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  1. Your posts always make me hungry! 😂 i follow a bunch of random sand car people, most of which I don’t know lol
  2. Looking for a group to ride and camp with, my usual group bailed for this weekend. We usually camp off gecko, and prefer fast rides. It will just be my wife and I, maybe two dogs. I’m sure some of you guys will be out there before camp rzr??
  3. Looks a lot like a scorpion chassis, I had one with a 3.2 Honda and it was a fun car!
  4. I talked to you a bunch earlier, but I love mine! That one looks like a good car for the money, especially if the trans was recently freshened up. Do you know who he had do the trans? i still like mine after having to rebuild the trans right when I got it and build a new motor after the first season, so that says something about them lol
  5. Got some parts for sale, can bring to Glamis this weekend 10/18. Older set of 8.80x15 Xtreme apex tires, look to be in fair condition, I never used them. $120 ls2 oil pan from an 06 gto with pickup tube and windage tray $250 stock ls2 rods and pistons, one rod and piston is new, others are low mile (from warranty core that bent rod due to stuck open injector) $150 stock low mile ls2 camshaft $120 All parts are or best offer, trying to clear some space in my shop. text 602-312-2840 located in gilbert az
  6. I hava cleaned the carb on mine a few times as well, if I have any issues I’ll try one of these eBay carbs!
  7. My ls2 made 442/430 on a hub dyno, not sure where that puts it at the crank or on a mustang dyno. But I don’t really care as long as it’s reliable. Cam from alper, Johnson lifters, ported 243’s, bumped up compression to about 11.5:1, can’t wait to drive it in the sand next weekend!
  8. We used a first time buyer grant program a few years ago when we bought our first house here in AZ, it was nice because we didn’t need to come up with a down payment, but the down side was our interest rate was about a point higher than it would have been. We ended up selling that house and buying the house we really wanted a year later, and made a decent chunk from the equity! Our lender had all the info for us on different grant programs and was really helpful, I can send you her info if you’re interested.
  9. Whaaaat? I camped next to you mlk weekend last season, love that car! Wish I had the cash to buy it!
  10. Not worth the risk, especially if the trans has never been serviced! And only changing the oil once a season and never going through the cv’s? I bet he never cleaned/oiled the air filter either, cylinder walls are probably scored to sh@t, will need cv’s, trans gone through, probably never changed the oil or rebuilt the shocks, the list just goes on! i sold my old v6 car to a guy with that same mentality, now every time he breaks something it’s all of a sudden my fault...
  11. Are you suggesting we rebuild it out of bricks?
  12. I also run the maxima in my 2d as recommended by Kevin when he rebuilt my trans! Seems to work pretty good so far, can’t go wrong if he’s recommending it and weddle is recommending it!

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