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  1. The dunes look to be about 110 degrees
  2. Yep! Exactly what I’ve been saying thank you Matt
  3. Yes that’s what I said Kauai is better 🏝️
  4. TBD- Take Babette Dancing, omg how fun thank you
  5. 🐒Did an all day DIY class taught by Paul Frank
  6. Just get more organized for trips since we both work so much and then rush out It’s a simple answer really and when we are about to leave Glamis both take note on what we need or don’t need for next trip, it seems to always be other things having to be taken taken care of before we leave home and leaving Glamis that gets us distracted. We should start by getting the sand rail , ATC and baby quad out of the RV and get it ready for October, oh yah that’s right we are too busy working and other things.

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