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  1. Pro bro completely re done. Freshened up 440ci with all the best internals, whipple 4.0 @ 16psi. Runs on 110. Brand new s4D with pump and gear oil injection. Interior panels with full Bluetooth stereo. Heated seats, racepak, gps. Car is going to redline to get dialed in and will be ready for new owner after 9/23. 110k Call/text with questions 7027672943 (will get updated pics after I get car back)
  2. In that case, .063 will be just fine. Works best with a beadroll for support but will work fine with-out.
  3. I would put a support in the center for safety and roof support. 7’ is a long run to have with no support. Normal roof panel is .063”. But that will sag with no support in the middle.
  4. 12”x12” CBR heat exchanger or a small radiator or even use it as a heater for the inside of your car. $400 obo
  5. I have few sets of ls valve covers black - $300 obo (brand new with -10) polished -$200 obo (used) stock with coil mounts on top and cbm plates and covers. No coils - $400 obo
  6. No plugs or patches. Good shape, had a few small chips out of a few of the paddles but nothing major. Rims not included $800
  7. I have a lowrance elite 5. Came out of a sand car
  8. Wozencraft is the way to go. Great for boats and cars that are expensive. State Farm and progressive both cap at 50k. Unless grandfathered in. With wozencraft you put price (fair price of course) and send in pics. You just pay premium based on what you insure it for. They say it’s cash value, I have never actually filed a report so I don’t know, but if you insure for a 100k they suupposivily pay out the 100k. Ask for jarnei Nunez
  9. 35.5 #2 cut, sent to 89130. Thank you
  10. Features: 1. 8.3 Litre, Cummins Turbo Charged Diesel Engine 2. Allison Automatic Transmission 3. Hi / Lo Transfer Case / Manual Operation 4. ABS Brake System 5. 4, Brand New Military Spec. Batteries for 24 Volt System 6. 17,000 Miles / 154 Hrs. Original Miles and Hours. 7. 5 Ton, Double Reduction Top Loader “Rockwell” Axles. (6.44 to 1Gear Ratio). 65 -70 MPH Cruise Speed. 8. Rear Axles equipped with “Detroit Lockers” 9. 6 Wheel Drive with Air Shift Front Axle Engagement. 10. C. T. I. S. (Central Tire Inflation System). Allows control of tire pressure from Cab during vehicle operation to allow for maximum traction for ground terrain. 11. 88 Gallon Fuel Tank. 10 -13 M P G 12. New Camo Bed Cover 13. Aftermarket Air Intake 14. Aftermarket Hi Flo Air Filter 15. Locking Fuel Cap 16. Keyed Ignition 17. Tinted Windows 18. “Uniden” Scanner 19. “Uniden” 40 Ch. C B with Side Bands 20. OEM Military Antennae for Radio 21. 2, 5 Gallon / Camo Fuel Cans 22. After Market Low Pressure Exhaust System 23. D. W. F. S. (Deep Water Fording System) Allows truck to ford 72” of Water Truck is equipped with 9 LED Light Bars. 2, 20” at Rear 2, 13” at both sides 2, 20” above front bumper 1, 13” above front mounted winch 2, 7” above LED headlights LED Light Bars controlled from Touch Screen S-POD mounted in cab. All wiring / Electrical work Professionally done and encased in Protective Split Loom. All connections water tight “Heat Shrink” Headlights / Turn Signals / Brake Lights / Running Lights / All converted to LED. Engine Oil / Engine Oil Filter / Engine Fuel filters / Transmission Fluid / Transmission Filter / Hydraulic Fluid / Hydraulic Filter / Replaced @ 17,200 Miles This truck was never deployed to Military Operations. Spent it’s entire life in California on Military Base. NO RUST! Also, no sand intrusion which was suffered by trucks deployed to Desert Storm Operations. Truck is in pristine condition! 30k obo 7027672943
  11. Kartek for relays. Comes with pig tail and all. Pennywise has a great drawing for relay wiring. As for the switch “safety switch bypass” is just get a toggle that is off - on - momentary, this way you only have one switch hidden and it will do both ignition and start when wired correctly of course. For the “sleep mode” switch pros has a parameter where you can enable/ disable and set a length of time. I believe they enable it from factory for 6 or 8 hours. Counter restarts when power is removed.
  12. They work great! Just set the up correctly. Run separate relay and use trigger wire for starter. Also turn off “sleep” mode. That one will get you. The other thing you can do is run a hidden “override and start” switch some where. This way you can bypass the switch pros Incase of emergency.
  13. That is a awesome looking mosebuilt. I agree, one of the nicest I’ve seen too. What part of Cali?

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