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  1. I wanted this car when previous owner was selling it but timing wasn’t right.. so nice glwts
  2. Nice moho buddy glwts.. Idaho killed my truck, toyhauler and buggy all in one trip! 😂
  3. Elwood45

    WTB dump truck

    Looking to buy a dump truck... diesel engine auto trans air brakes pintle hitch 5-7 yard bed ideal good condition no junk please picture below for reference. It’s exactly what I would be looking for but if you have something a little different please send it over. thx in advance Elliot 480-558-6338
  4. great Car all the way around glwts
  5. All good it’s a nice car, I too had an Ls car with an ebox and it worked just fine.. the body on this car looks good it will sell quick I imagine
  6. Nobody said anything negative about the ebox, I only pointed it out so the seller could edit the ad. Nice car good deal for someone
  7. Not to derail thread but isn’t that an ebox trans as it has the smaller nosecone piece on front? The flange is thinner where it bolts to case. First pic my ebox is on left and second pic is from your pics. At least that’s what I have always seen but maybe I’m missing something. Good luck with the sale
  8. I had a brain fart and gave you wrong place all together try storage west here is address. I remember them telling me they had 14x40 indoor units 1170 N Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85225 United States
  9. I thought they told me they had 14x40 units...

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