS/CHP can assign a vin. He has that with the Cert of Origin. Now that it has been assigned a VIN, anyone can add that assigned VIN to any location on the vehicle. For buggies there is no mandated location for it, but it is recommended to be on the front drivers side of the vehicle, visible to the outside of the vehicle. It is advantageous to make it easy to find, and place extras in easy to find locations, as if it ever comes off or is covered, you can have a hell of a time with CHP/BLM if they wish to inspect the VIN. Also, once you have the VIN on the vehicle, it can not be impounded if its on a trailer and unregistered, only if its off the trailer and on public land. Without a VIN it can be impounded at anytime if its not on private property. The law was changed because of CHP/BLM going nuts over this issue in glamis years ago.
  3. nvusone

    Security camera system

    I use ubiquiti, as I already had POE and like that I only need the one system and wire. If you have networking skills or a willingness to learn, it allows you lots of options and features that you will overpay for in most other systems.
  4. nvusone

    Twin Cam Tommy - Blower explosion

    It always comes down to the quality of the pit crew!
  5. She was the passenger, by all reports. Its very likely the driver was the intended target, but was not hit, and her wounds were "collateral damage." Lot still needs to be known. I also heard a report that a Park Service officer was involved in the shooting.
  6. cause everyone on public lands is always nice, upstanding, and honest folk, who would never do anything wrong. http://www.nbc11news.com/content/news/BLM-shooting-report-released-found-to-be-justified-484999331.html
  7. nvusone

    Federal Budget

    The authorizing bill for the tax cut allowed for an additional 1 trillion in debt limits to allow for the financing of the bill. Even congress's Joint Tax Committee made it clear that the bill, as passed, would add to the debt, even if there was growth of 2-3% annually for the next ten years. We both are plenty old enough to know its highly unlikely we will see 10 straight years of economic growth. What congress should have done, what "old republicans" like the party I belong to used to represent, is to offset the tax cuts by completing spending cuts and entitlement cuts. This would have required that they negotiate with democrats and give some ground, but they could have still accomplished plenty, just as Reagan was able to do. But no, they choose to rush through an abomination of tax bill, and then this BS budget that adds even more debt. I hate debt, and will never support any politician who shows they are unwilling to address this issue. It, not the wall, not North Korea, not China is the true threat to National Security. Anyone who has ever been through a Bankruptcy proceeding knows what Im talking about. The US will be beholden to our creditors, and that's not a good group to be answering to in the future.
  8. nvusone

    Federal Budget

    Social Security and Medicaid have direct funding options, so must be accounted "off book." Additionally, left off the DOD budget is "war operations funding," so the costs to function in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are not included in that figure. Your point that "non defense discretionary" spending is too high is misplaced. This figure is everything from disaster relief, infrastructure projects (those not funded by the highway trust fund, which isn't much these days), border security, and so on... Basically all the other things government does. This point was made clear back when the sequestration was passed... both defense spending and non-defense spending need to be capped and cut, and at EQUAL rates, as both are crushing the budget. You can bitch about entitlements being the downfall of the budget, but that's only because congress raided the trust funds for those programs, and now has to begin paying it back. It doesn't help that congress just gave corporations a huge tax cut, with BORROWED money. They pretty much just went to a payday loan shop to give Apple a tax cut. Good deal??
  9. nvusone

    SxS accident at Buttercup Saturday, 2/24

    It was a Polaris Ranger that flipped and crushed the driver. The wife and a little girl were not hurt.
  10. nvusone

    My Hero, Gecko Parking Rant

    I think we agree on some things, like that there are far too many rules, but disagree that BLM doesnt try to enforce "their" rules. It is also my opinion that the rules are there because "WE" asked for them, even if the we is not you or I. As to fee's, well, that is the way of the world now, and goes to a larger political and societal debate. If we returned to days when the government wasnt sued by every idiot who gets hurt, Id be all for the return the real OHV at your own risk days, but thats not going to happen. I honestly think that if any other agency rand the dunes, they would be closed or sold off already.
  11. nvusone

    My Hero, Gecko Parking Rant

    That is a holiday, where they bring in rangers from all over due to the increase in folks in the area. The 7 are rangers assigned to the SoCal area, which is Otay Mesa to the river.
  12. nvusone

    Best buffet and best place to eat in Vegas..

    I wasnt impressed with it, for what it cost anyway. Beautiful spread, and lots of interesting dishes, but not the best, and not what the hype had it billed up to be. It was better than the $2.99 buffet at the old Boardwalk Casino it replaced, but not by much. For me, the best between price, fair, and service is at Red Rocks. Stations know how to keep folks happy.
  13. nvusone

    My Hero, Gecko Parking Rant

    You seem to love to criticize the BLM, which is your right, and may be deserved given your personal experiences with them, but here is my thoughts... I hardly ever see Rangers in the dunes, and that is because they arent there... The BLM has 7 Rangers covering SoCal right now, with over 2 million acres under their management. Many of those areas are on the border, which is where I saw my last ranger on Wednesday, in Calexico, on the border with BP. Dont know why he was there, but he was, and they were searching a vehicle, so I'll say Im satisfied with it. Simply put, in my mind I think Rangers have bigger worries than being hall monitors at campsites. I do know Roadrunner did not have a camp host this year, which Im sure has played into this issue, at that location. Dan, the last host, wouldn't let folks (other than HIS friends) camp over the 14 day limit. And lets also all be honest, we know how to avoid that limit, and game the system if we have the will, money, and time. IMO, if the folks are there, let them do their thing... Why cry over blowing sand? As to the BLM not enforcing "their" rules, be careful what you wish for, as if there were rangers around to enforce the rules, Im sure there would be lots more complaint threads. But I also believe there would still be complaint threads if there were no Rangers around.
  14. nvusone

    Bryce and Zion

    They are never not busy, so find a time that you can work with, and go knowing it will be crowded. If you want to hike, or do backcountry activities, you need permits at Zion. I would recommend you get supplies in St. George or Hurricane, and then visit Zion, spending the night in the Dixie National Forrest between Zion and Bryce. Its calm out there, and will lessen your time in traffic.
  15. They also have in-n-out in Oregon now too. Opened last summer!

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