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  1. Getpitted453

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    Yeah I would, I’ve seen a lot of people get burned from buying cars with worn out transmissions, I would have saved about 3500 bucks when I got mine had I done that. My car drove fine, shifted smooth, no noise at all, but when I drained the fluid there was a large amount of metal on the magnet with some bigger chunks. Turns out the ring and pinion and 3rd fear were worn along with some bearings and races, had I known that I would have negotiated the cost to rebuild it into the purchase price. When it comes to stuff like cv’s it’s not as big of a concern since they aren’t as costly. I would also recommend driving the car anyone’s buying in the dunes, or atleast riding in it.
  2. Getpitted453

    091 VW Bus Transaxle

  3. Getpitted453

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    Drain the trans fluid and check for metal on the magnet, there will be some but you don’t want any large chunks. Best to send a picture of the magnet to a trans builder or someone that knows there stuff, mine had some worn parts when I bought it
  4. Getpitted453

    Ok, So things have changed.

    The vw cars are a ton of fun, our first car was a mid engine Mazzone with a turbo 1835 and it was a blast to drive in the dunes, as long as it was smooth, otherwise it beat the crap out of us! I would definitely recommend going with something that has some suspension travel! Also it seems like the vw cars always need to be tinkered with, so keep that in mind if you build one or buy one. Personally I’d recommend modern engine, can’t beat the reliability of a Honda v6 or LS based v8 setup!
  5. Getpitted453

    Alumicraft 2 seat sand car/dual sport

    Deal of the year!
  6. Getpitted453

    Coolant Type Help Please

    Definitely just add some water to it, if it comes to a point where you’re going to flush it then just flush it all out and put whatever the factory recommends in it. Doesn’t sound like it’s very low at all though.
  7. Getpitted453

    Smudge pots

    I guess I could have looked on their rules page, technically burning “hazardous materials” is illegal, but there’s a ton of rules on that page that aren’t enforced so who knows. Sounds like they aren’t enforcing it 🤔
  8. Getpitted453

    Smudge pots

    Any idea how much the ticket is?
  9. Getpitted453

    Smudge pots

    Okay that makes sense, I was unaware that they were hiring someone to do that. I was under the impression it was just some guy that appointed himself or something like that 😂.
  10. Getpitted453

    Smudge pots

    That brings up another topic I’ve been curious about, as far as I knew Glamis was open camping, we pulled through roadrunner on an off weekend beginning of December, and saw the “camp host” sign, what’s up with that? Who’s appointing this guy to be a “camp host”? I don’t mean any disrespect, just thought it was weird... and I’ll be camping at roadrunner this weekend so maybe I’ll find out lol.
  11. Getpitted453

    Smudge pots

    I know this is an old post, but what’s the story behind this? I see so much conflicting info on wether they are legal or not, usually it’s someones friends brother got busted for one or something like that, but haven’t heard anything first hand. Thank you!
  12. Getpitted453

    S4 big block sand car - (Maybe) good deal ? ?

    I saw that car, always scares me when I see something priced “cheap” like that, makes me wonder why it’s so cheap!
  13. Getpitted453

    Where to find a motor

    Yeah I agree with that. I was just under the impression that the 3.2 heads are only slightly better than the 3.5’s, and the main difference is the cams. The cost to swap the heads could be close to as much as buying one of these motors from a junk yard if you’re using good gaskets, hardware, timing belt etc. im Also curious if the gain in power is from smaller combustion chambers on the type s heads raising compression, if that’s the case it may not be the way to go running boost with it unless you want to run race gas.
  14. Getpitted453

    Where to find a motor

    There’s is a member on here that did the j32a2 heads on a j35a4 with no valve clearance issues, but this being an already turbo’d car the gain from the head swap would be minimal and not worth it in my opinion.
  15. Getpitted453

    Where to find a motor

    Car dash part dot com is definitely the best place. Since he’s already replacing it now may be a good time to upgrade to a j35a4 to!

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