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  1. I had a brain fart and gave you wrong place all together try storage west here is address. I remember them telling me they had 14x40 indoor units 1170 N Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85225 United States
  2. I thought they told me they had 14x40 units...
  3. That’s the one dude I know the unit you’re talking about.. super nice
  4. Tyler is talking Stellar I believe..
  5. I’ll ask my buddy Tony, he has 3 units at the stellar airpark location.. the ocotillo location has wider units but not as deep.. do you know which location you prefer? Also the new iStorage by my house has rv garages for much less monthly rent than garagetown.. the address is listed below.. Hope this helps 2850 S Country Club Dr Mesa, AZ 85210 United States
  6. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/snw/d/chandler-amplified-sand-car/6878975110.html sell yours and buy this
  7. Did he at least soft text you to get you to come over? 😂
  8. All the guys talking about paying 250k for a new car 🤔... this one here has all the same stuff for 139, seems like a deal to me.. beautiful car glwts
  9. Lol Furniture store that used to operate out of the potato barn on highley and Williams field in gilbert
  10. For sale Paid $850 new at potato barn each side and top are it’s own pieces so it’s easy to move. 32 inches deep and 66 inches wide asking $450 obo call or text Elliot 480-558-6338
  11. I just typed in weekend warrior after selecting rv’s+camp
  12. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/rvs/d/lakeside-2008-weekend-warrior-cr3905/6839526754.html If it’s clean this might work for you

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