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  1. Elwood45

    SU Mid-Engine

    Nice car dude this will be gone quick
  2. Elwood45

    2013 Larry Minor Jeep $75k OBO

    So much want... beautiful Jeep glwts
  3. Elwood45

    2006 Funco Gen 4

    Nice funco! You forgot price
  4. Elwood45

    Any Peterbuilt cars for sale?

    If you have to ask you’re probably not a mind reader, is that how it goes ? The secret world of buggy prices
  5. Elwood45

    Any Peterbuilt cars for sale?

    How much? That’s a nice looking car
  6. Elwood45

    PRICE DROP Funco for sale

    Why so cheap
  7. Elwood45

    Bunk Model-2015 Jayco Seneca 37FS

    This rig is so nice!! Oh who built that garage cause that thing is sweet 😜😎 seriously though Matt is a straight shooter and the rig is exactly how he describes it. Glwts buddy
  8. Elwood45

    Tips On A New Tatum Build

    8 mil backlogged on the books huh 🤔
  9. Elwood45

    Suspension Unlimited Sand Pro

    real Nice car, they dune great very fun to drive
  10. Elwood45

    Tips On A New Tatum Build

    The owner of that car just received his new racer car and has no need for this one is my guess
  11. Elwood45

    2005 Carr One

    Watch out boys the moderators are gonna slap you on the hand..
  12. Elwood45

    2005 Carr One

    I was gonna say the same thing, real nice car
  13. Elwood45

    Twin Turbo Engine Sand Rail, $29.9K

    Ad says call sandrail fabricators with questions and phone number is listed 👍
  14. Listing for a friend.. attached is craigslist link to ad call Mike if interested.. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/for/d/phoenix-sand-car/6760238633.html
  15. Elwood45

    S4 big block sand car - (Maybe) good deal ? ?

    That’s been for sale before, doesn’t look like an extreme to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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