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  1. How is ignition timing controlled with this?
  2. I feel safest towing in the carpool lane here in AZ when going across phx on my way to the dunes, no idiots on my left side that way and I match the speed of traffic. Can’t stand the 55 law in CA, feels more dangerous when there’s cars dying past you going almost twice your speed in heavy traffic.
  3. Another tip I was given from my trans builder is to not let the car just sit there and idle after it hasn’t been driven for over a week or two, the main shaft bearings dry out when the car sits and when it’s idling in neutral the bearings are spinning. He said to put the car on jack stand and let it idle in gear so the oil is circulating. Thats from Kevin mcmullen in phx, he seems to be the best guy in town fwiw
  4. The side walls are junk on xtreme’s, stu’s Hold up much better in that aspect
  5. Got the rear shocks put together and mocked up on the car today, they look a lot better than they did before!
  6. Yeah I think they look a lot better than my beat up shocks looked! I’m interested to see how well they hold up with the spring dividers riding on them and them constantly getting blasted with sand!
  7. Not really going to post a full build thread here but wanted to post some updates of what I’ve got going this summer with my sand car. we bought this car in September and had a great season, during the last trip I found my crank seal had started leaking, so I thought no big deal and I would replace it when I got home. Finished out the trip and the car ran awesome the whole time. once I got it home I found that my problem was bigger than I was expecting. When I went to replace the crank seal I found a bunch of crank shaft end play, like .060 over spec and knew it was time for a rebuild! so I pulled the motor and tore it down to asses the damage. I found the crank was grooved pretty bad at the thrust bearing, cylinder scoring, and some other wear. Basically the only reusable parts were the stock rods, block (with machine work) and the heads. This is not going to be cheap! so I ended up getting a low mile ls2 that was a warranty core that had bent a rod when it hydro locked from a stuck open injector. A friend has had it sitting in his garage for years and wasn’t going to do anything with it and the price was right so I figured I would upgrade from my ls1. tore down the ls2 and found that it was in much better shape, probably could have got away with putting an o.e rod and piston in and it would run, but I want it reliable! ended up going with forged h beam rods, forged Wiseco Pistons that will bump compression slightly, a cam spec’d from alper, having the heads rebuilt and ports cleaned up, Melling oil pump, and a bunch of other small upgrades to make it as reliable as possible (should make some decent power to!) and it it was also time to rebuild the shocks to I figured I would have them cerakoted while I’m at it!
  8. Yeah I would definitely pick it up for that price!
  9. Junk yards are full of them for around 500 bucks
  10. Looks A lot like a scorpion chassis... I agree with jtmoney, doesn’t look like a very desirable car
  11. I think it looks better without the graphics personally!
  12. @Chevy1925 May have some good info on deleting these trucks. I’m also interested as I’ve been looking at upgrading to a newer truck from my LLY also!
  13. I’ve taken many naps in my Walmart knock offs of the top one! Anyone know now where I can find some chairs that fold up really small? Something similar to the chairs rugged radios sells? Would be nice to thow a couple of those in the sand car for the longer beer breaks or when someone breaks down (for the wife of coarse) lol!
  14. I run a Bosch 044, sounds like a lot of guys run them on LS motors when I last searched.

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