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  1. Texted him a couple weeks ago, it’s been sold
  2. How’s the torque curve with those tsp intakes? I was looking at something similar for my ls2
  3. I’d run it, it may start burning oil if enough got in there, those motors are cheap and junk yards are full of them, so who cares! Upgrade to a j35a4 if it’s hurt!
  4. Why yellow labs? Black labs matter too!
  5. I’ll trust them both after I let them sniff my hand and get a feel for their temperament, but I will say I’m gonna like he pit more than the lab 🤷‍♀️
  6. I got bit by some lady down the streets Labrador a few months ago when she was out of her yard, I managed to still put a leash on her and walk and drive around for two hours trying to find the $hitty owner until she was outside turning off her sprinkler at 10pm. I don’t blame the dog for biting me as she was scared and dehydrated, I do blame the owner for not paying attention to her pet and not even caring to go look for her though.
  7. You’ll be surprised when you look at the statistics and look at temperament tests that have been done. Another reason they seem so vicious is because their population is substation higher than other dog breeds.
  8. Arguing with someone about a dog breed is like arguing with liberals, I’m not gonna change your mind, you’re not gonna change mine. I’m pretty sure chihuahuas are the most vicious dogs people own though 🤷‍♀️
  9. So you yelled at your wife and your dog bit you? I wonder why that marriage didn’t last 😂😂😂
  10. Exactly, just like when kids act out, or teens. No sense in blaming the whole breed for the actions of some dogs that are raised wrong. Sounds a lot like racism but for dogs lol
  11. blame a whole breed for the actions of some... makes sense... forget about the owner who let the dog get out of the house/yard and forget about you for not doing anything when you saw a dog cruising the streets by itself. Sounds like this could have been avoided had you got ahold of the dog when you saw him/her. Did that thought cross your mind when you let a dog continue to run free after it was right next to you causing no harm? But anyways. My pit bulls have been great dogs, great with kids and each other, and I don’t let them roam the streets off the leash like this dog was, that’s just irresponsible. Carry on.
  12. Those things are four wheel drive, probably could have drove it out under its own power!
  13. I don’t want to turn this into an ls vs Honda vs subi thread, we all know the Subaru’s cost a fortune to make that kind of power, LS could be done a few different ways. i think doing the honda’s Would be a great idea, they’re plentiful in junk yards, and no ones building them, there’s definitely a market for them looking at how many sand cars are already running them, and it would be less expensive for most of these Honda guys to build a motor than to swap to an LS for the same power.
  14. I think it’s gonna depends on the price, don’t you need an aftermarket block at those power numbers on a Honda?

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