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  1. Following the alternative thoughts here, I have this vision of a light weight truggy using the drive train out of a used 5.0 Mustang that are $2-3k all day long. Would even come with brakes. Kinda like a Colorado sand truck but for 1/4th the cost. T5 tranny and an 8.8 can surely take more abuse than a 2d. They pound the crap outa 8.8s on the dragstrip and a T5 rebuild kit is $249 if it ever came to that. Hell, a new one is only $1300.
  2. To further answer your question, I would not lower tire pressure now. If you get into snow it will be frozen up like a rock and rough. Could bend a rim or pull a bead getting crossed up in the ruts. Drive it hard!
  3. The snow has mostly gone away on the east side/cinders. West side still holding in the shady spots. Hard icy crust on most of whats left that if its a drift or deep spot you may get stuck once you break thru. We had a blast in the powder a few weeks ago. Stay on broken trails and you wont get stuck. It will be super icy and rough. No powder or soft stuff anymore. Tires will be fine with the snow we have. Ground clearance was the biggest prob when it was deep. Never lift and run it!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You can exchange while testing in Barstow with King and get awesome help with set up. Dont know how to set up the date with King as that went thru my builder, but it seemed that all kinds of randoms showed up and got help on the same day.
  5. I have 2 Walmart 55w halogens on front bumper and same thing will happen after being on for 15mins or so. I have not moved the regulator yet but others say it cures the prob. http://www.autotrendefi.com/rzr_regulator_harness.html
  6. In some shops, the 'shop rate' does NOT cover everything. It really irks me to see crap added to the bottom of my bill like Shop supplies, Fuel Surcharge, Hazardous Waste disposal (motor oil), ect, or anything else they feel like tacking on the bill. This goes along with the 'no surprises' comments already mentioned above. IMHO, these charges should be INCLUDED in the shop rate--not billed a-la-carte. I have mixed opinions about this one. I have gotten engines to work on that are so nasty, it takes hours to get all the crud cleaned off. And that can include putting every single part in the solvent tank and hand scrubbing it, then putting it into the parts washer for extended periods of time... And that thing sucks power like you would not believe... 50 amps!! And the cleaner it uses cost $120.00 a bucket... Solvent is $10.00 a gallon. So how would I address a issue like this and be fair? Maybe a extra dirty cleaning fee or something? Then there's all the assembly lubes, loctite, cleaning rags, RTV, spot cleaners... The typical stuff you use on almost everything. And that stuff adds up quick. I've been adding a nominal charge for stuff like that on a case by case basis. But if it's taboo, I can eliminate it and adjust for it in other ways... Motor oil I have to charge for... Royal Purple break-in oil @ 7/8 bucks a quart is just too much not to include in the total... This is all good stuff folks so please keep it coming... Retailers and consumers are listening. Zilla Thats an easy one for me as a customer. If I know its going to cost an extra $50 bucks or so to clean up my oiled down motor, I'll probly do it myself before I bring it in. Depends on time.
  7. Found more info on rzrforums. It does fit and been done. I'll have to pencil it out with aftermarket shocks and probly do it in spring. Need to upgrade to S steering rack also.
  8. Price diff in materials is not in the thousands. I know time and money goes into creating an aftermarket product. More power to those that can get it and do. Why wouldnt you want to save money if you could with a little fab work done yourself?
  9. Anybody done it? Looking at the parts list it would be the cheapest way to long travel a RZR. The S arms are @ $75. each plus hardware. Looks like same carriers, hubs ect. I wouldnt be afraid to make or move new arm and shock mounts as long as the frames were close to the same.
  10. There is a intercooled turbo 2275 with a tranny on Race-dezert parts classifieds now for 5kobo. I had a similar car with a similar turbo motor and it was stupid fast and fun.
  11. Bent spindal. Happens all the time. Buddy of mine welded little gussets to his 2nd pair. No probs since.
  12. I would never tune a class1 car in the dunes. Totaly different animal in the hard pack. Its all down travel in the dez. Look how low desert cars and trucks sit vs. sand cars. Light spring rates to get ride hight down, huge bypasses to control it. My 5k lbs irs car is a porker in the sand. No comparison in duneability to the Tatum spyder I used to have. However, I can run over almost anything in the dunes without worry in the class 1 car that would have folded the Spyder up. This includes kids on quads or bikes just over the next hill. Poor visibility out front for duning and lack of nimbleness in an emergency make me leave it at home.
  13. I dig it. That thing would smoke built sxs that cost much more. Sxs races are getting big.
  14. I have Dragonfires belts and they are great. 4 point with a clip at the sternum. Very wide and comfy. Several high speed rollovers and we always stay in place. Bolted right in.
  15. Photo example. Wheels are straight at full droop but toe in as arms compress.

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