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  1. payneinthe

    SOLD: 2003 Ford Excursion XLT 4WD 7.3l $26,500

    Yes, sold it last week.
  2. Selling because wife wants a 5th wheel, otherwise I would keep this thing forever. It's very well set up for towing and recovery. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/granada-hills-2003-ford-excursion-xlt/6802500758.html https://photos.app.goo.gl/RS6b3tVtPAEtJGbr9
  3. payneinthe

    Need 5th wheel toyhauler ideas

    The current rail is a little over 13' long and 68" hub-to-hub in the rear, but I'll probably upgrade to something better in the next year or 2. The max length listed for Yosemite camp sites is overly conservative. If it fits, it camps. I floated the motorhome idea, but we camp off the pad, so that wouldn't work too well for us.
  4. payneinthe

    Need 5th wheel toyhauler ideas

    That's what I use. It works well. Back to 5th wheel layouts, this one looks interesting: http://www.dutchmen.com/voltage/floorplans-and-pictures/floorplans-detail/?modelId=24720
  5. payneinthe

    Need 5th wheel toyhauler ideas

    Thanks. I did switch to using a winch last season (my remote is yelling at my wife to push the button :D). That has made it easier since -- in our current setup -- there's about 1/2" on either side between the car and the oven/wall once the loading tires are on. Good idea on also using loading tires for the front. Width isn't an issue there, but I hadn't thought about the length gains.
  6. payneinthe

    Need 5th wheel toyhauler ideas

    We're looking to go to a 5th wheel setup. Did the last 3 seasons w/ a 27' bumper pull toyhauler (Stealth) behind an Excursion. It works for us, but the towing experience sucks. Want something easier to drive and safer. The problem is that we have 2 requirements that are at odds: must be short enough (<35') to fit into Yosemite campgrounds and must fit a 4-seater rail. The closest I've found so far is a Heartland Cyclone 3418 but the decision-maker doesn't like the location of the stove nor the lack of a living room slide. What else is out there that might fit my needs?
  7. payneinthe

    Glamis camp photos

    Never have to worry about anybody taking this spot from us
  8. payneinthe

    1st trip to Glamis since 1969

    Anyone can time travel into the future, with sufficient patience and health
  9. payneinthe

    Trump flags

  10. payneinthe


    Clearly, having a busy mechanic means you deserve to get injured. Maybe he was injured because his mechanic was interrupted while prepping and forgot to tighten something down?
  11. payneinthe

    "Ratchet strap" for broken buggies

    Google "comealong"
  12. payneinthe

    Yosemite - Camp Grounds?

    The website is ultra conservative on trailer sizes and a 5th wheel is more maneuverable than a bumper pull. Trust me, there are a lot of spots that say 24' trailer where you can fit. We have personally done it many, many times. You have 3 days to get up there and take a look at the sites to find ones you can fit in.
  13. payneinthe

    Yosemite - Camp Grounds?

    Upper pines has that many sites on each loop that will fit a 30' 5th wheel
  14. payneinthe

    Yosemite - Camp Grounds?

    We camp in upper pines and members of our group regularly bring 30' 5ers as well as motorhomes. There are lots of sites that can fit, but you have to go lay eyes on them yourself to figure out which ones they are. The campground reservation site is ultra-conservative on size. Those size limits are not enforced. If you fit, you can stay.
  15. payneinthe

    Turbo J35 w/ Haltech E6X won't start

    New problem: I lost the RPM signal. I checked the crank sensor and it's 2.12 kOhms, just like my pile of spares. During cranking, it puts out 1.0-1.1V AC and the RA10 output for that channel is 0.6VAC. I confirmed good continuity between the RA10 output and the E6X connector pin. The E6X should be getting a good crank signal, but it shows solid 0 RPM. Tried adjusting sensitivity on the RA10 w/o luck. Any ideas what else to check?

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