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  1. enliven

    douglas 15X12 wheels and tires for sale MAKE OFFERS

    im interested in just the beadlocks, what would you part with those for?
  2. enliven

    Subaru stuff

    I should have specd this for connecting to a built 091...
  3. enliven

    Subaru stuff

    Looking for: Clutch: 9" stage 2 or 3 pressure plate OR dual disc setup with Flywheel, PP, discs, and floater for connecting to an 091 Alternator mount (or used power steering pump mount) TB relocate - need to angle it up 15-30 degrees further so its pointed almost straight up
  4. enliven

    2005 42’ weekend warrior

    I know the truck will pull it but was thinking more about Insurance claims and troopers with posts up their rear
  5. enliven

    2005 42’ weekend warrior

    Thanks... prob too much for my 2500 😕
  6. enliven

    2005 42’ weekend warrior

    What do you tow it with? Do you know what it's actual dry weight is?
  7. enliven

    Misc parts/wheels & tires

    Im interested in the FRONT TIRES only

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