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  1. Getpitted453

    How much is enough?

    But does it have a loud stereo?
  2. Getpitted453

    LS variation help

    Also checked car-part dot com and they are available under 1000 bucks. I don’t think it would be an issue but there are some differences in the accessories on these vs a rwd engine, mainly the water pump.
  3. Getpitted453

    LS variation help

    Just checked Kennedy’s website, there is an adapter for the ls4 and front wheel drive 5.3’s
  4. Getpitted453

    930 CV info and help

    I have had good luck with the gkn race prepped cv’s with 300m cages from kartek, and I trashed the stars in my rcv 930’s in 3 trips, they sent me 300m stars to take care of it but I haven’t had them back apart yet to see what they look like. That’s in a 400whp car. As for what race prepped is, I believe they’re polished and the cages are clearanced for more angle.
  5. Those are stock vw like pictured
  6. Getpitted453

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    I almost bought the red Dunn tech that was for sale in September in here, after doing some research it looked like the term “dual sport” was used very loosely, and I saw the car at the drags in October and it wasn’t very impressive, glad I passed and bought my s&s!
  7. Getpitted453

    Fox Shock Coating

    Also looking to do this this summer, anyone have a recommendation for a cerakote place in the Phoenix area?
  8. Getpitted453

    what ever happend to all the hill shooting quads?

    There’s a wash somewhere near Yuma that they run in, and also the hassayumpa river bed near phx. Don’t see them much in the dunes though, probably to rough.
  9. Getpitted453

    The "Mosquito" Project

    What brand cv’s are you running and how much angle? I trashed a set of rcv’s Just like that after 3 trips and I’m at 22-23 degrees. The gkn’s I replaced were in better shape with more than a few seasons on them, only reason I’m still running the rcv’s is because they sent me a set of their 300m stars.
  10. Getpitted453

    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    Definitely interesting, I think the price reflects that! Those parts in a name brand chassis would be posted for 35-45k!
  11. Getpitted453

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    I must be lucky cause I’ve test driven all 3 of the sand cars I’ve purchased, granted two were just on the street, but the most recent one I drove 6 hours to buy and was able to go for a ride and drive it in the dunes in Utah. I figured for the money I was spending I better make sure it’s what I want. I also had cash in hand every time, no cash, no drive. Also after draining my trans oil, finding the metal, cleaning it all off the magnet, then taking the trans to the shop, we pulled the plug at the shop and it was completely caked in metal shavings again, so just draining the oil and cleaning the magnet isn’t always enough make it look like it’s good.
  12. Getpitted453

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    Yeah I would, I’ve seen a lot of people get burned from buying cars with worn out transmissions, I would have saved about 3500 bucks when I got mine had I done that. My car drove fine, shifted smooth, no noise at all, but when I drained the fluid there was a large amount of metal on the magnet with some bigger chunks. Turns out the ring and pinion and 3rd fear were worn along with some bearings and races, had I known that I would have negotiated the cost to rebuild it into the purchase price. When it comes to stuff like cv’s it’s not as big of a concern since they aren’t as costly. I would also recommend driving the car anyone’s buying in the dunes, or atleast riding in it.
  13. Getpitted453

    091 VW Bus Transaxle

  14. Getpitted453

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    Drain the trans fluid and check for metal on the magnet, there will be some but you don’t want any large chunks. Best to send a picture of the magnet to a trans builder or someone that knows there stuff, mine had some worn parts when I bought it
  15. Getpitted453

    Ok, So things have changed.

    The vw cars are a ton of fun, our first car was a mid engine Mazzone with a turbo 1835 and it was a blast to drive in the dunes, as long as it was smooth, otherwise it beat the crap out of us! I would definitely recommend going with something that has some suspension travel! Also it seems like the vw cars always need to be tinkered with, so keep that in mind if you build one or buy one. Personally I’d recommend modern engine, can’t beat the reliability of a Honda v6 or LS based v8 setup!

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