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  1. Thanks Kraut - the cherokee rad is on my radar and it would almost fit behind my intercooler
  2. Not easy to see but the top of the gas tank is about halfway up the intercooler so there is no more room there than behind the IC and I wouldnt want the Rad in front of the IC anyway
  3. I agree Kraut and this was my first thought but local shops want around $250-300 to move the connections, and around 150 to do a second bung (parts not included) I have come up with another way to make this work temporarily without modifying the radiator... more to come when the parts come in. This is how I will have to mount the Rad as there is not enough room under the top frame rails to mount over the engine (without it being a total PITA to work on). Blue lines show where current connections point and where cap is. As you can see the inlet will be higher than the cap so I suspect will require one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Coolant-Radiator-Filler-21501-9HA0A-2007-2012/dp/B07KQ42L2W If the turbo-subi motor works out well I may spend for one of the "tucked" b or k 3-row radiators that are around $600 which would fit almost upright behind the intercooler as they are only 9.5" tall: https://www.speedfactoryracing.net/speedfactory-parts/cooling-system/tucked-radiators/speedfactory-racing-aluminum-tucked-radiator ... other option is to ditch the wing and replace the dry sump tank withe the oil cooler that is in the wing but that will put the rad right over the turbo/ex ... or ditch the rear seats and put the rad there... no good solutions for this frame which was built to fit snugly around an aircooled motor
  4. Are you routing the bottom of the catch back to the motor via rh valve cover?
  5. Thanks for the input! I should be able to make this work till I can get something that fits into this frame better
  6. I have a dual pass radiator and need the connections on the other side. One idea I had was to weld a new cap bung on the opposite corner, use a higher pressure second cap and run the rad "upside down" but the connections are offset to INLET-TOP and OUTLET-MIDDLE which would be come INLET-MIDDLE and OUTLET-BOTTOM ... would ther be any big issues with this instead of welding on new connections and blocking current ones? Pic 1 showing where I need the connections to be. Pic 2 is where I am considering adding a second cap bung
  7. @aboveall1 Im interested in these, willing to ship to 84104?
  8. im interested in just the beadlocks, what would you part with those for?
  9. enliven

    Subaru stuff

    I should have specd this for connecting to a built 091...
  10. enliven

    Subaru stuff

    Looking for: Clutch: 9" stage 2 or 3 pressure plate OR dual disc setup with Flywheel, PP, discs, and floater for connecting to an 091 Alternator mount (or used power steering pump mount) TB relocate - need to angle it up 15-30 degrees further so its pointed almost straight up
  11. I know the truck will pull it but was thinking more about Insurance claims and troopers with posts up their rear
  12. Thanks... prob too much for my 2500 😕
  13. What do you tow it with? Do you know what it's actual dry weight is?
  14. Im interested in the FRONT TIRES only

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