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  1. My front crank seal started leaking on my old ls1, when I went to replace it I found that there was way to much crank shaft end play from worn main/thrust bearings like others have said. Mine was bad enough that you could grab the crank pulley and pull the crankshaft forward and back, it was about .040 out of spec, so I would check that just to be sure.
  2. Anyone running this new swepco 164 cv grease? On kartek’s website it says you don’t need to mix it with bel ray, so I’m thinking about giving it a try when I replace my boots. Any thoughts or experience with it?
  3. 350whp is doable on your motor with a good cam, maybe a little more.
  4. With how cheap Honda motors are at junk yards it may be worth putting a j35a4 or j32a2 back in it (400-700 bucks)
  5. Give Gary Martin at bst fabrication a call, he can fix anything and is in Mesa. ‭(480) 495-5932‬
  6. Yes sounds like the shocks need to be rebuilt, there’s a piston with seals that separates the oil and nitrogen inside the reservoir. Sounds like that o-ring is bad.
  7. If it’s ready now I probably am not the best option. I wouldn’t have time until probably the day after thanksgiving at the soonest, going to Glamis next weekend for about a week.
  8. I’d be interested depending on timing. Where’s it located?
  9. That makes sense, I guess the only disadvantage would be clearance for the sump on some cars
  10. Yeah I will be home this weekend, the 16/17th
  11. I’m in gilbert az, can bring to Glamis when I go. Asking 300 obo
  12. I have a gto oil pan for sale if you want it, with pickup tube and windage tray, not sure what the advantage/disadvantage would be vs an f body pan, I just stuck with the f body pan on my ls2 due to already having an f body dipstick and dipstick tube
  13. Luckily swapping to a j35a4 is easy and they’re pretty cheap at the junk yard! That 3.2 should move it through the dunes just fine though!

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