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  1. StandinTallHD

    Mid To Rear Engine Conversion

    Wicked talent John! Such an amazing transformation!
  2. StandinTallHD

    Recomendations For Learning Aluminium Fabrication

    If you have an inverter tig machine running an extremely high frequency helps keep the heat concentrated on the seam that you are welding to reduce warping. There is also a cool gel that you can use on the outsides of your seams to help keep warpage to a minimum. Keep in mind if you are going to be bending use 5052 aluminum as it is more maleable than 6061 and won't crack at the bend. If 6061 is your only option I would recommend heating the seam before you bend it to keep if from cracking.
  3. StandinTallHD

    Mid To Rear Engine Conversion

    Top notch work John! Such an improved look and to know you did it all yourself makes it that much better!
  4. StandinTallHD

    Mid To Rear Engine Conversion

    Very nice work John! What a difference! Keep it up.
  5. StandinTallHD

    Best Ac-dc Tig Welder For Around $2k

    I have always owned Miller myself. I weld with a Miller dynasty 350 at work and it's definitely a Cadillac. I wanted a tig for home and went with the AHP 2016 model. I would prefer to have a Miller but the comparable diversion doesn't come close to the features the AHP offers. I wouldn't consider this machine for production work but for a small shop or home hobbiest it definitely does a nice job and they do stand behind the machine warranty wise.
  6. StandinTallHD

    Generac 4700 Fuel Flooding Crankcase

    It seemed to be nice and free when I cleaned the carb but that's not to say it isn't sticking during operation. I might just clean my back up carb, put a fresh air filter on it and see what happens.
  7. StandinTallHD

    Tatum Rebuild

    Nice progress. Looks great!
  8. StandinTallHD

    Generac 4700 Fuel Flooding Crankcase

    It's a regular style electrically driven pump.
  9. StandinTallHD

    Generac 4700 Fuel Flooding Crankcase

    Well this generator has given me it's fair share of issues that I have chased down and got fixed but the latest I'm not sure about. Trailer hadn't been used in over a year before a dumont tday trip so I did some preventative maintenance on it which included a new carb. Thanksgiving it worked ok with the exception of the intake valve sticking. I'd get it freed up and it'd be fine for a few hours and it would happen again. After that trip I decided to dig further on the sticking valve issue. Originally I thought the valve was sticking because the main jet in the carb was partially clogged and the fuel wasn't atomizing. Well the new carb didn't improve this. I dug further and figured the hauler was 10 years old I should replace the fuel lines. They were so deteriorated from the inside I thought for sure I had it. So all new lines, all new filters, oil change and a thorough cleaning of the "new" carb. We head back out for Presidents' Day and my wife starts the gen to cook dinner and all is well. After dinner we are in the trailer and people from a neighboring camp come up telling my gen is on fire. Well it wasn't but fuel had flooded the crankcase and it was burning it. So I went and bought a new Honda and forgot about it for that weekend. Come home do an oil change and again clean the carb thinking something had got into the seat and that's where all the fuel came from. Run it for an hour at the house and all is well. Get out to the dunes and fire it up. I don't think it ran 3 minutes before it was smoking like crazy and we shut it off. Fuel flooded oil again. Thankful I bought the Honda as a back up. So I'm wondering what is causing this fuel to flood the crank case. I've read some say the air filter could cause it. The filter isn't that old but the dusty desert can prove to be harsh on air filters. Or could the prime pump be running non stop causing the flooding? Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I'll include a pic of what the fuel lines looked like after I cut them open. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. StandinTallHD

    Onan Microquiet

    I had this happen on my genercrap because the intake valve was sticking. This was caused from the rubber fuel lines breaking down on the inside and traveling with the fuel and then gumming up on the valve and migrating up into the valve guide. I chased this problem for a while. Sounds like you've got yours figured out with the worn rocker arms. Hope it all works out for you.
  11. StandinTallHD

    2016 Summer Upgrades, '06 Dd

    I look forward to seeing all your upgrades come together. I was debating using the steering wheel indicator on my car but after seeing it installed on yours I think that's the route I'll go. Looking great so far.
  12. StandinTallHD

    Pbs S-4 Or S-5

    Great info so far.. With the above input I think I'm going to go with the S-5. I use my car and drive it hard but don't abuse it so the 5 speed should hold up just fine. I also plan to add a pump, cooler, and filter which should help prolong life. Uncle blob I really dig the fact that you have had both and prefer the 5, I think that sealed the deal on my decision.
  13. StandinTallHD

    Help With Cv Replacement

    Another shop in AZ is Rich at Twisted Alloy in Buckeye. If he's in your area I highly recommend him.
  14. StandinTallHD

    Pbs S-4 Or S-5

    I am trying to decide on which one would best fit me. I had the PBS RD-4 in the car and ended up breaking reverse out at the dunes after getting stuck. I've been wanting to do the upgrade just not this soon but it makes the most sense to do it now rather than invest money fixing the reverse and then it should have the 2nd gear issue that the RD-4 is known for. I dropped the trans off with Steve at PBS today. The sequential will be going into a trick racing products 5 seater. I don't have a total weight. I run an LQ9 that made 400/400 on cbms dyno through 35" projects. I use the car in both dunes and hardpack. I think the S-5 would be great for those long hardpack trips but I am curious if the 3/4" wide gears in the S-5 would be a big strength sacrifice in comparison to the 1" wide in the S-4. I'm happy with the motor for now but have considered a stroker kit in the distant future. Any input is appreciated.
  15. StandinTallHD

    My 1974 Vw Thing Build .....scu

    Awesome work! I found this picture a few years ago and thought it was about as unique as they come. Hats off to you on originality!

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