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  1. Getpitted453

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    I think the great thing about these Honda motors is how cheap they are, throw one in with 120k, if it only lasts a season you’re only out 500 bucks, that’s less than we’re all paying for one weekend in the sand! Atleast if you can source one locally you can look it over and check for sludge, and if it’s a reputable junk yard the mileage should be accurate. I’d be caution believing third party sellers on mileage or condition.
  2. Getpitted453

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    Just did a search on car-part dot com and there’s plenty here in phx under 120k miles ranging from 500-700.
  3. Getpitted453

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    There’s a motor package posted in the classified on here turn key for 2900, and I’m sure there are plenty in junk yards all over Southern California, some come with a warranty to.
  4. Getpitted453

    CV Grease

    Cv’s aren’t exactly high speed, I could see not using the anti seize in wheel bearings or other fast moving bearings. I have had good luck running bel-ray by itself as recommended by Kevin mcmullen racing here in phx. I have also ran it mixed with swepco with no issues. I ran redline cv 2 in my old car and it seemed to get pretty liquidy after a season.
  5. Getpitted453

    CV Grease

    Looks like it would be worth a shot for the price!
  6. Getpitted453

    Where to go ?

    It’s going to be HOT in Glamis around that time! Coming from where you’re at I would just pull off on gecko rd and set up at one of the first pads, there’s plenty of flat riding around there and bigger dunes once you get further in.
  7. Getpitted453

    Honda 3.5

    I’d compare junk yard prices vs his prices before even thinking about buying one from him. I believe @Kraut_n_Rice can modify the stock harness and ecm or just the harness and run a series 2 aem for turbo applications. I’d bet you could have a running engine package under 1500 bucks with a stock computer and junk yard Honda motor.
  8. Getpitted453

    Honda 3.5

    I disagree. Only because the weight is behind the rear wheels, if it was in the back seat it wouldn’t be much of a difference but suspension and handling will be way different with an additional 100lbs behind the rear wheels. I still like my ls way more than my Honda though, even though a stock Honda is way cheaper than a stock LS, the extra hp and torque is well worth it stock vs stock.
  9. Getpitted453

    Honda 3.5

    A good set of heads, cam, and maybe a fast lsxr intake manifold should put you in the ball part
  10. Getpitted453

    Honda 3.5

    Yeah, you don’t have to go to cbm or any of these expensive builders to make 500hp on an ls motor. A simple l92 with a cam and supporting fuel/tune will make 500hp at the flywheel. My ls1 made 404whp with just a cam and 5.3 heads, that’s close to 500@the flywheel on a basic setup. Im not bashing the honda’s By any means, my last car had a j32a2 and I loved it, didn’t have to worry about it breaking cause of it did it was 400 bucks for another one, but when it comes to building a motor I’d prefer a v8 if I’m spending that kind of money.
  11. Getpitted453

    The debate over abortion

    I’m not saying abortion is a good thing, or even that I support it, I just don’t support the government taking that option away from people.
  12. Getpitted453

    The debate over abortion

    I don’t think the government should decide what anyone can or can’t do with their body, f*ck those guys! Why should we care if someone decides to get an abortion? It’s none of our business what others do in their personal lives. Isn’t this supposed to be a free country? Wether it’s freedom to get an abortion, own whatever guns you want, gay marriage, who cares, doesn’t affect me personally or any of us so why worry about it? I might be be a little bit of a libertarian... lol
  13. Getpitted453

    Paddle clearance

    That center scoop is going to add a lot of bite, and what cut are those? The scoops look huge. You want wheel spin to keep the trans and cv’s happy.
  14. Getpitted453

    Honda 3.5

    Not to open a can of worms, but if you’re looking to make that kind of power why not just go to a v8? It would probably be cheaper to build an n/a 500hp LS than a built j35a4 that will last at that power level...
  15. Getpitted453

    Paddle clearance

    I was thinking the same thing? I know it’s a 2d with a pbs case but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna last with that much bite, luckily it’s just a 5.3 though

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