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  1. There is no wooden backside of the box since my buggy has a side panel and so I used that as a backing. You can see the side panel just above the front tire in a triangle shape. Hope that answers your question.
  2. What type of material are the amps mounted on as a part of the hood? Fiberglass, aluminum, metal, wood, etc....
  3. No welding. Once I fit the box in the area I drilled a hole slightly smaller width than the self tapping sheet metal screw that would hold the sides to the frame. The wood was 1/2" and so I used a 3/4" self tapping screw to go thru the wood and slightly thru the frame. Not to long to go thru the other side. Lol. Once the holes were drilled and everything fit without the speaker installed then I put blue loc-tite on the screws and a little wood glue at the head of the screw to hold everything in place. Hope that helps and makes sense? I didnt take pics of the inside but I'll see if I can maybe get one for you.
  4. No just custom built them myself. Just take some cardboard to fit in the area and draw a template out. Then take some particle board and cut it to the shape of your template and wood glue to seal the seams. This is a pic of me mocking up everything. Its easy to do just time consuming fitting each side of the boards and screwing them together.
  5. The sides of the box are bolted to the buggy frame from the inside of the box. Its a light box so it just has 1 bolt thru each of the 3 sides. Simple, sturdy and doesnt take anymore room and almost makes the box look like its floating since you cant see any bolts or mounts.
  6. I like listening as im duning and thats all its for. I dont like things like intercom headsets strapped to my head cause I want my head free of constraints and like you I want to hear the motor, suspension, passengers screaming, etc. Its cruising background music more than drowning out other noises or trying to compete whos stereo is louder than the next guy.
  7. Its an old skool amp that didnt have those new BT features. I purchased this BT Adapter which works great on all my other stereo components but the those components that its been used on doesnt move frequently as a sandrail going thru the dunes and being bounced around. Lol. https://www.rjltechnologies.com/shop/product/42097315/1?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6Ovf5ozR5QIVYhh9Ch1MLQYiEAQYBCABEgKPiPD_BwE
  8. I added a Y adapter to the RCA inputs off my amplifier and 3.5mm plug on the other and just attached it to my ipod. I didnt want a head unit and the Ipod to the amplifier is loud. Ive also changed the adapter to a bluetooth aux input to the amplifier but reception gets cut off sometimes because the ipdod or phone is getting bounced around and the clarity just isnt as loud or clear as 3.5mm jack. Just my .02
  9. I made my own and this is before I carpeted it. I'll try and get a finish photo.
  10. Some started last week when we were out at the lake. But we'll be doing another next week in the desert.
  11. I'll try the elastromeric rubber. I was undecisive on wether to use epoxy or that concrete paint they advertise, etc. So since RL is happy with his then that's what i'll put in my enclosed trailer floor. Thanks for the advice.
  12. How much would you charge to do my trailer floors?

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