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  1. Just hook it up to the switch pro .it easy and quick
  2. Cant help with tuning but would love to see some pics of the new bfd..good luck with the shock tuning.
  3. He doesnt own a car ,he has a rzr
  4. Based on the radiator size you have this shroud isnt going to cover the whole radiator.
  5. Kit only comes with 1 relay ?
  6. Finally got the eps unit I got from Hndarcr in the car ,with dirt 35 inch dirt tires I was able to turn it with 1 finger.thanks harvey.
  7. Got the call today to pick up my new weddle s4....
  8. It's not the builders fault,weddle is just taking a little longer than expected to get cases...
  9. Another thing to keep in mind is weddle doesnt have any cases for the s4 right now,I've been waiting on my s4 since mid january,hopefully I'll get it within the next month.

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