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  1. Awesome working with you as well. You’re not going to know what to do with all of your spare time....no more tire changes!!! Congrats again that trailer will treat you well for a long time to come!
  2. Sold! Thanks GD team! 👍. Glad to see it went to a good home 😀
  3. Got my eye on a couple other projects. Feel free to make offers. Might also be interested in a partial trade for a NICE flatbed with low side rails. I’ll probably be picky about the flatbed but can’t hurt to look if you wanted to partial trade for the sport. Thinking it would have to be at least 18 feet long, all metal, 98” wide between the rails.
  4. 2turbofords I hear ya! The 24’ mightys are better than what I had. I bought mine in a pinch and it was pretty beat up. Mine was a 22 and it whipped around if I didn’t load it right. My buddy had a 22 that towed like 100x straighter than mine ever did but his was in great shape and had better weight distribution with where his fuel tank was. His was taller too...mine was just kinda weird. The mighty’s are good too...just not mine that was pretty roached out when I got it. I put a lot of love into it and sold it to a guy that wanted it for storage which made me feel good (and him). My sport made me lazy. Those cable sliders on my sport push the cables like 6” out when loading or unloading and with the remote winch I’d sit in my car and just roll up LOL. If you somehow loaded a little sideways you can still roll out without getting close to the cables. I moved back into a toyhauler and am mentally gearing up for the “car loading game” lol. Keep in touch if you sell your trailer. The sport is tucked away in the garage all cozy until someone comes along 😀.
  5. Thanks jwest2sh. I think it’s priced right as well. They are kind of a unicorn, especially in really nice shape. I had a 22’ mighty mover before this one that “got my by” because I needed the width and it was the only thing I could find. The sport’s are built REALLY well. Thanks fore the kind words.
  6. Selling my 2011 26’ Sport Trailer. Features include: 98” wide door entry. Cabinets down driver’s side and front upper. Kobalt tool box installed on workbench last year. 8k warn winch with hard wired remote and also wireless remote (sit in your car and pull yourself right in). Winch is on 2” receiver so if you need it out of the way just unplug the quick connect and slide it out. Good sized awning in great shape (I only pulled it out once to see it LOL but it’s nice). New battery last year. New electric jack last year. New (upgraded) safety chains last year. Tires look great and are date coded mid 2017. I put a new spare in the trailer when I bough it in March of 2018 to make it match. Electric rear door popper plus screw closed backup. Rear door cables on sliders so you can push cables out of the way when you are rolling in or out (awesome feature). Drive over fenders. Fuel station was dropped/cleaned/reinstalled at a shop about a round June 2018 because when I bought it there was a hole in it (hole fixed too). It’s about 48 gallons. Trailer has various RB component do-dads throughout to hold extension cords, straps, etc. All 12 volt lights inside and out were replaced with nice bright LED’s. Trailer also has 110V “shore power”. Max Air vent covers over both vents. Overall the trailer is super clean. I bought in in March 2018. Previous owner took really good care of it and it has been under cover or in a garage since I have owned it. Washed/waxed frequently....no sun fade...super shiny. My Desert Dynamics goes right in and out even with the 36’s on it with the suspension unstrapped. This trailer likes big cars! Only selling because I bought a toyhauler. Only issues are: one of the automatic / electric door popper pins is broken but I just got the replacement (will probably put in in this weekend). Trailer tongue has a small ding in it which was there when I bought it an never bothered me. Floor has a couple stains and nicks here and there but overall the rubber flooring is in great shape. These are all super minor but I’ve been accused of being too honest so why stop now LOL. Looking for $14,500, have title in-hand. Located in Chandler, AZ.
  7. Bump for a new price. Now offered at $135k. Just got back from another awesome long weekend in Glamis. The Seneca is being re-detailed as always today then put back in the garage. Sadly our dune season is just about over but it was a great one. Listed it “for real” on RV Trader today at this link: https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2015-Jayco-SENECA-37FS-5006761495. She has a couple more miles than the post above but they were all smooth sailing 😀. We have another trip planned next month but it’s pretty much local so condition will remain as-is...aka pretty much perfecto!
  8. I definitely had the “larger gear one” hub setup on my Desert Dynamics. My car originally had u-joint axles and it was converted to the gear one setup (all before I bought it). This year I sheered the axle clear off and lost my rear wheel in the process. My options were to either replace it or upgrade. I am running a V8 with a whipple so replacing it seemed like a bad idea. The price to go to a micro stub setup (more modern) was nearly the same price as it was to go mid board....so mid board it was. On my car to do either I had to have new trailing arms made as the mounting surface for micro stub or mid board was much larger than the stock DD arms. As mentioned before, if you do either you will need new axles as the length will change. I couldn’t be happier with the setup I have now. Kevin McMullen in Phoenix set it up right with 6-piston Gray Area Mid Board hubs and had Foddrill build the arms. All that said, during my journey to make things right on mine I learned that the Gear One “big axle” setup isn’t the worst....it’s just more appropriate for like 300hp, lighter weight cars, etc. Hope some of this helps somehow 😜.
  9. Sometimes ya just go get your wheels polished (yes they all look at that good). Bling Blang!!! Next trip is St Pattys unless someone makes me motor-homeless 😜.
  10. Put a few more miles on it this weekend. Great trip to Glamis for Prez day weekend. Seneca will get it’s professional post-trip detail tomorrow. Let me know if you want to make an offer, had lots of interest but nothing serious.
  11. 👆I completely support the idea above LOL. His and hers would definitely be something to see. Wives could have girls night out....boys drinking beers in the other. There is a play here 🤔🤣

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